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[Download Ebook] ☭ A Circle of Dead Girls (Will Rees, #8) ♜ The Circus Arrives In Durham And The Whole Town Is Excited Until The Body Of A Shaker Girl Is Found BeatenThe Circus Has Arrived In Durham, Maine Before Weaver Will Rees Is Able To Take In Its Spectacle, He Spots Magistrate Hanson The Man He Blames For His Family S Having To Flee Dugard Two Years EarlierOn His Journey Home He Encounters Shaker Brothers Searching For A Girl From Their Zion Community Despite Women Not Being Allowed Inside The Circus, Leah Had Snuck Out To Visit It They Quickly Come Across Her Lifeless Body Beaten And Thrown Into A Farmer S Field On The Road Leading To The CircusBored Of His Household Chores, Rees Begins Investigating At The Expense Of His Home Life He Becomes Entranced By The Lives Of The Circus Performers, Including The Charismatic Horse Rider And Tightrope Walker Is His Longing For His Old Journeyman S Life Causing Him To Take His Eye Off The Case, And Can He Stay Out Of Hanson S Way And Keep His Family Safe 1790s The circus has arrived in Durham topleasure of the inhabitants Including Will Rees, but he notices that Magistrate Hanson is also there A man he blames for his and his family s flight from Dugard two years earlier.But soon Will is drawn into a murder investigation when a body of a young girl is discovered Bored with his farm life he seeks out all opportunities to visit the circus, and one person in particular, using the excuse that he is asking them all questions But will Will s stubbornness and temper distract him from the case.An enjoyable and well written mystery, with a cast of well drawn and mainly likeable characters.A NetGalley Book