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Harry Bosch is now one year into his return to the LAPD out of retirement He and Kiz Rider are partnered in the Open Unsolved Unit, working cold cases One of the them, the 13 year old missing persons case of Marie Gesto, has plagued Harry since he was originally assigned to the investigation It s now red hot after a serial killer confesses to her abduction as part of an agreement to avoid the death penalty Now he and Kiz have to determine if he s telling the truth Wow Just wow This story went sideways, upside down and rightside up again I ve never seen Harry be so off balance so often and when I reached the end, I got why Be prepared to be just as off kilter as he was I didn t know who to believe or trust and was just riveted to the story Also, there s a point where I finally got why women eventually leave Harry, which was a big aha moment for him and me Len Cariou s narration was just perfect and he made the story evencompelling, though it was pretty exciting on its own Despite the sentiments of the women in his life, I m still wild about Harry Can t wait for the next story The Hook I m working my way through you Bosch The LineIt was the little questions that always bothered him, filled the hollow inside with dread The Sinker Echo Park was truly my favorite of Harry Bosch Series thus far Its excellent plotting, cracker jack writing, the attention to details, all made this just what you d expect in a crime novel Bosch is working a 1993 cold case, the disappearance of twenty two year old Marie Gesto The case is over ten years old but it s one of those that got under his skin, one he keeps coming back to and one he wants to solve, not only to bring closure to her family but for himself When he gets a call from the DA that a murderer is willing to make a deal to lead police to several bodies, including that of Gesto, Bosch is all in Of course nothing is as easy as it seems and we re off and running in this fast paced, realistic thriller The recent Bosch TV Series covers elements of Echo Park but can t come close to capturing the raw tension of the written work There is a scene where Bosch interrogates the suspected serial killer, Raynard Waits that should be a classic scene in crime fiction It is superior and equal to, if not better than Silence of the Lambs Bosch continues to interest me as a character He is a complex man, often a loose canon, what his partner calls the cowboy thing , a man who appreciates art, jazz, a good book and can guzzle down a beer with the best of them I always learn something new about Harry Bosch with each book in the series In Echo Park I learned Harry s a boxer shorts guy This is my angst when it comes to the portrayal of Bosch in the TV series Do you think Titus Welliver looks like a boxer kind of guy Harry s at his best again, getting into all kinds of trouble, running headlong into danger, never thinking about other people until after the event I love reading about him but I get why all the women in his life leave him too This is the second book I have read this week where we are positively falling over all the dead bodies However this does make for exciting reading I think Harry only kills one of them himself but he certainly causes severalThere s lots of interesting police work and lots of corruption and double crossing The actual murderer is not hard to pick but the people responsible for the set up were not all the ones I expected A bit of a twist in the tale A lovely read for a very hot summer s day spent curled up in the air conditioning. Time saver tip if you ve read my review of any Harry Bosch book, you ve read em all Since I don t reveal plots and reserve my comments to the overall book author, characterization, style, etcI just don t feel the need to repeat myself as in most casesseries books if any good at all do remain consistent The star ratings might change, but not my opinion of the series as a whole.Michael Connelly is a well know and very popular author in the mystery detective and police procedural genres Exploding onto the scene in the early nineties with his first six novels, and topping it off just recently with his 18th Bosch novel The Black Box , Connelly has garnered most awards worth getting Let s face it, the awards are well deserved, especially for those first novelson that later Having emerged onto the fictional world after a career as a journalist, culminating with his job as crime reporter for the LA times, and admitting to becoming interested in writing fiction as a result of reading Raymond Chandler early on in his journalistic career, Michael Connelly has since involved himself in several collaborations notable the television series Level 9, and as co writer with Val McDermid s Wire In the Blood series and that spawned the wildly popular grim, noir BBC television series of the same name If you re into Noir than this TV series is a must see.Connelly has a knack for writing suspenseful tales that take quite a few twists and turns before being resolved with a stellar Who Done It that has most readers guessing till the very end at least in his earlier books.Heironymous Harry Bosch, the hero in this series, is named after a Renaissance painter who specialized in earthly sins, debauchery, fanciful and gruesome visions of hell, violent consequences from high above if not detailed looks at the tortures reserved for earthly residents Score 1 for Connelly in choosing a very apropos name for our own tortured detective Harry Bosch.Bosch is a complicated and conflicted character, a character that slowly develops across this series but whose emotive origin lies in the Viet Cong tunnels where Harry got his education in fear underground, claustrophic, dark, drenched with blood, gruesome deaths, peopled with a savage enemy crawling within the absence of all light, hunting for the American soldiers like bloodthirsty rats From these dark tunnels emerges Harry Bosch, LAPD detective, bent on setting the world right From this darkness where pacific military command has sent Bosch to discover the