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!Free Kindle ⚖ Running Hot ♑ Ex Cop Luther Malone, Lifelong Member Of The Secretive Paranormal Organization Known As The Arcane Society, Is Waiting To Meet Grace Renquist Hired As An Aura Reading Consultant In The Quest For A Murder Suspect, She S Got Zero Field Experience She S From Tiny Eclipse Bay, Oregon She S A Librarian, For Heaven S SakeAs For Grace, She S Not Expecting Much Either From Malone, Who Walks With A Cane And Isn T So Good With A Gun Nice R Sum For A BodyguardBut Even Before They Reach Their Hotel In Maui Where They Ll Be Posing As Honeymooners Grace And Luther Feel The Electric Charge Between Them Problem Is, They Need To Remain Vigilant Day And Night, Because It Soon Becomes Clear There S Going On Here Rogue Sensitives Operatives For The Underground Group Nightshade Are Pouring Into The Luxury Resort Like There S A Convention Grace Recognizes Those Dark Spikes In Their Auras She Saw The Same Pattern In Someone Else In Another Life A Life She Hasn T Revealed To Luther Or Anyone Else And She Understands How Dangerous These People Can Be Especially With Those Para Hunters At Their SidesWhile The Pair S Employers At Jones Jones Scramble To Get Them Backup, Luther And Grace Have To Think On Their Feet The Criminals In Their Midst Aren T Just High Level Sensitives They Ve Enhanced Their Talents With A Potent And Unpredictable Drug And As Grace Knows All Too Well, If You Don T Control Your Powers, Your Powers Will Control You Interesting characters, a good romantic mystery suspense sort of plot. It is often stated that everyone has sensitivity , and by that, I mean, on can feel or know things that are not apparently evident to everyone My husband has said to me that Your intuition scares me to death Jayne Ann Krentz s Running Hot Arcane Society, 5 continues her series on the secret society whose member agents have the ability to read auras as well as other talents snipers, read another s thoughts which helps to keep many alive, and use of paraphysics J J, the upstanding and old society, has people everywhere to assist good endeavors even if it means placing a body in its own home to keep the bad ones such as the organization of Nightshade from discovering where J J s people truly are This idea appealed to me as I have read other books by this author on the Arcane Society Running Hot felt slow to me, and I kept putting it down, but I have enjoyed others by Krentz 3.5 4 stars. Interesting and enjoyable This book had a mix of paranormal and suspense, a likable hero and heroine who can read people s auras, entertaining secondary characters with their own psychic talents, and a Hawaiian setting This was my first Arcane Society Novel Different and fun. You can find this review in English below.2.5 stars.A esta historia le ha faltado chispa Ha sido tan directa y ha ido tan al grano que no he conseguido sentir el romance, ni las ganas de estar juntos de los protagonistas, ni el peligro ni ninguna de esas cosas que me gusta sentir cuando leo un romance con su poquito de suspense on the side.Si a lo anterior a adimos que es un romance paranormal, con lo cual hay insta lust Qu C mo Ya y almas gemelas de por medio, la historia pierde toda la gracia.Y el suspense ha sido m s de lo mismo, apenas hay tensi n, las cosas est n claras desde el principio as que en ning n momento temes por la vida o por el romance de los protagonistas, ellos son tan superiores al resto de sus contempor neos que es dif cil de creer que no hayan sido descubiertos antes.En fin, que nunca pens que llegar a el d a en el que echase de menos un poco de angustia o de drama en mi romance A pesar de ser el quinto en la serie no he perdido el hilo de la historia en ning n momento y me ha sido f cil entender de qu clase de paranormal estaba hablando la autora, as que me atrever a a decir que se puede leer fuera de la serie, aunque no creo que merezca la pena 2.5 stars.This story has lacked spark It has been so straightforward and it has gotten so to the point that I have not been able to feel the romance, or the MC s desire to be together, or the danger or any of those things that I like to feel when I read a romance with its bit of suspense on the side.If to all of the above we add that it is a paranormal romance, so you know there will be insta lust What Wait Already and soul matesinvolved, the story loses its appeal.And the suspense has been of the same, there is hardly tension, things are clear from the beginning so at no time do you fear for the MC s life or romance , they are so superior to the rest of their contemporaries it is hard to believe that they have not been discovered before.Anyway, I never thought the day would come when I missed a little angst or drama in