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ARC generously provided in exchange for an honest reviewJust to begin with, Stevie is the younger sister of RJ who we previously met in a Lie for a Lie and although they don t NEED to be read in order I will suggest you do because you ll love the brother as much as you ll love the sister in this book After an incident with an ex Stevie is left with no where to stay and no one to go to except her brother who just so happens to have a penthouse empty but once see gets there she meets the neighbour, the neighbour who isn t too friendly As things get off on the wrong foot Stevie stands her ground and gives him as much as he gives her She s badass and won t take shit from anyone especially not him Bishop is an NHL player, he s big and intimating and a huge asshole After getting a hit in hockey he s out with an injury and help comes in form of an unexpected woman He s cranky and irritated almost always but he s damn hot whilst being that way I love how he is on the outside and is completely different on the inside There s to this man than meets the eye and it s fun getting to see it The back and forth between these two is absolutely brilliant, I absolutely love banter between characters and these two hit it on the head I loved every moment we get between them Their funny moments, the sensitive moments, just everything They re so different in many ways but similar in others, they compliment each other well and they re just perfect They were both struggling with real issues throughout this book and although it s sad to read I love that Helena included them.I also adore that their relationship was gradual, slow and steady throughout the book, there was no rush for them to bed each other and the build up was just spot on.RJ makes quite a few appearances in this book and I love it He s protective and cares so much for Stevie like a big brother should He s made some mistakes but we see him make up for them Also I just want to add in Kingston, I truly hope we get a story from this man because he intrigued me so much He s kind of reminds me of Darren Pucked Over he keeps himself to himself and honestly, that makes me want to hear his story Helena truly did an incredible job of bringing Stevie and Bishop s story to life This is actually my favourite from this series so far even though I loved RJ and Lainey s book so much A Favor for A Favor is a sports romance filled with fun moments and sad times It s a gripping romance that ll leave you needing and it s without a doubt one of the greatest books of 2019. ARC provided by publisher in exchange for an honest review The heroine Stevie is the younger sister of RJ, who is the hero in the first book of the All In series She is left without a place to stay after an incident, and luckily her brother RJ has an empty penthouse where she can reside for as long as she wants She meets her broody arrogant but very sexy neighbor Bishop the first day and things start off on the wrong foot He is a member of Seattle s NHL expansion team, of which Stevie s brother RJ is the new captain of He assumes she is RJ s mistress and treats her not so nice, and he doesn t like RJ in the first place, so he is being extra about it I really enjoyed their first meeting, because it also showed that Stevie isn t a woman you can treat like that and get away with it There was definitely a strong attraction between them, but Bishop s attitude hinders from anything happening After an injury Stevie offers to help him with rehabilitation and he accepts because he wants to get on the ice as soon as possible I enjoyed seeing both of them lower their guards and get the know each other The pacing of their friendship relationship was slow and steady, and I really liked that Besides the growth in their relationship, I also liked seeing their personal development throughout the book Both are dealing with some stuff and I was happy that those things were highlighted as well I especially enjoyed the sibling love between Stevie and RJ, and Bishop and his brother Nolan The side characters were great as well, and I am especially intrigued by Bishop s friend and teammate Kingston I want to know about him, and I really hope he will get his own book A Favor for a Favor is a light and fun contemporary romance The banter between Bishop and Stevie was great, and I think they make a great couple I can t wait to read books in this series. [E-pub] ♳ A Favor for a Favor (All In, #2) ♟ From The New York Times Bestselling Author Of Pucked And A Lie For A Lie, A New Stand Alone Romance About Trading Favors, Battling Wills, And Winning LoveWhen I Joined Seattle S NHL Expansion Team, I Thought It Was The Start Of Something Great But Nothing Ever Goes The Way You Expect Take My Introduction To My New Neighbor She Came Rolling In On The Hot Mess Express At Midnight, Making A Racket While She Tried To Get Into My Team Captain S Apartment Did I Mention That He S Married To A Woman Who Definitely Was Not Her Imagine My Surprise When I End Up With An Injury That Has Me Out Of The Game For Weeks, And She S The One To Offer To Help Me I Should Probably Add That She S Not The Captain S Mistress She S His Sexy, Pastel Haired Younger SisterSo We Come Up With An Arrangement She Rehabs Me So That I Can Get Back On The Ice Sooner, And She Can Add A Professional Athlete That Isn T Her Brother To Her Client List Seems Simple Enough As Long As I Can Keep My Hands To Myself And My Hormones In Check Stevie just moved to Seattle she s a physical therapist fresh out of college She s also fresh out of boyfriends She caught her ex cheating on her birthday, and unfortunately he s working at her new clinic too Stevie is staying in her big brother s penthouse Rook from the first book just moved into a family home with his wife and baby son Stevie s new next door neighbor is the cherry on top of her crappy life at the moment He s running around in his underwear all day long insulting her and looking all hot and sexy doing it.Bishop is playing for the same hockey team Stevie s brother is playing for but they re not really friends at all Bishop hasn t really found his place on the team yet And now his thoughts are on his sexy new neighbor instead of on the game Plus he s worried about his sick brother roommate Nolan PLUS he s about to be off the ice for weeks, due to a groin injury enter physical therapist neighbor Stevie LET THE FUN TIMES BEGIN What will happen with