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The melodrama of romances with lots thrown in the plot revenge, secrets, false identities, money Would have been ok read if the heroine wasn t such a vile, ungrateful bitch to everyone who helps her Even the cat was entertaining than the heroine Story was saved by the playful Christian and his funny and large family. Jo Beverley, I am sooo going to miss your writing This isn t my very favorite book of hers, but it was a delight to read.As a teenager, the idealistic and chivalrous Christian Hill dashes in to save a young girl in distress and finds himself forced to marry the unfortunate Dorcas Frogatt Almost immediately thereafter, he returns to his regiment and gets shipped off to Canada He s not certain the marriage is even legal and for ten years, it all lies forgotten until he learns that someone has been making inquiries.Dorcas aunt had informed him years ago that Dorcas had died, but Christian has his doubts As it turns out, Dorcas who now goes by her middle name Caro has similar questions Somehow on their quest for the truth, each becomes sufficiently wary of the other to hide crucial pieces of information like their real names.Normally I would be beating my head against a wall in frustration as the Big Misunderstandings pile up, but Beverley is a masterful writer She makes of this crazy plot a delightful blend of emotional angst and great humor the cat bunny of Hesse scene is hilarious Most of the time, it really works, though there were moments when I really want to shake some sense into Dorcas and Christian. [Read E-pub] ☼ The Secret Wedding (Malloren, #9) ☨ At The Age Of Seventeen, Christian Hill Impulsively Defends Young Dorcas Froggatt S Honor And Finds Himself Forced Into Marriage That Doesn T Stop Him From Pursuing His Military Career Abroad, Where He Swiftly Puts His Young Bride Out Of His Mind Until The Past Comes Back To Haunt HimNot Long After Her Traumatic Marriage, Dorcas Hears That Her New Husband, Hill, Has Died In Battle She S Shocked To Discover That He S Not Only Still Alive, But Searching For Her She S Determined Not To Sacrifice Her Independence, Not Expecting The True Dangers She Ll Soon Face And, Even Less, The True Love She Ll Discover With The Man Who Rescued Her All Those Years Ago Eh It was okay Very slow start I loved the main character guy, Christian, but I thought Caro was boring She kept claiming how she wanted to be independent and not tied down to Hill, the guy she d been forced to marry ten years ago, but then she s all happy and prepared to marry that Colne guy She d be tied down to him once they wed, so this seemed kind of inconsistent to me.I didn t think Caro was useful for much It seemed like Christian liked her because he thought her independent and adventurous, but she didn t do anything besides dress up in different clothes Well, she slept with him, so I guess that makes her adventurous or a whore , but Christian s slept with a lot of girls there s no reason this one should have caught his interest Anyway, every time Caro got in a situation in which she could DO something, she broke down and became helpless Take the riding the horse scene rolls eyes Then, there was the ending Caro s behavior was completely unreasonable She d admitted she fell in love with Christian, but once she found out he was her long lost husband, she wanted nothing to do with him She was even prepared to take him to Court on charges that he d forced himself on her Christian, meanwhile, was gentlemanly and patient.I think I could have loved the story if Caro had been interesting Was going to give it three stars, but knocking it down to two after writing about what I didn t like It wasn t a bad book, just not for me I need my heroines to be stronger I think it s time to read an urban romance where the heroines are always kick ass.Overall impression the book was about a hundred pages too long for the story. This book is second in a trilogy, the first of which was very interesting, but this book is just a tired repeat, too contrived It was like Jo Beverley had 400 pages to fill and just could not think of enough story line to fill it, so she resorted to long, drawn out and inane conversations that did not advance the story at all All three books have a chance meeting at an inn by people who have hidden agendas, hidden identities, exotic pets, and follow up with a long eventful, dangerous, if unbelievable travel sequence Both the hero and heroine are quite unlikeable The heroine goes on and on about her money ad nauseum, and the hero is just the opposite of the type of man that romance readers are accustomed to He is immature and self centered, an obvious rake, and not a charming one We are to believe, however, that a woman who experienced rape, murder and a forced marriage at 14 would fall into bed with such a man within 24 hours, after 10 years of trying to preserve her reputation which was all important in Georgian times This book would be better set in modern times I found myself quite bored with this book and skimmed at least 35% of it I almost quit it altogether When I did come to the end I was surprised that Ms Beverly could not see that development of the peripheral characters and explanation of the motivations would have enhanced this book enormously It seems that Ms Beverley thought that just by using some of her Malloren characters in a very minor way, ensured her success The Malloren series was very successful, because of her writing, not just because of their names She forgot that, I guess Where were her editors It just goes to show that her