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~READ EBOOK ⚕ Unwifeable ☪ NAMED ONE OF THE BEST BOOKS OF THE YEAR BY THE NEW YORK POST MARIE CLAIRE ELITE DAILY REFINERY ROMPER PRIDE PUREWOW A Gutsy Book You Need To Read Right Now Filled With Heart And Humor, It S Scary Good Courtney Love Unwifeable Is The Riveting Cheryl Strayed , Inspirational Issa Rae , Hilarious Candace Bushnell Debut Memoir From Notorious Dating Columnist Mandy Stadtmiller That Is Destined To Blow You Away Colin Quinn Critics Call It Phenomenal Cat Marnell , Unflinching Elle , Brilliant BBC , Outrageously Entertaining Booklist And A Must Read BuzzFeed Provocative, Fearless, And Dizzyingly Uncensored, Mandy Spills Every Secret She Knows About Dating, Networking, Comedy, Celebrity, Media, Psychology, Relationships, Addiction, And The Quest To Find One S True Nature She Takes Readers Behind The Scenes And Name Names As She Relays Her Utterly Addictive JourneyStarting In , Mandy Picks Up Everything To Move Across The Country To Manhattan, Looking For A Fresh Start She Is Newly Divorced, Thirty Years Old, With A Dream Job At The New York Post She Is Ready To Conquer The City, The Industry, The World But Underneath The Glitz And Glamour, There Is A Darker Side Threatening To Surface The Drug Fueled, Never Ending Party Starts Off As Thrilling But Grows Ever Terrifying Too Many Blackout Nights And Scary Decisions Begin To Add Up As She Searches For The Truth Behind The Fa Ade, Mandy Realizes That Falling In Love Won T Fix Her Until She Learns To Accept Herself FirstThis Is A True New York Fairy Tale Brought To Life Sex And The City On Acid Perfect For When You Feel Stuck In Some Way And Wish To Become Unstuck Caroline Kepnes , You All Soon See Why Unwifeable Is One Of The Best Reviewed, Most Beloved Memoirs Of The Year I am unloveable, I am unwifeable I am a failure I am not worth it Wow when I came across this passage in the book I was stunned because of the raw authenticity of it and also because I could 100% relate to the author This is a memoir that will touch your life because it is REAL and profound and very very funny in parts I could not put this book down once I started reading it I so appreciate the author sharing her life with her readers especially with the details that she shares While this is a memoir and not technically a self help book, I think the book will help people because it gives voice to things that we all think and feel but maybe don t have the courage to face head on I appreciated hearing everything the author did in her life to seek change and I love the Free Therapy this book affords me This is a must read I was given a free copy of this book to read from Net Galley in exchange for an honest review. I received this book in a Goodreads giveaway.And I wish I hadn t.I ve tried to write this review in multiple ways but every time I try it comes out meaner than the last I m not sure this version will be any better but I swear I m trying.This book is full of problems and woes that I cannot relate to It is full of problems that no woman I know could relate to Though other reviews seem to point to some sense of a relatable cache of problems women go through I think they likely mean problems upper middle class white women go though This memoir reads like a caricature of white girl self pity with a heavy dose of name dropping, drunken sexual encounters.The writing style itself is functional but gets lost in the convoluted narrative arc that highlights rather than personal growth a consistent trend of first world problems wherein Stadtmiller attempts to come across as an everywoman but instead secures her place as an unrelatable person who happens to be a proficient writer.I slogged through her various starfucker anecdotes and horrifyingly repetitive nights of binge drinking for little reward Though I didn t need Stadtmiller to be likeable or her book to point out any great human truth, I did need there to be a reason to read After much effort spent searching, it turns out there just isn t one. This is the most Raw and honest Memoir I have ever read This book took so much courage and strength to write and I applaud the author for being so honest I found this to be a very relatable book to many women and the struggles we go through in our lives This book gives women hope for a better tomorrow Once I picked up this book and started reading I was super interested and felt a connection with the author even though we have never met I felt like most women reading this book will feel the same, feel a connection with Mandy because we have all at some point fought a losing battle or are still fighting these battles and this book just gives us hope At certain points during reading I felt so much for Mandy and her struggles This is a book I will be recommending to a few of my girlfriends Thank you so much for this honest and true memoir Mandy Stadtmiller. I got sent an ARC of this by Goodreads because I won a giveaway, so I was thrilled to read the free book The version I had included a few spelling mistakes, but overall I don t think the book will change much from the version I read This book is raw, as many other people have said already, and honestly I was surprised the depths that the story devolved into But at the same time, I wasn t startled by it Mandy tells the story in a way that eases you into even the most depraved moments She s an incredibly good storyteller, and I m definitely glad I read the book even though I had never heard of her before The journey she describes is deep and honest We follow her through the worst parts of her life, and we look into her childhood to get insight into why she turned out the way she did We watch her grow into a woman who is not perfect, but is on the road to recovery I think this novel will have a strong impact on any who read it My only critique would be that she name drops a lot, which is I suppose what she s trained for in her line of work, but I was a bit exasperated by some of it if the person mentioned didn t even speak to her or affect anything This was the first novel I ve ever annotated, so I wrote my reactions and thoughts in the margins I think in this case it added to the experience, and I m hoping it will add to whoever s experience