Stevie Bishop READ THE BOOK TO FIND OUT ADORABLE Another adorable and funny and sparky and sexy Helena Hunting romance I just adored Stevie and Bishop or Shippy as his brother calls him LOL Stevie and Bishop kind of hate each other on sight But in Bishop s case, it could be excused, he thought she was a puck bunny trying to break into Rook s apartment Their courtship is so hilariously adorable for the reader I just loved watching them fight and flirt and argue Amazing Rom Com Of course we have some not so funny problems too like brother Nolan s disease and Shippy s injury and Stevie s idiot ex and how Stevie s brother kinda hates Bishop.I felt that Stevie s behavior regarding the whole having a famous brother boyfriend thing is a bit exaggerated and silly and immature Ok it made her highschool time horrible, but still, she s a grown up now and I think she s just too weird about that whole thing That bothered me a bit, especially toward the end but at least we don t have this extreme ridiculous over the top misunderstanding or fight or whatever other books love to have I still really loved reading it.Also Pucked Violet is in it a few short times in all her unfiltered glory LOL A FAVOR FOR A FAVOR was such an adorable hilarious Hockey Romance I loved it Run to your nearest for your own Shippy he ll be sold out in no time and this one is MINE 3.5 StarsKingston better be getting a book, that s all I gotta say RTC. I think I might have to give up on this series I thought that A Lie for a Lie was just okay, but this was just boring With the synopsis giving up a super funny meet cute, I seriously thought I would enjoy this I never cared for either one of our main characters They felt so cookie cutter and had nothing alluring about them My two biggest issues were RJ from book one and how the blame was shifted to Bishop While I didn t love RJ from A Lie for a Lie, I thought he was okay In this book, I REALLY didn t like him, He came off so pretentious and thought everything was about him I was over him and his self absorbed self When things came to light, everything was blamed on Bishop as if he did everything himself I didn t like or agree with that It takes two to tango but everyone was likepoor StevieY all, I can t Overall, this felt like it took forever for me to get through and I can t recommend it I doubt I ll even remember this book for the plot in about two weeks I received an ARC via NetGalley for an honest review.Blog Instagram Twitter Stevie moves to Seattle for a new job as a sports physiotherapist, but when she decides to surprise her boyfriend Joey on her birthday no less she finds him playing away from home Her brother, captain of Seattle s NHL expansion team I Have no idea what that means so I am typing blind , offers her his apartment that he gets as part of his job and she stumbles into the apartment late at night, with only half her luggage, sobbing and alone only to be insulted by a half naked man from the apartment opposite.Soon Stevie and the hottie across the hall are playing some kind of sick underwear display as they pick up their newspapers from the mat each morning, until that is Stevie discovers that the hottie is her brother s team mate and arch enemy Bishop But when Bishop strains his groin Stevie has the greatest solution, she ll help rehab Bishop in return for a recommendation from a hockey player that isn t her brother.There s plenty of snarky attitude from Bishop and Stevie, lots of swearing and lots references to Bishop s peen after all the man does wander around his apartment dressed only in his underpants but then that s exactly what I expect from a steamy hockey romance If you like a bit of attitude, over protective big brothers, underpants with funny sayings, and scorching hot hockey players I m betting you ll love this fun and flirty romance it brings the heat to the ice I received a free copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley in return for an honest review. COMING SOON 5 PINEAPPLE AND OLIVE CROWNSThis This book is why I love Helena s writing It is comical romantic and filled with unique and interesting characters I truly enjoyed every character and moment between Stevie and Bishop Stevie is a heroine who is totally relatable The reader understands how hard it would be to live in the shadow of your famous brother and to always question people s motives I enjoyed her temperament and her choices, and I loved her as an individual.Bishop is a bit surly, which is understandable based on his current athletic and life changes He has a lot riding on his shoulders, and he carries it without complaint I truly loved the side of him that Stevie brought out, fun and light hearted I fell in love with him and he fell in love with her Some couples just have it on the page, and Stevie and Bishop do From the banter to the sexual tension, I was enthralled by the evolution of their relationship It was a fantastic and entertaining romance that I couldn t put down Helena Hunting has a knack for taking unique and interesting characters and giving them depth, real 3d layers to who they are Their flaws are relatable, the characters are lovable, and she gives a romance that is applicable to all people That is why she is a favorite of mine ARC REVIEW 5 STARSBEST HELENA HUNTING BOOK EVER How do you even top this This book was EVERYTHING The blurb was amazing but it didn t even begin to do this justice I loved the first in the series, but this story just owned me It was enemies to lovers with a slow burn to beat all slow burns It was full of banter and humor and all of the sizzle GAH Full RTC ARC courtesy of publisher in exchange for an honest reviewFind me on 3.5 And how does Bishop look at me Like he wants to hold your hand She pauses, her smile widening at my eye roll And shove it down the front of his pants Enjoyable slow burn hockey romance from Helena Hunting Stevie is RJ s hero from A Lie for a Lie little sister, but she doesn t want to be known as that Bishop is RJ s teammate, but he also doesn t want to be known as that All jokes aside this one starts with a misunderstanding, some barely dressed morning strut off, and a bruised crotch Really the book does have those things, but it s about a slow burn love story between two people who were not looking to fall for each other and did Slowly but oh so surely.This one doesn t release until January 2020, so I will update my review then to reflect opinions ARC provided by NetGalley