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What an awesome novel I can t wait to read the sequel I think this is a very different take on the traditional vampire book I am not even that much into romance, but it had something different that kept my attention I recommend this book to those who want something a little different A very fast read even though it was a good long story. A Mortal Indiscretion is a love story between a mortal Justin, and a vampire named Ambra I never like to give plots away in my reviews but what I will say is the author takes you on a journey This novel is very different than most vampire books I have read, as it does not focus so much on the whole killing and turning aspect This focuses on the relationship between Ambra and Justin and the hurtles they face in falling in love with eachother The book is quite long however, it gave the author plenty of time to develop the characters and the story It jumps from point of view and it goes from modern day all the way back to the 1700 s explaining how Ambra became what she was There of course is plenty of little plot twists and turns that will make the reader want to keep on reading If you are a lover of vampire books or even just a good love story than I highly recommend this book. DifferentI m not really sure what authors cut means It was a different take on a vampire story, from a mortal man s point of view A very good story and I liked the characters but at times it was a little slow and the book was definitely too long I don t think it could have been two books though I finished because I enjoyed the story and the characters There are two follow up books One annoying thing, there were a lot of typo, spelling any grammar errors I usually get discouraged easily when a book is that long I can read a series of 3 books with 300 pages each but somehow, I cringe when it s only one with 600 pages However, when I started reading A Mortal Indiscretion, I couldn t stop I spent all night reading and taking screenshots, because there were certain parts that I wanted to remember and read again.Justin is a womanizer, he has absolutely no intention of setting down any time soon, he goes from woman to woman and from bed to bed without any regrets But as he says, he is not using them than they are using him, it s just a 2 way, non strings attached kind of life And it works for him, for now.Soon after the book starts, we meet Ambra, a gorgeous brunette, sexy as hell and instantly obsessed about Justin She is not like any women that he is used to date, she s sweet, innocent, and secretive But what attracts Justin the most, is her passion They seem to not be able to keep their hands off each other, and soon Justin decides that she s the right girl for him.But this story is not only about steamy romance and night clubs From the beginning, we know that Ambra is a vampire, and that Justin will find out eventually But I often forgot about this, since Ambra is such a different vampire from what we are used to She even sounds inexperienced and with low self esteem I learned to care about her and to worry about her than about Justin, and he is the vulnerable human here But Ambra is such a lovable character, that she took all my attention.I loved this book, however, I give it 4 stars because I think everything could have been told with less words I understand the author wanted to show us every detail and build the characters as much as possible, which, by the way, she did wonderfully, but I think it was a little too long, unnecessarily I enjoyed the story, the plot and the characters very much, and I m looking forward to read the next book in the series, Marzio s Revenge. This book isn t your average Vampire story It s unique and takes you into a new world of fantasy It s not a short read I really appreciated that Barbara E Ross painted such vivid pictures in my mind with the words that she wrote within this book It s not a teenage vampire story it s geared towards adult and does have sex scenes within, however they are tastefully done I highly recommend this book to anyone who loves vampires I really liked this book Fell in love with the main character, Justin Good pace and sexy. DNF 21%Does author s cut mean the equivalent of an ARC Because I can t think of any other excuse for the appalling editing grammar, including a random change in POV within the first few pages of the book Seriously No wonder my students don t proof read In terms of content, I can t recall ever seeing such an odd read as unpleasant mix of being told instead of shown, and repetitive detail about some things and no information at all about anything else even within the same scene Frequent sex but little actual detail about it, in spite of which it manages to go on for pages, most of it different ways of saying how wonderful it feels, how wonderful the girl is, etc They go out nearly every night, apparently, but we re never told where, or what they do As an aside, I lived for 25 years in the city in which the first 21% of this thing is set there s NOT that much to do there.With regard to research Ms Ross seems to know very little about the business of advertising She knows even less about southern New Hampshire She chose two communities from a map, and never did any other research about what those communities are like, what is there, what isn t there, population or business demographics, or anything Sloppy.And that about sums up the whole thing Sloppy. `E-pub ☙ A Mortal Indiscretion ↡ Alternate Cover Edition Can Be Found Here A Man A Vampire A Love StoryJustin Bertolli Lived As Any Year Old Bachelor Would Live His Life, Until A Chance Encounter With A Woman Unlike Any Other Ambra Taylor Was Everything He Had Ever Envisioned The Perfect Woman To Be Young, Charming And Sensual But There Was Something Puzzling About Ambra Justin Had Questions That He Could Not Answer Nothing Could Prepare Justin For What He Was About To Experience And Nothing Could Prepare Him For A Love Like No Other