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Really enjoyed this book I couldn t wait to find out what happened at the end Definitely read by Julie Hear. Ah, the Puritans Such a charming people with such unique solutions to common problems Young daughter pregnant out of wedlock Hire an assassin and have a couple of neighbors publicly executed No one will pay attention to a baby bump after a show like that.Little Nell is being taught as a cunning woman healer by her grandmother who s rapidly succumbing to old age and I suspect Alzheimer s since her last few scenes are than just elderly forgetfulness Despite living in a town populated by Puritans, the pair are of the old families who respect the natural magic of the world and put stock in infusions and poultices than in the power of prayer Unfortunately, Nell makes an enemy of the minister s eldest daughter when she comes to their home looking for a draught to force a miscarriage The babe was conceived on May day, which makes it a child of the old ways who ll be deeply in touch with natural magic, and Nell has to refuse the request out of respect for the same magic Livid and conniving, the sweet faced girl convinces her gullible younger sister that Nell is a witch and that it s their duty as God fearing folk to warn the rest of their community.Nell wasn t a remarkable character in that she was highly trusting in the integrity of others and didn t do much to get herself out of trouble regarding the sisters accusations In fact, she actually manages to dig her hole deeper and deeper for all her honesty She s a confidant, kind girl with a rough road ahead of her and several lovely scenes the one with her attending to the birth of a fairy child was a standout for the sheer brazenness of her talking back to the fae , but I wouldn t want to read an entire book of her.LuckilyThe Minister s Daughteris a blend of all three girls Nell and the two sisters, Grace and Patience Grace is the cruel brat who wants revenge on Nell and her sheer maliciousness made excellent reading, but it was Patience who pulls it all together and I m convinced that the title actually refers to her and not to the daughter who caused the whole mess In the book s timeline she s a child whose devotion to her family and her religion has made her as thick as mud and gullible to boot She believes everything she s told, and anything she experiences alone is colored by the lies she d been fed before It doesn t help that, while Grace doesn t or pretends not to notice the magical creatures who harass the common folk these creatures aren t just alluded to, either, they re real , Grace runs across the most frightening one in the book A fae on horseback come to take Nell to the birthing and who mistakes Patience for the young midwife The young girl is convinced that this was the devil and accidently sets the whole revenge plot in motion.The chapters are occasionally broken by a frame story being told by Patience in her old age, but it isn t until the very end that you see why and to whom she was telling it It s a fantastic twist ending and even if the rest of the book wasn t good I d recommend the whole thing just for that last chapter The story is over, and suddenly the whole thing can be looked back on with different eyes.CHARACTERS The book revolves around the three girls and while I probably wouldn t be able to get through a book of any one of them alone ok, maybe Grace , together they kept the tone even and prevented anyone from getting too boring That s why I m only going to deduct a half star for Nell s unwillingness to be part of the plot The two sisters work with each other and against her, but Nell is so passive and trusting that it takes a long time for her to even realize the girls and their father are stirring up trouble against her When the mob kidnaps her grandmother to drown her, she s probably the only person in town who s honestly surprised by it.WORLD BUILDING SETTING No arguments at all.PLOT The plot was very simple, which was fine by me since it was a straightforward story to tell and didn t need extra window dressing to make it interesting And Hearn still managed to catch me with a twist ending.OTHER ASPECTS I m adding a star for the page of recommended reading, which is always and forever worth an extra star.THE VERDICT It s a simple story told very well and I highly recommended it, even if you only read it for that marvelous turn at the end. #DOWNLOAD È The Minister’s Daughter ⚻ In A Remote West Country Village, All Is Not As It Seems The Minister S Daughters Have Taken To Their Bed, Howling And Spitting Pins Rumours Of Bad Magic And Ill Wishing Are Spreading Fast And Fingers Are Pointing At Nell, The Cunning Woman S GranddaughterWith Matthew Hopkins, The Witch Finder General, On His Way, Nell Is Alone, Trapped, And In Mortal Danger Who Can She Trust Who Will Save Her The novel is enthralling and enchanting, hard to put down once you start In the English country in the seventeenth century, Nell lives with her wisewoman grandmother, the town herbalist, midwife, and spellbringer Nell is a Merrybegot, a child sacred to nature, born on May Morning She likes to frolic and hates restraint, which the new minister has brought down upon the town.The minister s eldest daughter, Grace Madden, is a beautiful, proud, conniving girl After a secret affair with the blacksmith s son, Grace is pregnant Fearing the shame will bring down on her family, she pleads to Nell for help in getting rid of the baby But Nell refuses, suspecting that the unborn might be a Merrybegot like herself.Suddenly Grace and her younger sister Patience are both shrieking, having fits, and blathering The minister is beside himself Grace claims that the Devil has taken over Nell, and that s who is causing her to feel so ill Accused of being a witch, Nell finds her life in danger Everything she does can be used against her Will her life end at the gallows like the many other accused in nearby towns, or will being a child sacred to nature save her life in the end This