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a sweet historical romancekept me guessingCandace is an excellent author I really am enjoying her books BJ le do en Nov 2011 Download Ebook ⚑ The Wedding Challenge ☩ PLAYING CUPID CAN BE A DANGEROUS GAME Lady Calandra Should Have Suitors Beating Down Her Door But Her Overprotective Brother, The Duke Of Rochford, Has Managed To Scare Off Every Suitable Gentleman Every Man Except The Mysterious Earl Of Bromwell, That Is Callie Finds Herself Drawn To The Enigmatic Earl, Despite Her Brother S Almost Violent ProtestationsIn Defiance Of Her Brother S Wishes, Callie Devises A Plan To See Bromwell Again, Enlisting The Help Of Matchmaker Francesca Haughston But When Shadowy Secrets About The Duke And The Earl Come To Light, It May Be Too Late For Callie To See That She S Walked Straight Into A Trap Callie is the sister of the Duke of Rochford and at 23, she s independent and socially savvy and doesn t need a watchdog Why then is her brother being so pig headed and trying to dictate who she can and can t see Especially since she s finally met someone who makes her heart beat faster This one focuses on Calandra, younger sister of Sinclair, Duke of Rochford Calandra has known Francesca, matchmaker extraordinare since childhood too since she grew up on a neighboring estate The beautiful Callie, sister of the Duke of Rochford, fall for mysterious Earl of Bromwell Unfortunaely her brother and her Earl apparently despise each other And what exactly Bromwell s intention to Callie I liked both Callie and Bromwell and I thought they worked well together as a couple The secondary characters added a lot of dimension I really enjoyed of Francesca s background story The Wedding Challenge is the third book of the Matchmakers series At first the book was quiet slow, and I could tell that it was fast becoming a historical clich But, who doesn t love a good clich Once the book started to pick up pace towards the end I found my self unable to put the book down However, just because it s a historical romance, it s pretty much no where near accurate It was very good I believe that it was better than the previous ones although I really liked them also But it had the element of revenge and I am a huge fan of this Usually by the third book in a series, the characters can grow a little tiresome and the plots a little thin There s some of that in the beginning of this book but it really picks up towards the end I needed something to read right at a given moment, I reached into my TBR pile and pulled this one out It was a lovely romantic Regency era tale This was a guilty pleasure book, but a breath of fresh air after trying to read a few boring intellectual books I really liked how both main characters were instantly attracted to each other, and how both pursued the other I also liked how there weren t any petty, annoying fights between the the main characters Would def read this one again Candace Camp only shows the male point of view periodically and it deters from the book, so I was conscious of it while reading this story At one point I questioned liking the hero because his point of view was not revealed Oh dear This book had such a dodgy premise and yet I loved it There s something just so outrageously, dare I say it, campey about the series, and about the romances with predictable pacing yet real spark, that I can t resist. Similar to when I first read The Bridal Quest, I found the opening chapters dull They seemed to serve as of an info dump about what has happened previously in the series, who is friends with whom, etc rather than setting up for the rest of the book or introducing Lady Calandra s character However, since I did like The Bridal Quest, I pushed through the first two chapters to finally get to where the story begins I can t say I liked Callie or Bromwell too much, especially in the first half of the book I found Callie to be whiny and childish most of the time Early in the story, her brother the Duke of Rochford becomes enraged when he sees her with Bromwell at a ball While he does harshly tell Callie to left, his anger is clearly directed at Bromwell If Callie hadn t been so busy feeling wounded that he brother told her what to do, she might have realized there was something important going on that wasn t about her Instead she complains about being treated like a child and reminding everyone that she is an independent woman and can make her own decisions However, with the exception of her grandmother, no one seemed to be treating her like a child She rants about how her brother can t make decisions for her, but then seems dependant and doesn t want to make any decisions that would upset him, except of course seeing Bromwell I didn t like Bromwell either for most of the story, as he was using Callie and I was unsure how he was going to redeem himself Bromwell hated Sinclair, the Duke of Rochford, because he believed fifteen years ago the man had wronged his sister Therefore, his plan was to woo Callie enough to make her brother worry and rush to London to confront him If Callie had bothered to consider anything her brother said, she might have realized Bromwell wasn t wooing her for any noble reason He does redeem himself by realizing he loves her and protecting her when his lying sister tries repeatedly to ruin her reputation The romance between Callie and Bromwell was fairly uninteresting The majority of this book seemed to be used as a set up for The Courtship