I give the book to later. I was fortunate to win an ARC of UNWIFEABLE A MEMOIR by Mandy Stadtmiller through a Goodreads Giveaway and Gallery Books I have to admit this when I started this Memoir I wasn t sure that it was a book I wanted to read MY FIRST OPINION WAS UNEQUIVOCALLY MISGUIDED Ms Stadtmiller pours her heart and soul into writing her Memoir which takes place during the decade of her 30 s It begins with her move to NYC to take a position to write for THE POST She s ecstatic at her good fortune and finds an apartment with another couple Every evening is filled with lusty drunken parties that eventually will seem perverse Mandy will keep telling herself things like BUT..EVERYONE drinks why can t I drink like they do EVERYBODY has sex why do I keep having sex that s raunchy and meaningless and I AM EMBARRASSED BY WHAT I DO, YET WHY DO I CONTINUE TO KEEP DOING WHAT SHAMES ME Once Mandy arrives at this point in her lifeShe can decide to make changes OR NOT Mandy hates the feeling she gets from doing the wrong thing It s a debilitating kind of perfectionism.that I stubbornly stick to.so I can avoid the shame of having to admit I screwed up in the first place I could certainly relate to this Then one day, she realizes that all the time she has spent looking for a soulmate was a waste of her energy MANDY REALIZES SHE S HER OWN SOULMATE She doesn t need someone else to make her whole She does need to develop the physical, intellectual, and spiritual aspects of Mandy to become entirely full Although I have not lived all aspects of Mandy s life I could totally relate to her By the end of this Memoir, I was Mandy s biggest cheering fan This is a wonderfully heartfelt book that I rated 5 stars Everyone should read this honest and true to life Memoir I promise that you will catch glimpses of yourself in these pages, just as I did Read it to find out what Mandy does to become her new and fantastically beautiful self Keep going forward Mandy.I m with you in spirit all the way A big thank you to Simon Schuster Canada for sending along a review copy of this book Fans of Cheryl Strayed and Stephanie Klein will enjoy this raw memoir that touches on everything from alcoholism and binge eating to sexual addiction I wasn t familiar with the author and so when I glanced at the pink cover and title I completely missed the cigarette on the cover , I expected some saccharine, cringey chick lit romance thing Instead, I was surprised at how relatable and honest Stadtmiller s writing is, especially when describing her journey with various self destructive behaviours and undeserved self loathing all the way to self acceptance I m so glad that she actually goes into detail about some very personal roadblocks and all of the ups and downs especially the downs rather than sugarcoating the outcome as some writers might have done A quick, witty and touching read. This book knocked the wind out of me Mandy s story combined with her self awareness and ability to touch the reader s emotional nerves make hers such a fresh and refreshing voice Her soul baring confessions made me remember choices and feelings of my own that I ve never been brave enough to put into words This has got to be one of the hottest books of the year I think that every woman should read it Her life experiences are unique and universal at the same time At times you wonder how she survived such a fast life in Manhattan media and society while encumbered by such powerful self destructive impulses The title tells you how hard she judged herself, the way we all do at times But spoiler alert, there s a very happy ending, this is a true love story it made me cry real tears, and I wanted Gonna buy the audio book because this is worth revisiting than once. ARC provided for honest review I m rarely at a loss for words, but I find it difficult to put into words how I feel about Mandy Stadtmiller s memoir, Unwifeable At first blush or second or third , this feels like a tawdry tell all Mandy does not mince words or descriptions of her life in NYC following her divorce.Parts of Unwifeable are so in your face that I felt like a voyeur reading it Like it was a car crash or a train wreck, but I just couldn t look away Other parts are so poignant and sad that I wish I was her friend and I could just wrap her in a big hug and tell her I was sorry she was going through this.Mandy Stadtmiller is a talented writer and comedienne and I m happy I pushed through the uncomfortable bits If we are all honest with ourselves, we have done things we are not proud of, but we don t regret them because they bring us to where we are today Mandy s Unwifeable follows the trajectory of her discovery of this She lived her life as if she had no fear, accepting every dare, every challenge, being in your face fearless, but was in fact just as insecure and unsure as the rest of us She just acted it out in such a unabashed way.This book is brazen It is in your face It is unapologetic Just like her life And, yet, it is heartfelt and hopeful Just like her life.I highly recommend Unwifeable, but be warned It may make you feel uncomfortable, but that isn t necessarily a bad thing 4.5 Stars I love everything that Mandy writes because her heart is a faucet left on and what comes out is a pure, cold, fresh drink when your mouth is full of sand She gets into the cracks of your spirit and sits there and you find yourself thinking her words days, weeks, months, years later She is one of those writers who changes you you don t see the world the same any after reading what she wrote Unwifeable hit me the same way other things I ve read by her have, but maybe a little bit harder, because I could relate to her stories and her heartbreak and her joy so hard, and I really want her to win in these chapters, even than in some of her other stories where her floundering was fitting Unlike some dumb characters in movies or TV shows or other books that you don t care about, you want to root for Mandy, and you are compelled to Her vulnerability is too sweet and honest and aching for you not to And she s funny This book is a must read for anyone who s ever gone up one side of love and down the other, loitered on the edges or only watched from afar It s really for any human with a soul.