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I wish that I did not have this book published by my local newspaper, The Times Picayune, in my library I wish that it had never been made necessary Almost three years after Katrina and not a day goes by that I do not think with great sadness of the many lives lost all over New Orleans and the Mississippi Gulf Coast At the end of the book are thumbnail photos of some of the people who died in New Orleans with the title, A Sampling Of Portraits Suggests The Vitality, The Variety, The Enormity Of Katrina s Human Toll These photos of happy faces always bring tears to my eyes.The staff of The Times Picayune, won two Pulitzer prizes for their coverage of Katrina Awarded to the staff of The Times Picayune for its courageous and aggressive coverage of Hurricane Katrina, overcoming desperate conditions facing the city and the newspaper. This was another decent source for research material for my research project upcoming book The pictures I think we re of importance than the text These images revitalized my passion for this project and the love for the city, the culture, and the people of N awlins. (E-PUB) ò Katrina: The Ruin and Recovery of New Orleans Þ Katrina Did Not End When The Hurricane S Eye Passed New Orleans On August , It Did Not End When The Last Of The Flood Waters Were Pumped Out Of A City Below Sea Level And Residents Who Had Fled To States Began To Return The Worst Urban Disaster In American History Was Not Over As The Hurricane Season Opened In June And The Army Corps Frantically Raced To Complete Rudimentary Repairs To The Levee System That Had Failed So Catastrophically In Pages Packed With Images Of Destruction And Revival, This Book Hints At The Scope Of The Devastation And At The Resilience Of A City That Has Resolved To Survive It Katrina Was Much Than Wind And Flooding Lives Were Torn Apart As Surely As Houses And Landscapes Nor Can It Rightly Be Called A Natural Disaster Engineering Failures Underlay The Levee Breaches And Politics Clouded And Confounded The Relief And Recovery Efforts