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3.5 STARS This book has two stories in it and I only read the first one It had its moments of funny, but there was nothing compelling about the world in general to keep me reading So, DNF at 50% because meh [Free] ☣ The Mane Event ♕ Mace Llewellyn Brendon Shaw Two Tall, Gorgeous, Sexy Alpha Heroes Who Are % Male With A Little Something Extra Lion Shifters, To Be Exact, Who Can Unleash Every Woman S Animal Side And Still Look Good Make That Spectacular In A Suit And Even Better Out Of ItNYPD Cop Desiree Dez MacDermot Knows She S Changed A Lot Since She Palled Around With Her Childhood Buddy, Mace But It S Fair To Say That Mace Has Changed Even It Isn T Just Those Too Sexy Gold Eyes, Or The Six Four, Built Like A Navy Seal Body It S Something In The Way He Sniffs Her Neck And Purrs, Making Her Entire Body TingleMeanwhile, For Tennessean Ronnie Lee Reed, New York City Is The Place Where Any Girl Even One Who Runs With A Pack Can Redefine Herself First Order Of Business Find A Mate, Settle Down, And Stop Using Men For Sex Even Big, Gorgeous, Lion Shifter Men Like Brendon Shaw But She Needn T Worry, Because Now That Brendon S Set His Sights On Her, The Predator In Him Is Ready To Pounce And Never Let Go I m giving this book 3 stars but it is barely 3 stars I wanted to like this book than I actually did, I think Many of my friends rave about this book and I love a good shifter story, but this one felt a little stale to me I think part of my issue is that I read a LOT of paranormals I love a great paranormal romance However, here I felt like the plot took a backseat to the sex and I wanted excitement, energy, something I found this book to be a bit boring, which was disappointing Overall, I found it to be enjoyable but not memorable I wouldn t be surprised if I forgot all about it in a week. 4 stars for first story3 stars for second storySettled on 4 overall because I loved the humor Awesome 4 stars for Christmas Pride and a another four for Shaw s Tail This book HILARIOUS Will defiantly need a while to get over this read HIGHLY RECOMMEND for all PR fans who love their read,fun fluffy with great secondary characters and a spoonfuls of melting hot animal sex Perfect read for the holidays right around the corner I am Laurenston Obsessed Like Cartman playing Warcraft, I cannot stop Seriously Like this is now my super secret obsession and I know my friend who shares my audible account is watching me Whispersync these books and is thinking, that girl is CRAY I am Full on, get me on some meds, obsessed with this series Setting Time Genre Current, NYLength 450 some pagesSeries Good lord, yes Sexy times Fan yourselves Although these are funny sexy times than super seductive sexy times There s an entire roll playing episode a la school girl, that is not one bit of titillation but is just plain fun Clearly, this was a headphones listen Just saying Plan on reading by the author I have already answered that question Synopsis Two books in one Two lions in one Two hot men in one Two awesome, a kicking women in one, and two women with awesome friends who also kick a Book 1 Mace returns, has the hots for Des his old high school flame that was not a flame There s some sh t going down with a group of hyenas that Des gets involved in seeing as how she is a cop Fun drama ensues Des realizes that yes, Mace is the Lion man for her Oh, she s human Had no idea shifters were a thing Which technically, they are not, but this is Romancelandia, so whatevs Book 2 Shaw meets Ronnie, she wolf who wears great boots He s gotta convince her that laying down with lions ain t such a bad thing There are few family issues with his brother, his sister, her pack and her family They are brilliantly done And as a side note, every woman in this book and the other book kicks a Did I mention that part I forget easily Why it did or didn t work for me These books, they are hysterical They are funny They are totes enoyable And they all feature women who really don t need that much, if any, rescuing These women are loud and unapologetic These are my people These are my friends So, why did it work for me Go figure On to the next one Checking it out of the library right now I love Shelly Laurenston s book Her first series Magnus Pack get me hooked to her books, and I decided to read her Pride series after I finish Magnus Pack.Even the world setting in Pride and Magnus Pack series are the same, no need to read Magnus Pack first The Mane Event have 2 stories, Christmas Pride and Shaw s Tail Here the story Christmas PrideThe story is about Mason Mace Llewellyn, who just end his military career at NAVY He met his childhood friend, Desiree Dez MacDermot, half Puerto Rican half Irish