inevitable conflict between a military order and the reality of carrying out that order, we find a detective in perpetual defiance of LAPD authority.The Harry Bosch series, for me, are divided into two sets the first 4 books, and the rest that follow As mentioned earlier, the classic early 90 s novels were better for me Books starting with The Black Echo on through The Last Coyote all inherit the tortuous origins of Harry s artistic namesake Reading these books I could actually feel my heart begin to race as I sped towards the inevitable ending, ones that actually kept you guessing to the very end One reviewer sorry, can t remember who it was says the following of these earlier book titlesEven the titles of the books used to be cleverer Compare The Drop a simple reference to Deferred Retirement Option Plan to The Concrete Blonde a reference to both lady justice statue on the courthouse and the body of a blonde entombed in concrete Compare that to the later books in the series where we find a Harry Bosch notably mellower in his older age, where we find endings easily guessed at, where procedure begins to trump a superb plot Bosch no longer smokes, doesn t drink and drive, doesn t slap people around any, where his defiance of LAPD authority is tempered by retirement, and let s face it, where my heart just doesn t race as often any Let s say that his later novels are beginning to show an author s haste is it me, or are the novels shorter and shorter Don t get me wrong, I still love reading the latest Bosch novel Where the earlier novels have a few things that can be improved on dialogue could have been better the later novels are polished, almost a little too much so After 18 Bosch novels, is Connelly tiring Maybe.Beginning with the last 90 s novel Angels Flight in which we are introduced to Bosch s latest romantic interest, Eleanor Wish, with whom Bosch is to have a daughter this mellowing process takes root Connelly is absolutely right to introduce this notable character shift in Bosch from this book forward because as I can attest to in my own personal life when you see your child born, a fundamental shift takes place in a man For me, I was reborn from a devilish bachelor into a man who now bore the responsibility of an innocent life It completely turned around my life for the better And so it is with Harry Bosch It is the presence of his daughter that transforms him from Heironymous to Harry.Overall, I highly recommend this series. What can I say about Bosch at this point This book gives you a great mystery, politics, and finally someone just calling out Harry for the crap he keeps pulling when it comes to always doing things his way and his whole damn the consequences thing Echo Park is the 12th book in the Harry Bosch universe With Harry now back working Open Unsolved cases with his partner Kiz, he feels better than he has in a while However, one of Harry s past cases which has haunted him is coming back in a big way with it looking like a serial killer may have been behind his victim s disappearance What makes things even bigger this time for Harry is that this case could possibly lead to the LAPD being put underof a microscope with regards to their actions due a possible change in the DA s office and the city council I wish I could say that all of Harry s moves are going to go down easy this one, but they don t I think that Connelly played it this way just to show eventhat Harry s sense of right and wrong is skewed at times If this was Biblical or even Medieval times I would be all for it But he s still supposed to be a police officer and his job is to protect and serve Not to make sure that karma justice comes and gets people every time Echo Park opens with Harry and his former partner J Edgar working a case about a missing young woman named Marie Gesto She disappeared from the grocery store back to her place and her parents contacted the police Harry and J Edgar eventually find her car, but never do figure out what happened to Marie Harry believes she s dead, but without a body or a perpetrator, he doesn t want to let the case go until he can tell her parents what happened to her The book then fast fowards to Bosch in the present day working at Open Unsolved When a fellow officer contacts Bosch about the Marie Gesto murder book, Bosch refuses of course he does to turn it in until he is kept privy about why her case is being looked at When Bosch and Kiz find out that a man the police have brought in via a routine traffic stop is connected to Marie and other murders, it looks like Bosch has got his man However, things are not what they always appear, and this time through, a lot of stuff comes out in the wash in this one Bosch is feeling his age a bit and is lonely this time through We know that his ex wife and daughter are living in Hong Kong with Bosch apparently visiting his daughter between books Every one of these books is about a year after the previous one, so we know it s been about a year since Harry has been back in Open Unsolved with Kiz Bosch eventually reconnects with an old love interest, Rachel Walling I skipped over the book introducing Rachel, so I don t have much to say about her besides I like her better than Eleanor Wish I am probably now going to read that book The Narrows though I already have a feeling it s going to bug me because of the first person POV and third person POVs why do authors do this in the same book I liked the profiling aspect of Rachel being involved She definitely gives usinsight into the suspected serial killer And I loved that she did not put up with Harry s crap and called him out when she saw how reckless and single minded he was being about things We getdetails about Kiz s life as well and I am wondering due to the ending of this book how does this all shake up for her and Harry.We have the specter of Irving rearing his head again Even though the guy is gone from the LAPD, he is out to take them all down The writing is typical Connelly and he keeps the flow moving I will say that this one played with so many elements I honestly didn t think it