book is great The characters feel real and the suspense is in every chapter and never lets up, except for the ending which I felt was too easily wrapped up Nevertheless, this a great book for anyone who enjoys fantasy, historical fiction, or paranormal stories. Another historical fiction, this one with an underpinning of fantasy Nell is the crone s granddaughter, and she is learning the herbal healing arts from her Meanwhile, the ministers daughter has found herself in the family way and decides to pretend she s been possessed One question if Nell s mom died in childbirth, that makes Nell younger than Patience Yet she never seemed that way. Interesting look at the 17th century witch trials in England The book does a good job of showing how hysteria can grow and mob mentality can make otherwise sane people turn against those they have known their entire lives Nell and her grandmother have served and protected the community their entire lives and at the first sign of trouble they are turned upon.Hearn does a good job of weaving historical persons and events into the storyline Charles II and Matthew Hopkins the witch hunter The English Civil War is illustrated through the conflict among those living in the rural areas the people are torn between the old ways of pagan rituals and the new ways of rationality and Puritanism.The strength of the book is in its structure It alternates between Nell s tale in 1645 and Patience s confession during the Salem Witch trials in 1692 Patience s confession fills in details not told in the main story And Patience s final confession is one of the best parts of the book and will make readers wonder who the title refers to Grace or Patience.The weakness is the magical subplot The fairies and piskies seem to be an add on and don t fit that well into the plot The story would have been stronger if Hearn had focused on the natural remedies paganism instead of relying on magic Of course, the end of Nell s tale would have been impossible without the intervention of the fairies, so I am not sure how that would have been pulled off without them I thought the ending seemed very contrived and spoiled some of the tension created in the rest of the book. I loved the blend of historical fiction with a little fantasy and magic I highly recommend the audiobook fantastic narration. This was an interesting take on how the witch hunt happened in England, especially in a small village setting where being Puritan was not necessarily the norm That being said, I did find that involving piskies and faeries into things did take away a bit from the story as it did make it fantastical and less of a compelling historical fiction piece especially everything to do with the piskies I would recommend this with the disclaimer that this does have a lot of fantastical, sometimes seemingly unnecessary elements to it. Set in West England in 1645 during the English Civil War Nell the granddaughter of a healer, is a merry begot, a child conceived on Beltane s Day in May she learns the art of healing from her grandmother, frolics in the wilds and communes with the fairies and pixies.Grace Madden, the daughter of dour and fanatical puritan minister accuses Nell of witchcraft, and frame her pretending to be possessed, and making up lies of Nell having cursed her in order to hide her own indiscretion and is aided in this diabolical plot by her sister , Patience whose confession in 1692 in America during the Salem witch trials forms every alternate chapter of the book The fairies and piskies who are real in the book which makes it a fantasy as well as a historical novel work together to save Nell, After her grandmother dies after being brutally tortured by the villagers, led by the evil witch finder general Matthew Hopkins A 17th century Ayatollah , and Nell herself is sentenced to be executed.With the help of the fugitive Prince Charles later the Merry Monarch Charles II Nell will be saved, at the gallows.A thrilling, compelling page turning yarn combining historic fiction , fantasy and the paranormal.And examining the witch hunts in England in the 17th century when good women and girls were accused, tortured and murdered.Parallels with today where in England , people where accused of witchcraft in the 17th century and are now destroyed ruthlessly in an error where the hunt is not for witches but for innocent working people accused of racism by the dour and malignant pc middle class establishment. Phew, good stuff I do so enjoy Julie Hearn it s funny though that this was the first book of hers I ever bought, yet much the last to be read The size large hardcover and plain cover lack of dustjacket did possibly have something to do with that I tend to be a bit of a snob when it comes to books looks view spoiler Best to put my review behind a spoiler cut I was very glad that Prince Charles later the merry Charles II came along to give Nell her 11th hour reprieve I also laughed happily at the idea that the Nell he later spoke of with his dying breath was this Nell, not Mistress Gwynn It s just so nice to read a witch trial book where the innocent girl does get to live in the end I appreciated that Grace was such a horrible piece of work and Patience was such an idiot, to believe her tales so thoughtlessly At least she finally realised what her sister s bloated belly was really all about The epilogue came as a chilling surprise too, to have Patience turning against Grace and naming her as a witch in Salem, 1692 Just dessertsThe witch trial era is one which terrifies and fascinates me Amazing to think that stuff really happened And how practically nobody was safe This book especially showed that all it takes is for one person to simply not like another, and whoever speaks first and loudest can have the other hanged as a witch.Also, I loved the magical elements in this the naughty piskies , the cold fairies, the true magic in the fairycaul Actual magic, unlike the cunning woman s herbal remedies A nice touch.And the dun chicken s first class journey made me smile hide spoiler