my romanceDespite being the fifth in the series I have not miss a thing about the story and I have been able to understand what kind of paranormal background the author was talking about, so I dare say that you can read this one as a stand alone, although I do not think it s worth it This is a great paranormal suspense love story with the kind of plot twists and turns to keep the reader guessing at how it will be resolved Even though I ve read it than once, I still enjoy these plot twists.One of the themes in this story is the meaning of family Krentz has Grace looking at seemingly perfect families with her talent and dissecting the cracks in the facade In contrast, Luther, Wayne, and Petra have formed a kind of family into which Grace is welcomed For me, this was better than a subplot.The Hawaii setting is exotic, not just the tourist hotels and beaches, but the back alleys where only locals are welcome and the private coves only locals know about.The protagonists are a couple of wounded warriors who are assigned on a mission together by Fallon Jones After this third reading, I m beginning to view him as something of a matchmaker I like the way they heal each other I also like the way that, when Luther sends out healing vibes to calm her aura, Grace not only catches on, but tells him to leave her aura the heck alone.One thing I ve noticed about this series is that JAK s heroines are looking and like the author, Grace has her haircut I ve read dozens of her books, and not one of them was about a girl Krentz described as beautiful When Krentz writes Fallon s book, it ll really be a doozy. Running Hot by Jayne Ann KrentzMy favorite type of romance novel seamlessly mixes sexy characters, paranormal elements, humor and a dash of mystery That s one of the reasons that I truly adore Amanda Quick, aka Jayne Ann Krentz, aka Jayne Castle She s got the recipe down pat Her Arcane Society Series is a heady combination of quirky characters, fascinating paranormal abilities, and mysterious circumstances that draw the reader into her delightful world I absolutely loved Second Sight, which is a historical installment of this series I love that she is following the origins of this secret society, and then jumps into contemporary times to follow the members descendantstotally cool Anyway, Running Hot is a great addition to this series Luther and Grace are a terrific combination, and the threads of various stories that are woven together in the book are wonderful My favorite is La Sirene, who uses her supernatural voice as a weapon of destruction Krentz observations about opera music are superb and almost make me a believer of the paranormal she s so convincing I highly recommend this book and look forward to the next installment of the Arcane Society Series Grade APenelope Not quite a 4 read for me, but I did like the tie in to the Eclipse Bay series, with the verification of Arizona Snow as than a conspiracy nut I do enjoy reading about each new entry in the Jones Jones psychic investigative agency in this case, it s Luther Grace, both with very strong psychic abilities And I liked the husband wife owners of the bar In Hawaii, and the way they took care of misfits that s why they adopted Luther, which turned out to be a smart move on their part He made the perfect bartender bouncer just manipulate emotions to prevent fights, convince drunks to go home sleep it off, etc I don t think I could ever trust my feelings around Luther no wonder Grace told him to stop using his skill on her I love Krentz s Arcane Society books Her latest in this series is the contemporary Running Hot This series is about a society of individuals with paranormal talents The series began with historicals, but a few years ago Krentz came out with a contemporary about the descendents of the characters in her historicals Are you following Anyway, her books have sizzling attraction, suspense, light action, and mystery I enjoy getting to know each new player in this series along with their particular talent.What happens when two off the chart aura talents get together Immediate attraction, for one Grace and Luther are much comfortable working alone, so when they re assigned the cover of a married couple, neither is too sold on the ideauntil they meet It doesn t take them long to realize how well they mesh, both psychically and physically Now if they could just get rid of the bad guys and the wacko opera singer that s right, wacko opera singer they could get on with their lives Fun and engaging Onto my keeper shelf it goes. This was fun I do like this world And the couple is pretty great in this These books all have the same trope meting someone who understands you in a world of people who tend not to I really liked this one A fun, easy read.