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Play Drama Angelica and Francesca, who are both duchesses and twin sisters, constantly inflict violence against their father s wishes Their father, Pellrue, cannot gain control of them or the situation no matter what he does As a result of this, the Duke becomes and desperate, and in my view, illogical Everything unfolds rapidly making for a marvelous ending. *FREE ↳ Angelica And Francesca ⇣ Angelica And Francesca Are The Identical Twin Daughters Of Pellrue, Duke Of Doretay Doretay Is A State Within A Kingdom Called Vidien, Which Angelica S And Francesca S Great Uncle, King Oscar, Rules Pellrue Attempts To Keep Control Of His Wicked, Evil Daughters As They Keep Entering His City And Raising Havoc By Torturing And Murdering The Common Citizens Within Angelica And Francesca Is An Excellent, Dramatic Play, Which Will Never Be Forgotten