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4.5 stars A perfect comfort read a lonely, quiet girl who loves books, an old English house, a locked and forbidden room the premise hooked me right from the start What she finds behind the locked door is her destiny and her fate charming, heartbreaking, and definitely a keeper I was intrigued by some lovely reviews of this ghostly romance from the thirties, I was thrilled to find that the library had a copy on reserve stock, and as soon as I read the opening words I was smittenSabrina had never picked a lock in her life, but it was done every day in books She tiptoed along the carpeted upper passage and whisked around the corner to the second flight of stairs leading to the top floor of the house Gripped tightly in one hand she carried her burglar tools nail scissors with curved points, a button hook, and some wire hairpins stolen from Aunt Effie s dressing table The story of what had lead Sabrina to take such drastic action, and of what happened next, was lovely If Mary Stewart and D E Stevenson had ever sat down together to write a ghost story it might have been rather like this.Sabrina Archer was the loveliest of heroines she was bright, she was bookish, and her sheltered upbringing had made her older is some ways and younger it others than her seventeen years I found her so easy to love, so easy to understand, and why heart would rise and fall with hers as events unfolded.She had moved with her self absorbed father and conventional aunt to Nuns Farthing, a house they have rented in the English countryside There was one locked room at the top of the stairs The housekeeper explained that it was because the family member who usually occupied that room was away, abroad, and that the family hadn t wanted to disturb his things It was perfectly reasonable, there was than enough house room without it, but for reasons she didn t entirely understand Sabrina was irresistibly drawn to that one room hence the nail scissors, the button hook and the hair pins.When she gained access to the room, when she saw the desk, the armchairs, the bookshelves, the wonderful array of books on those shelves, Sabrina knew that she had been right to do what she did Everything about the room felt like home that feeling grew as she spent time there, and so did her interest in its absent occupant.Hilary Shenstone was wounded on assignment in India for the Home Office and then , as he was being flown back for medical treatment, his plane was shot down Hilary s final thoughts were of England, and especially of Nuns Farthing His spirit found its back there, found strangers in the house, found a kindred spirit in his room.It wouldn t be fair to say much about the story than that.There were some lovely moments, some amusing, some heart warming, some sad, as Hilary made his way home and as Sabrina curled up in an armchair to read from his bookshelves And though the arc of the story had a feeling of inevitability it never felt predictable, and I was always held in the moment I was involved I cared.The characters are simply drawn, the logic probably wouldn t stand up to close inspection, and I can t deny that the story is sentimental But it works beautifully, if you take it for what it is a simple, ghostly, old fashioned romance.The ending seemed a little melodramatic, but suddenly it became so very bittersweet.Oh how I wish that I could shelve Tryst alongside stories like Tom s Midnight Garden , A Matter of Life and Death and Still She Wished for Company and not have to give it back to the library.I know though that, even without a copy of the book on hand, Sabrina and her story will be staying with me. @EPUB ã Tryst Þ Best EPub, Tryst Author Elswyth Thane This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book Tryst, Essay By Elswyth Thane Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You A novel about a young woman who, as tenant of an English country house, becomes fixated on a room she s not supposed to enter, and the man whose room it used to be 1939.Full review and many other recommendations posted on my site book has been on my to read list for over two years and what s , it s been a nagging book on that list for over two years I ve known since reading the brief plot description that this would be a very special book And guess whatIt was If you can get your hands on a copy without breaking the bank, I d recommend it wholeheartedly. In the forbidden room at the top of the stairs, Sabrina found loveand enchantment That is what it said on the back cover copy of the Tempo paperback I found in my elementary school I was too young to appreciate it , but there is so much to this evocative and unforgettable story The heroine is 17, and sensitive, self contained, old for her years it is inevitable that she will fall in love with the first handsome man she encounters How can anyone not fall in love with a book that begins Sabrina had never picked a lock in her life, but it was done every day in books.Four and a half stars. I read Hannah s reveiw of this book this summer and went right to my library s on line catalog to put a hold on it I waited for a really long time for the book to arrive when finally I was notified that my hold request was cancelled When I went back to try again the book was no longer in the library s collection I was disappointeduntil I went shopping at the Friends of the Library book salewhere lo and behold there it was waiting for me.And I m glad it was, I really enjoyed this, it was comfortable, easy and familiar It reminded me of books I read when I was young For some reason author Phyllis Whitney comes to mind, though I couldn t tell you what books of hers I ve read.I felt I d read this before, then when I read the ending I wondered if maybe I really had read it before It s been around since 1939 Then I wondered if there had been a movie based on the book Anyway it s one of those feels so familiar kind of books I often feel the same way about Daphne Du Marier s novels. This is not a book that one can just run out to the local bookstore and grab off the shelf It was last printed in wide release in the 70 s, and is now available mainly used or through reprint services, so it requires a little tracking down Nevertheless, I would argue that it will be worth the effort for most readers The story starts out just after World War I and follows 17 year old Sabrina as her father and aunt move her from their London flat to a leased house in the country Sabrina immediately becomes fascinated by the locked room on the top floor and picks the lock, only to discover a room filled with books and mementos that looks as if the owner stepped out only recently The room belongs to the owner s younger brother, who we discover is on a covert operation in India Without giving too much away, I can tell you that the room s owner ends up returning to his room under some unusual circumstances and finds a kindred spirit in Sabrina There are some aspects to this story that some people might criticize It s sentimental, some of the characters are two dimensional, and the social relationships reflect the book s 1939 publication date To these people I would argue that you re thinking too much This is a book to read on a lazy afternoon, or to stay up too late just so you can finish it, not a book for close reading and intense discussion I will be keeping this book close I m certain that it will be one of those books that I read again and again the written equivalent of comfort food. This is an old favorite from my youth and I pulled it out recently to see if it would still give that sense of comfort and innocent love, mixed with gentle spookiness It does, in spades I m planning on reading Elswyth Thane and recovering old fashioned courtly romance I m sick of brassy, bold, foul mouthed characters Not sure why this book came into my mind this past summer, but I was determined to read it again This was my very favorite book as a young girl and I remember taking it of the library numerous times So the hunt was on This old fashioned book is out of print, but I found it in a small library shared by our high school in my town This nostalgic story was just as good a read to me as it was way back when It will remain one of my very favoritesgood writinggood story and still as magical to me as it was when I was twelve. This is the sweetest ghost story I ve ever read I rather like ghost stories, but haven t read very many In fact, I ve probably written of them than I ve read It s because I don t go for the typical scary ghost story as much as ghosts as a manifestation of people who cannot be forgotten I ve been looking for a ghost story like this one and am so pleased I ve found it The only book that has come near to meeting this foggy, undefined criteria is A Fine and Private Place That was a good book, but Tryst touched me so much.