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JAK is my favorite author so I m always happy to re read.What I enjoyed Clare She was very independent and willing to go after what she wanted And her philosophy on lying was pretty interesting, and necessary to her survival Jake He was a good match for Clare Alpha, but willing to listen to her ideas Clare s family was supportive It was nice to see her dad doing his best to be a good father since he hadn t known about her very long view spoiler I love that Clare decided to fight for Jake and wasn t going to have one of those misunderstandings so common in romance novels hide spoiler Jayne Ann Krentz and Amanda Quick etc is always enjoyable A great mystery, hot romance and The Arcane Society Good stuff #FREE DOWNLOAD ⚜ White Lies ñ Relationships Are Challenging Enough For Most Single Over Thirty Women For Level Ten Parasensitive Clare Lancaster, They Re A Minefield The Elite Few Who Know Her Secret Call Her A Human Lie Detector, And Any Falsehood, No Matter How Subtle Or Well Hidden, Sets Her Blood Racing Over The Years, Clare Has Come To Accept That Someone With Her Extraordinary Talents Is Unlikely To Find A Suitable Mate And She S Even Resigned Herself To The Fact That Everyone, To One Degree Or Another, Hides Behind A FacadeIncluding Her Recently Deceased Brother In Law When Clare Finds The Body Of Brad McAllister, The Golden Child Of Stone Canyon, Arizona, The Posh Residents Turn A Suspicious Eye In Her Direction As Archer Glazebrook S Daughter, Clare Is Shielded From The Law, But Not The Gossip It Seems That Meeting The Half Sister And Family Whom She Did Not Know Until Seven Months Ago Was A Mistake Now Her Father Summons Her From California To Play A Role In His Business Empire, And Clare Doesn T Intend On Making The Same Mistake TwiceBut After Meeting Jake Salter, Archer Lancaster S Business Consultant, She Is Convinced That Things Aren T What They Seem Salter S Careful Conversation Walks A Delicate Line Between Truth And Deception, Revealing And Resisting Something Sparks And Sizzles Between Them Something Than The Usual Electricity Between A Man And A WomanCaught In A Dizzying Storm Of Secrets, Lies, And Half Truths, Jake And Clare Will Plunge Into An Investigation That Demands Every Bit Of Their Special Gifts Together, They Must Overcome Their Mutual Distrust In Order To Unravel A Web Of Conspiracy And Murder There were a number of things I really enjoyed about this book This story had a strong suspenseful plot being uncertain of the killer until 3 4 of the way through the novel was quite refreshing I also thoroughly enjoyed the steamy romantic sub plot.Clare Lancaster is a level 10 parasensitive who s psychic ability is to read lies Jake Salter is a level 10 hunter, freelancing for Jones Jones an investigative agency in the Arcane Society, who s purpose is to protect the formula that can create a super psychic I loved the chemistry between Clare Jake, both strong personalities with a mutual understanding appreciation of each others abilities.Claire s ability to tell truth from deception is all that saved her half sister from death at the hands of her husband eight months prior Now Claire is back in Arizona at the request of her father Archer Glazebrook and she s become the target of someone bent on revenge Jake, masquerading as a business consultant for Glazebrook is determined to protect Clare after a barrage of coincidental threats Together they unravel a web of conspiracy murder I really wanted to know about the characters unique fascinating abilities Jake s powerful talent allows him to pick up the psychic spoor left by anyone in the grip of intense, violent emotion Clare s abilities as a human lie detector affected her on a paranormal physical level I really enjoyed her take on lies, from white lies to ultraviolet Clare s codeword for evil the ability to lieI consider it to be value neutral, sort of like fire You can cook a meal with fire or burn down a house In the hands of a person with evil intent, lying can be used to cause enormous damage The descriptions of the Arcane Society are a little vague unusual, maybe they were expanded upon in book 1 All parasensitives are registered with the Arcane Society rated according to their gift psychic strength Not so unusual the weird factor increases when the reader discovers that not only can sensitives check out each others psychic statistics online, they can register at Arcanematch.com to find their perfect psychic mate Ughh please That aside this was still an enjoyable read. . You can find this review in English below.No hay absolutamente nada malo sobre esta historia si te gustan los romances con insta lust, si te gustan h roes super alfa y hero nas super cabezonas que nunca han sentido nada igual a lo que sienten ahora y si no te preocupa que una hero na que ha sido atacada 4 veces dos de ellas con intenci n de matarla crea que la polic a no tiene nada que hacer, que ya se encarga ella A m me aburre tanto como me crispa, as que, otra historia que abandono There is absolutely nothing wrong with this story if you like your romances with insta lust, with super alpha heroes and stubborn heroines whom never in their life had felt like the felt right now about each other and if it doesn t bother you that even thought the heroine has been attacked at least in four occasions two of them with the