would all fit But we have callbacks to Bosch s mother, his time spent in foster care and an orphanage, his prior cases, his other partners, etc This whole book felt like a reckoning for Bosch, however, I don t think the lessons are going to take.I love Connelly s Bosch series because it gives me that little taste of noir that I don t know I need until I have not read one of his books for a while We see Connelly taking real world events 9 11, the war on terror, etc and including that into his plot We get to see the overreach by the FBI and the LAPD in certain cases What I like best about Connelly s books is you get to see the ending of a case and get to decide whether the ends justify the means When I got to this ending, I definitely called BS like Rachel did. 8 10 When you ve read a bad book and you need a pickmeup, who ya gonna call Harry Bosch Not quite as lyrically poetic as the fine Ray Parker Jr, but you get the picture I know I m going to get a good read when I pick up this series Bosch is well rounded by this stage, book 12 in the series, and you know his character and determination will see him through but Michael Connelly still throws in a number of surprises and intriguing plot points to make this anything but a paint by numbers crime novel I love the setting of LA in this world strange seeing as I hated it in real life but everything is fleshed out and feels real Flashback recounting things that happened in the LA riots and how they still impact folk currently is really well done The start of this book really intrigued me a serial killer confessing to a cold case which Bosch is adamant another guy did Bosch reels from this and you can feel it throughout although he s still sure he was right I d love to be that confident of my skills Things did tail off at the end and some of the intrigue went but I still really enjoyed this book Admittedly I ll probably not remember the specifics in a couple of months but the ride was fun whilst it lasted Love this series and always happy to pick them up Well worth the time if you ve never tried them. 3.5ish stars I read this series sporadically Sometimes I like them solidly Usually I think they re good enough, readable, could be better could be worse I really enjoyed the brief Lincoln Lawyer series, but Bosch is one I always think, between readings, that I probably actually enjoyedthan I did I see so many people saying Bosch is their favorite detective I think well, not bad, and I should give himcredit because he s a reasonable character competently written So by the time I get around to doing some Bosch catch up, because there are never enough new books in the various series I really look forward to, I e convinced myself that this time Bosch is really going to speak to me In Bosch s defense, as I listened to this story I realized I had read it before, quite a few years ago But I couldn t remember much of how it went So I listened all the way through to close the gap It wasn t bad, I wasn t itching for it to be over, but at the same time I was glad to be done and move on To the next Bosch catch up in the queue Maybe this will be the one Whew I finally got to read the other half of the story in the Bosch TV series season 1 And the book does not disappoint.The book has a complex, multi layered story that unfortunately did not make it into the video version I loved how there were conspiracies within conspiracies The mystery is great especially if one has not watched it before with massive red herrings And there is the unique Bosch twist at the end.So, overall, another great Bosch story. {Free} ⚼ Echo Park ß More Than A Decade Ago, Harry Bosch Worked On The Case Of Marie Gesto, A Twenty Two Year Old Who Went Missing But Was Never Found Now, With The Gesto File Still On His Desk, Bosch Gets A Call From The District Attorney A Serial Killer Has Confessed Did Harry Miss A Key Clue Or Is Something Going On Here InMarie Gesto Disappeared After Walking Out Of A Supermarket Harry Bosch Worked The Case But Couldn T Crack It, And The Twenty Two Year Old Was Never Found Now, Than A Decade Later, With The Gesto File Still On His Desk, Bosch Gets A Call From The District Attorney A Man Accused Of Two Heinous Murders Is Willing To Come Clean About Several Others, Including The Killing Of Marie Gesto Taking The Confession Of The Man He Has Sought And Hated For Thirteen Years Is Bad Enough Discovering That He Missed A Clue Back InThat Could Have Stopped Nine Other Murders May Just Be The Straw That Breaks Harry Bosch And so I continue this incredible series with book number 12, Echo Park I can t believe I ve read so many books featuring Harry Bosch already, I am dreading reaching the most recent book in this series Echo Park was another masterclass in how to write crime fiction The authenticity is present on every single page Characterisation is brilliant Bosch continues to evolve as a character, once again the job comes between him and a potential partner the fantastic Rachel Walling, and the scenes between these two are at times reminiscent of Reacher and Neagley I hope to see Rachel again and again On an emotional level this book contains some of the most hard hitting scenes I ve read in a Connelly novel and honestly, there s not much to fault in this entire story Though I did find it hard to believe that Bosch couldn t remember how many cases he has solved over the years For somebody who lives and breathes his job, I can t accept that he wouldn t remember each and every closed case as opposed to just the ones who got away The plot here is as always multi faceted and containstwists than I don t know what Connelly is the master at completely deceiving the author and Bosch himself at times and so there were plenty of moments here that I was shocked at what I was reading As with any great series such as this, the closing scenes in the story are always incredibly bittersweet Whilst I enjoy the wrapping up of another tale featuring a favourite character of mine, I am sad that the story is over, but excited for the next one and I can t wait to continue with this series.