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This has got to be the best out of the whole series, I remember buying and reading these at the start of year 8, I loved them then, sped through all the books and bought and read the last one the day it came out I recently read them and I was a little disappointed I thought they were amazing in my mind, not so much in real life image error A quick read, but a surprisingly good one, even for an adult Typical of a kid s book, the plot is a bit simplistic, but it was a good story with believable characters A lot of background had to be covered it was well done This is mostly Vlad figuring out what he is, which fits rather well with his age, too One of theinteresting points is the characterization of the various people They re not as simple as in most books of this type even the bad guys have redeeming qualities, while the good guys have their faults Refreshing.If I found any fault, it was with the pacing True to life, there were busy, exciting times followed by others that were typical Typical days were just cut out Sometimes a jump of several weeks left me a bit dazed a few threads got lost The author is constrained by a year per book I m guessing a specific length for each book It felt like it, at times.Vampire books are all the rage now I ve read so many that I didn t think this series would interest me too much, but I found that it does I m looking forward to the next book. Vladimir Tod is no ordinary 8th grader Like most 8th graders, he is trying to negotiate the trials and tribulations of middle school, including a pair of bullies, an unrequited crush, teachers and homework, and oh yeah, the fact that he is a vampire On top of all this, his English teacher is missing and they get a bizarre new substitute His mother was human and his father was a vampire but they died in a tragic and mysterious fire when Vlad was 10, therefore he has little guidance to help him navigate life as a vampire His aunt Nell, his parents best friend and Vlad s guardian, does her best to keep his blood lust sated with bags of blood she gets from the hospital where she works as a nurse Other than his Aunt, his best friend Henry is the only other person who knows he s a vampire or so he thinks Vlad has a million questions after he discovers a journal of his father s and the mysterious substitute teacher begins asking too many of his own questions Other mysterious events occur and the plot thickens Vlad gets some resolution to his questions and these mysteries, but not entirely setting the stage for the next book This suspenseful first book of a series is sure to please fans of vampire stories even though the main character is only 13 Reviewed by School Library Journal, Publishers Weekly, and Kirkus Whoever had decided that school should start so early in the morning and last all day long needed to be hunted down and forced to watch hours of educational television without the aid of caffeine I met this author at a movie convention and bought this book, had it signed, planned to read it soon but then it sat on my shelves for years for some reason That s the story of my life with books.The writing style is simple and humorous, which should be enjoyable for the middle school age It was a little too simplified for my tastes, but the story was good enough to stay interesting I would have liked a bitcomplication, but again it s middle school age, so that sforgivable under that circumstance.Vlad is a hybrid who goes to school like any other normal child, but he soon finds out that he is being unfairly judged by a vampire council I wanted to strangle There s a few oddball characters where you re not sure if they re trustworthy or not, but all ended up okay on the last pages.Basically a fun book with several cute moments, it works to be a quick read and nothingThe series may developI have a few other books to read in it and I ll continue to see if the plotline improves a bit as he gets older. [ KINDLE ] ♷ The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod: Eighth Grade Bites ⚇ Junior High Really Sucks For Thirteen Year Old Vladimir Tod Bullies Harass Him, The Principal Is Dogging Him, And The Girl He Likes Prefers His Best Friend Oh, And Vlad Has A Secret His Mother Was Human, But His Father Was A Vampire With No Idea Of The Extent Of His Powers, Vlad Struggles Daily With His Blood Cravings And His Enlarged Fangs When A Substitute Teacher Begins To Question Him A Little Too Closely, Vlad Worries That His Cover Is About To Be Blown But Then He Faces A Much Bigger Problem He S Being Hunted By A Vampire KillerWatch A QuickTime Trailer For This Book It s unfortunate that this enticing book cover and concept an 8th grade vampire were wasted in this way I didn t think I d make it through, and only did so out of sheer determination, but the ending turned out to be suspenseful and exciting, causing me to bump my 1 star to a two The first 120 pages, however, were like having to read an 8th grade student s first draft of a book Not only did the writing fail to engage, but it actually grossed me out Imagine an 8th grade vampire who eats french fries dipped in thick blood from his special Heinz 51 bottle Imagine an 8th grade boy inserting capsuls full of blood into his peanut butter sandwich and eating this in the lunchroom, or sipping tea at night which is really just nuked blood in a mug Yuck We have an adolescent boy who has the power to read minds and hover, and he rarely does either of these things Maybe boys are different from girls, but I would ve been making use of those skills 24 7 when I was in Jr High forget