purpose of kill her she won t waste her time going to the police She will deal with it.I was both bored and exasperated, so there it goes, another dnf. 4.5 stars I really like this author because I never know who the villain is until The Big Reveal Unfortunately, that means I have a hard time putting it down I sit down with a book when the baby goes to sleep and the next thing I know, I ve finished the book and see that it s almost five in the morning I need eye drops, my eyes are scratchy It was worth it.I liked our main characters, Clare and Jake They were both alphas and I always enjoy that pairing when the woman isn t a bitch and the man isn t a raging asshole They didn t immediately butt heads on principle, which tends to ruin the pairing for me The enemies to lovers pairing only works for me when the people were legitimate enemies, not when they just hate each other on sight But that s not what this story is, so I digress because I m so tired I m actually drunk.ALphas They re alphas That was my point for some reason Oh yes Jake has this hunter thing going on, which made for some smoldering moments between him and Clare And she handled it with aplomb I loved her reaction Oh, you re the Big Bad Wolf Okay Are you going to eat that last slice of pizza Shit Baby s awake, so I gotta go But I obviously enjoyed this one I ll be checking out some books in this series for my vacation next week. This is a re reading of this book and it s the second in the Arcane Series I love JAK and I really enjoyed this story and I love how she is mixing historical fiction and contemporary fiction in one series about the Arcane Society, a parapsychological organization made up of individuals who have extra sensory abilities This story is about Jake Salter who is sent by a detective agency associated with The Arcane Society to investigate a plot concerning the Founders Formula He meets Clare Lancaster, who also has extra sensory abilites and together they investigate what begins to appear to be a murder plot that involves her JAK does a good job of weaving the differing plot elements and a developing love relationship between Jake and Clare The chemistry between Jake and Clare is accentuated by their para senses he is a hunter and she is human lie detector This makes for some interesting moments between them Clare comes across as a little flat and the mystery doesn t really get going until the middle of the book, but it is still a good story. So you know I am a fan of the Arcane Society series, despite my initial reluctance to start it and the lateness in posting my reviews Now I am in the processing of revisiting it all, and I am really enjoying reading it once and going back and forth in time I found it gives you a different perspective and added to my overall enjoyment Whether as Jayne Ann Krentz or Amanda Quick, I love her writing and creative stories White Lies, is the kick of the Nightshade plotline set in contemporary Arizona It has every ingredient of a great mystery with the addition of an instant and growing romance I loved both Clare and Jake they are strong people, solitary and complex due to their talents and suffered pasts They are both strong paranormal sensitives, she is a human lie detector , while he is a hunter and in a secret mission for Jones Jones Very creative and vibrant plot, a page turner White Lies is a great read This is a slightly confusing series I read the first book in the Arcane Society and enjoyed the HR PNR aspect of it then I was eager to read the second book in the series and I didn t look at the synopsis or anything just picked it up and thought that maybe it would be about one of the siblings from the first book Imagine my confusion when it wasn t about a sibling from Second Sight or anyone from Second sight because it is set in present day I then thought that I had purchased the wrong book because it is written by a different author actually same author different name HR is Amanda Quick and contemporary is Jayne Ann Krentz and if I ever chance something set in the future it will be the pseudonym Jayne Castle WHY I didn t really enjoy much in this book and it isn t really the books fault I wanted something different when I read it, I wanted the magic of a Historical Romance with paranormal elements With so many other really well done UF PNR set in contemporary worlds I m really picky now I give some leniency to heroines heroes in HR that I don t give contemporary stories Also the audio narration of this is one of the worst I ve ever listened to Even with two narrators I didn t enjoy the narration and the female narrator drove me a little crazy.The Story is okay It is the mystery of a murder and cover up along with some paranormal elements I figured out who the bad guy was super early on but didn t get the big conformation until the end The Hero Jake was interesting and he has all the aspects of perhaps a were something without changing shape, his senses are acute and he has some predatory instincts going on Then there is Claire who is a human lie detector which makes finding a suitable romantic situation really difficult I liked them as a couple however I recently read Burn for Me which yes was written later but had a much better telling of a similar dynamic.In the future I will most likely skip any of the Jayne Ann Krentz editions of this series as I really prefer the HR pseudonym Amanda Quick.