Dance, the next in the series with Sinclair and Francesca It was one large set up to reveal that Bromwell s sister s lies had caused Francesca to believe the worst in Sinclair and break his heart fifteen years ago The book seems almost equally about Francesca and Sinclair and their past The climax of the story, where Bromwell s sister admits to her lies, is anticlimactic Considering it affects all the characters involved, it s a big let down when the scene isn t even part of the book Rather, Bromwell suddenly comes in and announces she has admitted to her lies and now everything is good between Callie and him His sister has no comeuppance at all, even being present at their wedding I was glad Irene and Gideon appeared in the story I think they are both wonderful characters and add to any scene they are in Something that did distract me from the story was the amount of head hopping A few times the perspective shifts between Callie and Bromwell within a paragraph I was glad to hear each of their points of view, but separately My overall grade is a three out of five mainly because the story didn t seem to be about Callie and Bromwell but rather all the events going on around them Also, while I find TSTL heroines annoying, I find whiny, childish ones equally unpleasant. slightly ridiculous protagonist and this won t be reread, but I had to read it for the pop sugar challenge where they narcissistically demanded that a book contain the words pop, sugar, or challenge. Book three of the series had appeal at the beginning, and I was hoping this might be one that I would actually enjoy and could rate higher than 2 stars But the author turned this strong, independent, likeable young women into a simmering miss who loses all rational thought at the mere sight of a handsome stranger And when he touches her, she just casts off all of her high moral standards and does whatever he wants.This is the problem with all the female protagonists in this series They are described as strong women, but the author doesn t allow them to remain true to that character.I have been looking forward to book 4 and the story of the matchmaker and the Duke But now I m afraid it is going to disappoint me even than book 3 Callie, the protagonist in book 3, was one of the likable characters of the series But I ended up feeling contempt for her and dislike for the man who pursued her Francesca, the matchmaker, and the Duke may be the only likeable characters.It was an interesting plot with no real surprise in its development Poorly done all round Challenge Mary Balogh to take these same characters and storyline, and I m sure the outcome would be completely different, resulting in 5 star books.1.75 stars A few years ago, I picked up one of Candace Camp s regency novels and fell in love The Wedding Challenge is the third book of her Matchmakers series and her most recent Callie is the sister of the Duke of Rochford and at 23, she s independent and socially savvy and doesn t need a watchdog Why then is her brother being so pig headed and trying to dictate who she can and can t see Especially since she s finally met someone who makes her heart beat fasterThe Earl of Bromwell despises the Duke of Rochford He believes Callie s brother dishonored his sister He s doesn t intend to actually harm Callie or her reputation, but the time he spends with her the attracted he becomes The Wedding Challenge is another heart warming tale of honor, attraction, deceit, and forgiveness by Candace Camp The next tale in this series is The Courtship Dance scheduled for publication in February of 2009 It will feature two of the characters from this book Lady Callandra can t understand why her brother Sinclair insists that she have nothing to do with Lord Bromwell, and she s far too stubborn to follow his command especially since Brom is the most attractive man she s ever met But an ugly history of lies and hatred lurks beneath Brom s courtship of Callie and someone else is determined that it will get even uglier.This is a bit tame as revenge stories go, because Brom, though using Callie to hurt her brother, is far too honorable to actually want to hurt her Darn it It s an unremarkable but entertaining quick read, with a few nice angsty moments and a few not so nice stupid moments Callie s quick change from innocent virgin to sex kitten is annoying The characters seem very young and naive, especially next to the mature Francesca and Sinclair, who star in the next book of the series Recommended for readers who like the kind of light Regencies that focus on the ton and the Season. Better than many books of the genre, adequate plot, but not at all amusing, as I know this series can be and the characters did not endear themselves to me It was all rather dreary and flat At this point I am mostly along to get to Francesca s story in the finale with the duke, so I still finished it I preferred the portrayal of Calandra in the other books quite frankly She did not shine as a lead here, gained no additional depth She seemed rather childish than her claimed 23 years The romance aspect was also barely fleshed out At midway through i still barely knew much about the hero other than that he loved his sly sister and was attracted to Callie No undying love with these two leads, I would say I did like the Vauxhall scene description, great portrayal of subtle menace you can t put your finger on and build up of tension at being in a bad situation I think I may have read this before years ago.