and a police detective Mace decided to join NAVY because he doesn t want to be a Breeding Male for Llewellyn Pride that led by his older sister, Missy Oh I forgot, Mace is lion shapeshifter, but Dez doesn t know about this, even finally she know it Dez herself is busy, she investigate about murder case The victim is one of Missy s Breeding Male While investigate, Dez must accept her feeling to Mace, because Mace never give up to her, since he loves her from 22 years ago, and he don t care if Dez just a human He want her as his mate and for eternity Shaw s Tail This story followed after the ending of Christmas Pride Brendon Shaw is one of Breeding Males of Llewellyn Pride not like Mace that run from his responsibility, Shaw accept it At Christmas Pride,Shaw is beaten til he almost death by people who kill Missy s people, but Dez save him He have a fever and Smith Pack, a wolf shifter pack, and close alliance to Mace, take care of him, and order one of their member, Rhonda Lee to watch him Shaw fallin in love so hard with Rhonda Lee or Ronnie, but Ronnie is a WOLF Wolf and Feline shape shifter, like dog and cat, they always snapped each other Worse, Shaw is Breeding Male, and he supposed not to mate to wolf So, how Ronnie and Shaw face their problem, since there are huge difference between them I give 4 stars for Christmas Pride and 4 1 2 stars for Shaw s Tail Shaw s Tail have better story from Christmas Pride, but I enjoy both story In this book, we introduce to shifter world in Shelly Laurenston s book There 3 prime shifter in the world Wolf Shifter They can shift to wolf of course Their group called Pack and they never alone, always help each other, and protect everyone backs Their leader call Alpha There are Alpha Male and Alpha Female Wolf mate for life, so they just have one mate for their entire life Never called wolf shifter as dog It insulted them And they love yoghurt.BTW, don t mix them with werewolf, they re different Feline Shifter This group include Tiger, Lion, Leopard, any other feline species For The Mane Event, there are just Lion shape shifter They called Pride The system in the Pride is matriarchal , so the leader of Pride is female The Pride have Male Breeding, think sperm donor after all Lion shapeshifter, and another feline shifter, like cat, no one mate for eternity But there always special case like Nik Viroslav from Here Kitty, Kitty , Mace who mated to Dez and Shaw who mated to Ronnie Even Ronnie is a wolf, and Shaw himself already have children They like purring, like a cat do And their hair like mane, so it useless to shave it like Mace do, because the hair always growing fast Hyena Shifter Must be the most cruel shapeshifter They re an archenemy of Lion Shifter and other feline shifter, but it seems wolf shifter hate them too Their group called Clan, the system is matriarchal, like Lion Pride They re already cruel even when they still a baby BTW, they re look cute, but sometimes appearance can deceive usThe world building in Pride series is fantastic, and Shelly Laurenston describe each shifter with their animal personalities and ability.The story contemporary and thriller suspense than paranormal, because there no magic involved or people that want to conquer world PIt s so simple,just how two people, man and woman try to accept each other, with the woman so stubborn and the man relentless Add humor to them and you get a good read until the end The next story is about Bobby Rae Smith, or Smitty A friend of Mace, and Alpha Male of Smith Pack Can t wait to read about this womanizer after all Note to self stop doing this to yourself RIGHT NOW.Why did I read this book Because a I am a masochistb I am a complete idiotc My last two grey cells got fried while reading Mermend I am an unredeemable twite My synapses are on permanent strikef I have finally lost itg I love reading view spoiler STUPID hide spoiler The first story was good but got a bit long winded in the internalization Dez was a strong heroine but at times it came off bitchy Mace was a sexy lion that was all about his Dez Aside from those minor issues, I found the story fun, funny, and sensual The plot was ok and the writing was witty and flowed well The second story was better, though I would like to understand how they were going to figure out the whole breeding thing Ronnie was hilarious Shaw was determined and focused on his little country bumpkin Their role playing was the topping on the perfect dessert It was interesting to read a reluctant Ronnie coming to terms with her feelings All in all a good read Safety No OW OM Sharing for either but if I m not wrong, both have children with OW, though it could be just Shaw No rape Yes to abuse the women get into fights Yes to pushing away.