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( Read Book ) õ Bridge 108 ⚛ From The Arthur C Clarke Award Winning Author, A Dystopian Novel Of Oppression Set In The Climate Ravaged Europe Of A Calculated Life, A Finalist For The Kitschies Award And Philip K Dick Award Late In The Twenty First Century, Drought And Wildfires Prompt An Exodus From Southern Europe When Twelve Year Old Caleb Is Separated From His Mother During Their Trek North, He Soon Falls Prey To Traffickers Enslaved In An Enclave Outside Manchester, The Resourceful And Determined Caleb Never Loses Hope Of Bettering HimselfAfter Caleb Is Befriended By A Fellow Victim Of Trafficking, Another Road Opens Hiding In The Woodlands By Day, Guided By The Stars At Night, He Begins A New Journey To Escape To A Better Life, To Meet Someone He Can Trust, And To Find His Family For Caleb, Only One Thing Is Certain Making His Way In The World Will Be Far Difficult Than His Mother ImaginedTold Through Multiple Voices And Set Against The Backdrop Of A Haunting And Frighteningly Believable Future, BridgeCharts The Passage Of A Young Boy Into Adulthood Amid Oppressive Circumstances That Are Increasingly Relevant To Our Present Day 4.5 stars This was a pleasant surprise, as I ve never heard of this author before and I picked it up on a whim from a NetGalley offer I would describe this as speculative fiction It feels like it could take place anywhere from ten to fifty years in the future, as climate change accelerates northward European migration and countries such as France have to adjust and react There are a few tech advances described although the story would probably stand up without them.Each chapter is from the point of view of a different character, many of whom only get one chapter This largely works very well although there are a couple of awkward moments one that jumps out is a character explicitly stating his name and occupation all the other writing feels like natural internal monologue The plot was engaging, the characters all worked, the ending was effective, and it was the perfect length Really enjoyable. I received this ARC from NetGalley in exchange for a fair review A poignant and timely story about forced migration, unlawful immigration, and the hurdles we face trying to adapt to systems that are inherently antagonistic to us It is a book that is both disheartening and hopeful at the same time, with interesting and sympathetic characters The shifting perspectives in this story make it very interesting Had the entire thing been in Caleb s point of view it would have gotten tedious, but instead, we re given a child s perspective for the first little bit, then shift between him and different adults, all of whom encounter him at different times This allows for blanks to be filled that Caleb, as a child, is unable to fill for us readers, which also gave us a different view on the adults in his life Someone who seems hostile or harsh is later revealed to have simply made a mistake or a similar misconception The author really put a lot of thought into what life would be like for people living in different levels of the social hierarchy We are given a view to the indentured, paid workers, leaders, civilians, even the well off at one point All these builds an interesting, yet completely feasible future especially given what s happening now with wildfires and natural resources around the world Yet, I would have liked a littleexposition even later in the story as to what these disasters are, how other countries are handling refugees, and perhaps a chapter with someone in the government While I understand all the chapters are linked by Caleb, there was likely a way to show a broader view of the situation, as effective as the first person was I started out mildly intrigued by the story and ended up wholly impressed by the subtle intelligence behind what it was trying to say about migration, especially in our world where it s said something like 1 billion coastal dwellers will be displaced by global warming in decades to come Where will they go Nothing about Caleb s journey was melodramatically terrible though it obviously was not pleasant for him , which makes sense why people are just putting up with it What we can endure, we tend to just accept after awhile. I m ready to read any dystopian novel that takes climate change into account. Man, did I have a hard time with this book I started out really enjoying it, and I think that was the problem If I just hated it from the get go, when it started to go in strange directions that I didn t enjoy I would have just written off the whole experience and quit reading Instead, I got really frustrated that I wasn t able to follow the story I became invested in Ultimately, for me, reading this book was like trying to view a really beautiful painting at a museum but having your view continually obstructed by a bunch of tourists standing in the way.While the writing was lovely, I think right away I was a little disappointed there there isn t a huge amount of world building in this book I think since it s a dystopian novel, I expected wayinformation about that world what happened, who s been affected, how that has changed society Instead we view the world through the very narrow lens of one kid who lives in an environment that doesn t seem terribly different from our own world For example, hints are dropped about there being a water shortage, but everyone in the story seems to be drinking plenty the kid even works for a time at a fish farm.However the lack of world building and the fact that Bridge 108 figures such a low stakes role in the whole plot wasn t even the part that bugged me It was the creative choice to switch narrators each chapter At first, I felt like this added a lot of depth to the story, but after awhile it simply became a distraction I wanted to learnabout Caleb s story, not that some guy who owns a junkyard likes to have sex in the mornings, or that some Simulant would have LOVED to knowabout them doesn t like to cook and wants to right an administrative wrong At first, I thoughts all of the distracting changes of perspective would add up to something great, but then I realized that 3 4 of the book was done and we d had little to no forward momentum on the main story At that point in the book suddenly things shift forward 4 years and we never revisit most of those characters we ve spent time getting to know Not sure what the point was in learning their point of view when it seemed to come at the expense of the Caleb and even Ma Lexie , and the main plot of the book Like I said, I didn t hate this book, just found it disappointing Perhaps that s just a personal choice though and others will connect with it better.Thanks to the author and NetGalley for granting me the opportunity to read this book in exchange for an honest review.