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Classic screenplay Completely different closing scene to the Polankski re written film added dialogue do little as possible This is a great screenplay Didn t realise that it would be this gripping What is really terrific is seeing the differences between the film and the script and how well this script paints a cinematic picture in your mind Having already seen the movie twice, the plot twists came as no surprise What really held me was the clear, precise writing and all the little details I overlooked in the film It all ties together beautifully. [Read Ebook] ♽ Chinatown (Faber Reel Classics) ♷ S Los Angeles Jake Gittes Is A Successful Bedroom Dick A Private Eye Specialising In Cases Of Marital Infidelity Paradoxically He Might Also Be The Last Truly Ethical Man In A Corrupt Town Lured Into An Investigation Of The Death By Drowning Of City Water Commissioner Hollis Mulwray, Gittes Gets Than Usually Entwined With His New Client, Mulwray S Enigmatic Widow Evelyn He Then Finds Himself Crossing Swords With Evelyn S Redoubtable Father, The Aging Business Magnate Noah Cross, Who Has Professional And Personal Reasons Of His Own For Wanting Both Hollis And Evelyn SilencedAcademy Award Winner For Best Original Screenplay Of , Robert Towne S Chinatown Is Widely Regarded As The Finest American Movie Script Of The Post War Years Complex In Narrative Design, Infused With The Sordid Real Life History Of Los Angeles Economic Growth And Unmistakably Adult In Its Updating Of The Trademark Violence And Sexual Intrigue Of Film Noir, On The Page Chinatown Still Shines And Cuts Like A Blade Reading this was a testament to how influential a middleman between page and screen the director can be I disliked Polanski s Chinatown no, you didn t misread that , but found the screenplay richer in terms of narrative and character, and just different in a better way in tone The atmosphere of the film felt perverse and quietly dark and grisly, and might have translated to a plotline I deemed likewise heavy and twisted Towne s execution of the story was engaging, rather than off putting, and easier to appreciate with a stronger resolution, might I add This was an artistic screenplay, motifs and all, but I couldn t help but wonder why I was following Towne s trail of crumbs While references to Chinatown and water enhanced the narrative, they weren t specifically significant elements In other words, why the subject matter that Towne chose I ll overlook the story s attention to eroticism we ll just hand that to the seventies Further, the details, revelations, and parallel plots would have been better suited to a full narrative form, I felt, and I questioned Towne s decision in favor of the screenplay. SPOILERSJust rewatched this Perhaps the most cliche free screenplay ever written Nicholson and Dunaway are of course great, but I think John Huston s performance is most impressive Given only 15 minutes of screentime he turned Nick Cross into an unforgettable villain Oh, Lord I read this for my Screenwriting class, and it was actually pretty brilliant It s a suspenseful, noir screenplay revolving around a private detective I liked it better than the movie, but that might just be bc I read it first, and it kind of took out the shock value of all the twists when I watched the movie. Saw it way back in the day, liked it well enough Read a whole bunch of filmmakers and historians and critics who spoke in tongues about it Watched it again, loved it Watched it again. An example of perfection in screenwriting within the realms of the Hollywood formula A must read for students or any one interested in screenwriting. Amazing secret the state of California keeps from its citizens when the politicians and water district sell out to the rich farmers which causes a massive draught in areas of California There are con men everywhere and the story tells of a problem that began long ago and is still taking place tody Spoiler Free Chinatown is easily one of the greatest screenplays ever written It choses to set up the story in a simple and predictable manner but at around page 20 the whole story goes in a turn Private detective J.J Gittes explores a situation in L.A during the time of the flood and discovers a huge corruption conspiracy going along that time The dialogue and sense of fear each situation causes creates a huge amount of tension considering J.J Gittes isn t afraid of breaking the law to get his work done Robert Towne writes the dialogue so that every character has a set personality that does change as the story progresses andthings are known about the corruption in this town Many quotable lines and classic moments are seen and are still used as inspiration by many writers of not only screenplays but literature, proving how Towne s masterpiece is still being considered by many as a fantastic journey through corruption in L.A Chinatown gets a 5 out of 5, one of the top 5 greatest screenplays ever written SPOILERS What creates the fear of every situation is Gittes remembering his past and how it affects him as an individual even though most of his dialogue at the beginning of the film has an average level of seriousness and is always in a good mood no matter what s going on Evelyn s character was the unexpected bit at page 20 when she is revealed to be the real person looking for the service instead of that other woman Gittes slowly begins to build up a great chemistry with her until he realises she s working for her During the scene where Gittes slaps her and makes her reveal her secret about how her sister is her daughter its really hard for her to say it Many times previously there were many subtleties referring to how she hasn t said everything to Gittes That makes the reveal much stronger than any other aspect of the film aside from the ending Speaking of which, the ending is easily one of the greatest ever made Gittes had said how he had some fear for Chinatown due to someone died there with him as a witness Having Evelyn die there is what ends the script full of suspense after the line Forget it Jake, its Chinatown.