publisher does not care what she writes as long as she puts her name on the front cover I admit, however, that before this book, I would have bought her works sight unseen, but no I will explore thoroughly before investing in another of her books. OK, see if you can keep up.15 year old Lieutenant Christian Hill kills a rapist and finds himself faced with a choice between career ending scandal and possible murder charges, or a wedding He picks Plan B, but gives a fake name, hoping that will invalidate the marriage What really ought to invalidate the marriage is the bride s real name Dorcas Froggat Fast forward ten years Christian s been serving with his regiment in Canada and has all but forgotten his poor, dead wife Seems Dorcas aunt, the pushy woman who forced the marriage, has arranged for each of them to receive notice that the other had died Because THAT makes perfect sense.Christian returns to England to find out that his father s inherited an earldom from a distant relation This makes Christian a very marriageable viscount Meanwhile, Dorcas, who now goes by the name Caro, is entertaining the proposal of a suitor who seems ideal Eyam is a gentleman and a gentle man in order to have children, she can even imagine bedding him, though she wonders if it always hurts as much as she remembers For some inexplicable reason both Dorcas and Christian get a flea in their heads to make sure that the death notices they got were legit They meet They don t recognize each other Each of them gives a phony name Caro initially poses as Carrie the maid Mistress Hill hired out of Bedlam Christian calls himself Mr Grandiston, a member of Jack Hill s family who needs to talk to Mistress Hill She gets it in her head that maybe Jack really has died, and this is his heir who thinks he s inherited her husband s control of her wealth She takes off He reckons the fleeing maid might lead him to his wife so he follows She swaps disguises and now poses as Kat Hunter, and being the incredibly observant investigator he is, Christian doesn t recognize her AGAIN As Kat, she hopes to find out what this Grandiston fellow is up to The investigation evidently involves the removal of clothing and a good deal of heavy breathing Confused yet Enter the Silcocks As Kat is leaving the inn Christian is staying at, Mrs Silcock accuses Caro of theft, and Christian has to rescue her again this time from a mob all excited to see her hang They disguise themselves again and run for it, accompanied by a mutant rabbit cat I am NOT kidding There s some heavy breathing along the way By this time they re in love or whatever, but they re both angsting about it since they know they are or might be married to someone else So when they get to York Caro Kat Carrie Dorcas runs away leaving Christian holding the cabbit Caro runs into none other than the Marquess of Rothgar, whom she knows peripherally since she is a friend of his wife s This is where we get into serious spoiler territory later parts of the story are friggin hilarious, though, so I can t talk myself out of telling a bit Up to you whether you want to read on No peekingview spoiler Rothgar agrees to protect her from nefarious men and takes her to London By this time he has being omniscient deduced all the stuff she hasn t told him and figured out who s who He goes through the motions of having his minions research all the legal stuff for her.And while they re waiting, Rothgar and his wife Diana take Caro to what else a masquerade, attended by the king It s hosted by Christian s best friend, so natch, he s also there He recognizes her, decides she s there to kill the king, and tries to explode the pomegranate she s carrying around in her pocket I swear it s true Then he decides to do a really, really thorough body cavity search Of course, people burst in and start salivating over the scandal until Rothgar appears to tell everybody it s not as shocking as all that, since the sinners here are actually married Where upon Dorcas throws a magnificent tantrum, followed up by a great deal of angst as she realizes that her husband thought she was capable of regicide and worse than that, he cheated on her with, um, her But it s the principle of the thing, you know hide spoiler In her author s note, Beverley mentions that her concept for her Secrets trilogy of which this is the second dictates a plot wherein strangers meet at an inn and false names and identities abound Your mileage for The Secret Wedding will likely very depending on how much of that kind of masquerade you can stand.At seventeen, Christian Hill foils the nefarious plans of a fellow officer to wed an heiress by force, interrupting the girl s rape and killing her dirtbag of an abductor Imagine his surprise when he finds himself forced to marry the girl a surprise that s compounded years later when he discovers that the bride he left that night to go to war did not in fact die as he d been told Instead she s living in Sheffield running a business and planning to marryonce she s absolutely sure the first husband she barely knew is as dead as she s been told It s a good set up, and could have given us something with emotional heft as the hero and heroine struggled to overcome their trust issues and in the heroine s case the after effects of a traumatic sexual assault Instead, we re treated to an almost Midsummer s Night s level shenanigan of concealed identities and deceptions, the kind that strains the bounds of credulity, in which the romantic leads pretty much lie to each other every time they open their mouths The only things that saved this for me are the