sleeping He s just the world s most BORING 14 year old character I ve ever encountered, which is just ridiculous because he s a freaking VAMPIRE I d hate to see what Brewer would do with a normal teen in a realistic fiction novelThe plot inconsistencies and holes are too juvenile to even address Really, it s like when a 7th grader hands you 50 hand written pages and says Will you read my book I m not going to pick it apart I m glad that my students are drawn in by the cover, but I ll wager 10 beans that none of them will make it through to the end It s sloppy, boring until the very end , crass, and unrealistic, leaving teens with little to relate to If Brewer had spent some time revising, this could have been a good book In sum, the book bites eventhan 8th grade Disappointing. I m a complete sucker for vampire stories and Eighth Grade Bites did not disappoint me The story is about a boy named Vladimir Tod an eighth grader with a deep dark secret he s a vampire After his parents died mysteriously and tragically in a flash fire, Vlad was taken in by his aunt Nelly, his mother s best friend As far as Vlad is concerned, he s the only vampire in the world, aside from his now deceased father We follow Vladimir through the mysterious disappearance of his English teacher, and into a world of deceit and confusion when Mr Otis takes over as his English teacher Suddenly Vlad is finding pieces of his past and mysterious markings in very strange places Suddenly a whole new world is evident to Vlad, and he s not sure its one he ll be able to survive in.The story is an excellent one, meant for a young adult audience It moves along quickly and is full of mysterious surprises which keep the reader interested and engaged I look forward to the next book by Heather Brewer. Vladimir Tod doesn t have much to look forward to in school As a skinny pale boy in eighth grade, he is often subject to taunts and bullying To make matters worse, the principal probably hates him and his crush probably likes hispopular best friend Henry But puberty and teen angst aren t all Vlad has to worry about in fact, those are the lesser of his problems because Vlad is only half human the other half is vampire The disappearance of a well liked teacher and the appearance of not only a strange and nosy substitute teacher but also a mysterious and likely dangerous stranger alert Vlad that someone knows his secret and is out to get him But in order to fully understand what s happening to him in the present, Vlad has to drag up painful memories of the past and learn vital information about a vampire world he never knew existed before.Eighth Grade Bites is a hilarious debut to an intriguing sounding vampire series that successfully combines supernatural dangers with the trials of being a teen I just have to say that I love Vlad as the protagonist he has emotional depth as well as determination and spunk, when he needs it I really enjoyed reading alternately about Vlad s vampire mischief or woes and his human crushes on girls and struggles with being bullied The plot is interesting enough, mostly told from Vlad s perspective thought with occasional flashes from other characters, with a nice balance between action and internal maturation I truly enjoyed the unpredictability and suspenseful nature of the story as it kept me eagerly reading The concept of a hidden vampire world isn t quite so unique because it s used in similar novels, and its background could ve been better explained, but it is still an interesting addition that I hope to learnabout in the continuation of this series Fast and funny, though a bit disappointingly short, Eighth Grade Bites is an excellent choice of vampire lore to read.Readers who enjoyed Kimberly Pauley s Sucks to Be Me will want to start Brewer s vampire series, The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod I can t wait to readof Vlad s story in Ninth Grade Slays and the not yet released Tenth Grade Bleeds reposted from Vladimir Tod is an eighth grade vampire born of a human mother His parents died when he was ten, so he lives with his Aunt Nelly, a human who knows his secret His best friend Henry also knows, but Vlad hides his bloodthirsty ways from the general public It s bad enough that he gets picked on by two jerky guys in his grade and can barely work up the courage to say hi to the girl he s crushing on just imagine if they also knew he was a vampire But when Vlad s favorite teacher goes missing, a substitute shows up who seems to have a few secrets of his ownand he s very interested in Vlad These events, along with the discovery of some secret documents belonging to Vlad s vampire father, cause Vlad to fear that his parents death might not have been an accident after alland maybe he s next.For a kid who is described as being fairly intelligent, Vlad is slow at making connections Not only that, but some really suspicious things happen, and he either keeps them to himself or is met with disbelief by Henry and Nelly He never appears inclined to flights of fancy, so I don t know why they don t believe him He gets fearful about things that really don t seem that scary, but totally dismisses things that would alarm any normal person The tone stays pretty much the same throughout, whether Vlad is in immediate danger or just looking at the girl of his dreams The best parts were the normal high school scenes, where Vlad tries to talk to the girl or stands up to his bullies. A fun, fast, and fluffy read with lots of humor I liked Vlad s voice, but the story was a little simplistic for my taste Hoping to seeplot development in future novels