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If you think this cover is hot wait until you read Vi Keeland s sexiest book to date I loved this story so much Spoiler free review to follow Stuck in a hotel to wrangle over a will FORCED PROXIMITY is hands down my all time fave trope there are just no bad reads in this genre, but it s hard to pull off the tension and stakes I think that s why there are so few.And constantly falling into bed means loves of good hate s x vibes and all the filthy flirty banter that goes with it Who wants to bet there will be a Vi signature letter or journal entry from the grave EEP so excited I need this After We Shouldn t , which I hated with a capital H, I kind of decided to nope out of VK s books But this synopsis sounds interesting enough and like sth that I might actually enjoy aka some old with enemies to lovers with a side dish of hate sex.We shall see, I guess. ( Download Book ) ♅ The Rivals ♸ A New, Sexy Standalone From New York Times Bestseller, Vi KeelandThe Feud Between Weston Lockwood And Me Started At The Altar Only Neither Of Us Attended The Wedding, And The Nuptials Happened Decades Before Either Of Us Was Born Our Grandfathers Had Been Best Friends And Business Partners, At Least Up Until My Grandfather S Wedding Day When His Bride To Be Blurted Out She Couldn T Marry Him Because She Was Also In Love With Weston S Grandfather The Two Men Spent Years Fighting Over Grace Copeland, Who Also Happened To Be Their Third Business Partner But In The End, Neither Man Could Steal Half Of Her Heart Away From The Other Eventually, They All Went Their Separate Ways Our Grandfathers Married Other Women, And The Two Men Became One Of The Biggest Business Rivals In History Our Fathers Continued The Family Tradition Of Feuding And Then Weston And I Did, Too For The Most Part, We Kept As Much Distance As Possible Until The Day The Woman Who Started The Feud Died And Unexpectedly Left One Of The Most Valuable Hotels In The World To Our Grandfathers To Share Now I M Stuck In A Hotel With The Man I Was Born To Hate, Trying To Unravel The Mess Our Families Inherited As Usual, It Didn T Take Long For Us To Be At Each Other S Throats Weston Lockwood Was Everything I Hated Tall, Smart, Cocky, And Too Gorgeous For His Own Good We Were Fire And Ice But That Shouldn T Be An Issue Our Families Were Used To Being At War There Was Just One Minor Problem, Though Every Time Weston And I Fought, We Somehow Wound Up In Bed Yummmm.for whatever reason, there s nothing hotter than a romance with two people who HATE LOVE each other And the fact that this book is written by Vi Keeland I literally CAN T WAIT The book cover is amazing I seriously can t wait to read this book in July Love her books Can t wait to read this one.