extended cameos by the Marquess of Rothgar and the fanged rabbits of Hesse, the latter of which appears in a gag so hysterically good it seems to have come from an entirely different novel If not for them, I d have been fine with this particular novel remaining a secret. Ok, its not the best book I ve come across For one, the hero is not my type He s actually a bit spoiled and arrogant and dumb, really I don t know why it was so hard to inquire about Dorcas at the beginning No wonder there was the tumble of misunderstandings The heroine is not much better She s just a little callous Its all to do with the money issue Why she was crazy over it, yet so womanly and wanted children made little sense to me Maybe its her aunt s fault for making her slightly neurotic, in addition to that rape And seriously, that type of marriage could have been separated with an annulment And supposedly she was also the smart one.The crazy literally villains was kinda dumb For one, her companion was bizarre They were friends and suddenly Caro thinks that she was just insane Then there is the undeveloped, really loony villainess Very mediocre and actually unnecessary There are only so many crazy people in this world and they are not necessary to make a great love story The whole complications deal was too much and so much could have been fixed with rational thinking It seemed that none of them were really capable of it either Only Rothgar and his wife and the Duke Still, there is some merit to the book for entertainment It did manage to entertain, despite the dumbness. There s some discontent with this entry in the series And while I can see sympathize, I have to admit that I disagree with the stated reasons at least for myself But first, standard series disclaimer this is firmly a part of a series and you should probably read at least the previous and probably others as well, before this one Having done so, you know mostly what to expect Probably.The disconcerting part for others is Caro She is skittish than a cat in a dog obedience school for beginners She schemes and runs away and thrashes about enough for any three other heroines And that makes her look weak or stupid On the surface Personally, I think Beverley laid the foundations for her reactions very well such that Caro isn t weak so much as responsible and caring and doing her best with the assets entrusted to her care Bear in mind that Christian finds her newly raped and bullied by an overbearing relative into a marriage to someone she has never met before Add that the well being of her various constituents is dependent on her maintaining her independence and you have a compelling reason for her to do her best to get out of that marriage any way she can.Part of the frustration is that we get to see so much from Christian s point of view He s clearly not only honorable, but kind and thoughtful and resourceful on the inside But Caro sees him mostly in heightened circumstances and not for terribly long, at that This undermines the romance, somewhat, as love includes both knowledge and trust I think it s pretty clear that Caro has compartmentalized her interactions with him, however She trusts him, deep down, to be thoughtful and kind and even honorable But she has that overwhelming need to protect the benefits of her constituents and she knows she has zero recourse at all to anything but his untested sympathy I think it s strength in her that she chooses to do her best to secure her concerns straightforwardly rather than trying to cajole or seduce them from him as she might have.That said, it does go on a tad long, which is why this is merely four stars view spoiler By the time the plot against him comes to light, Caro had ample proof of his sincerity and further reluctance really does seem foolish Even though it continues only a page or two beyond hide spoiler Didn t really care for it I don t like the premise of either the hero or heroine masquerading as someone else or hiding their real identities from each other This couple was or less forced into a marriage when they were very young teens, and both had thought the other had died in the years since they have seen each other they only met once Years later, the hero finds out that someone is looking for him under the assumed name he used when he was forced to marry the heroine, so he tracks her down to find out if she s still alive She masquerades as a maid at first, then as a married woman out to seduce him They end up in bed together repeatedly and then she runs off to London to stay with the Marquis of Rothgar his wife Diana the inevitable tie in to Beverley s Malloren series Why it was necessary to make this another Malloren book, I have no idea, because it s not as if it did anything for the tedious plot anyway They finally find out each other s true identities about two thirds of the way into the book, and then of course, she wants an annulment because she s just sure he only wants her for her money, and btw, she has cold feet about giving up her independence PI wish I could say there was something I liked about this book, but it was just one in an already lackluster string of books that Beverley has been cranking out over the last few years And while I m on the subject, why does Beverley seem to always have her heroines absconding in the 11th hour so that she the hero can have their final confrontation at a London ball When did she decide it would be a good idea to set Rothgar up as some sort of regency Dr Phil Get a new plot device already, Jo This one is dead My best advice is to skip this book I gave it one star.Sensuality Rating R