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~FREE DOWNLOAD ♗ Exotic Neurotic ⚉ SYNOPSIS Exotic Neurotic Is A Book Of Poetry Which Involves Subject Matter Such As Depression, Imbalance Within One S Personal Self, Angst, Frustration, Youthfulness, Antisocial Behavior, And Violence In Addition, Many Of Exotic Neurotic S Thematic Properties Also Pertain To Love, Illness, Death, Human Anatomy, Physical Deformities, Elimination, Birth, And Abortion This work of modernist literature is penetrative It s raw and original Graceful, yet chaotic I find a lot of the subject matter highly relatable I think most people would, at least to a degree Poetically, I love the creative themes of the poems, intellectual repertoire, rhymes, arrangements, and rhythmic patterns. Spam marketing on goodreads Pathetic. I decided to check out some modern poetry and a friend told me about, Exotic Neurotic This a book of high aesthetic value I like the visuals of the things described in it Some parts of the poems or certain poems are extreme than other ones when it comes to subject matter and language use The poetry within the book will take you on an up and down journey Overall this is a book worth reading and I really enjoyed it. This book is refreshingly honest It s full of sincerity while describing the highs or lows of life. Singleton s poetry is scintillating I enjoyed the vivid imagery and emotions that each poem evoked within me The book s overall thematic angle I feel, is best described as tenebrous and rebellious. Very Enjoyable Reaches into the intellectual, emotional, and spiritual aspects of one s life It is Impossible to remain unmoved by the poems within this book. Exotic Neurotic, Kenneth Jarrett Singleton Poetry