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I loved Gideon and Irene s road to HEA Candace Camp is a master at writing the enemy to lovers trope and she adds a mystery into this story Irene was a tough heroine to bring to the marriage deal but Francesca has a way of easing a reluctant bride into favoring the idea She now has to successful matches to her credit and I m hoping she can bring the Duke of Rochford around soon as well I love this series Honestly this book was bearable at most I read The Courtship Dance a while back and that bored me to tears i had been hoping that this book might be a little different but it was just as boring I mean there was nothing wrong with it precisely it was just so BLAND I can t see myself ever picking a book up by this author again. @Free Pdf ô The Bridal Conquest Î The Matchmaker S Ultimate ChallengeLady Irene Wyngate Has Sworn She Ll Never Marry, Keeping Suitors At Bay With Her Cautious Tongue But There Is One Man She Can T Scare Gideon, Long Lost Heir To The Earl Of Radbourne He Was Kidnapped As A Child And Grew Up Tough On The London Streets And Though He S Been Restored To His Family, He Is Still At Home In Gambling Dens Than Stately BallroomsIrene Isn T Attracted To Gideon, Or So She Says When Matchmaker Francesca Haughston Asks For Her Help To Civilize Him For Marriage After All, He Is A Rogue With A Dubious Past A Handsome Rogue, She Has To Admit But As She Reluctantly Begins To Yield To Love, Wicked Family Secrets Come To Light With Devastating Consequences For The Reluctant Lovers 2.5 stars rounded up to 3.This the usual story of the determined spinster who ends up changing her mind when she meets The One My first book by this author, and she writes well, including a little murder mystery for fun What I found strange about this book is that the only insight I had into a character s mind and thoughts came from the heroine, Irene The story was told completely from her POV, and I could only guess at what the hero and the secondary characters were feeling because we are never told Their facial expressions and tone of voice angry, grim, embarrassed etc are described, but by locking me out of their heads, I found it difficult to get close to them and that detachment created an I don t really care what happens to them feeling in me as I read the book It probably did not help that I have been listening to an audiobook by Kelly Bowen at the same time, where both protagonists do a LOT of thinking and I have developed a real understanding of their motives, attitudes and personal back history Thanks, Caz and the Audio Gals really enjoying it In contrast, the hero of The Bridal Quest is a two dimensional enigma that I, unfortunately, cannot be bothered solving.If all the author s books are written the same way, I don t think I will be reading any. Irene has never desired marriage in any form, despite the strong pressure from family, who doesn t understand her independent nature Irene doesn t want to have to depend on a man for anything, or to become his property of sorts, where he can abuse her to his hearts content if its his wish When Francesca Haughton, a well known matchmaker, comes to Irene asking for her help, Irene doesn t suspect that Francesca is trying to push Irene into the arms of Gideon Irene instantly shields herself when she senses that he is one word Trouble , the sexy and irresistible kind that could land her in a world of hurt in the end Gideon, has recently come into his title, after being informed of his parentage and that he has been a aristocrat all of this time He didn t expect to join a family, that aren t all that bad, but they don t encourage him to join happily into Society With their insistent pushes to get married, Gideon knows he might as well do it sooner rather than later So he is in pursuit of a wife When he first meets Irene, he is instantly drawn to her and knows that it won t be easy, she is going to make his life very difficult, but he thrives on challenge Gideon knows that Irene is exactly what he wants in a wife Now comes the hard part, proving to her the kind of man he truly is, and that marriage to him wouldn t even come close to her greatest fears.Its been a while since I had read the first book in this series I do know that I really enjoyed it, even though its been a couple of years So did i enjoy The Bridal Quest just as much I would say YES I found it to be a charming story of two strong willed characters, most stubborn in their purpose We see that love can be just as stubborn, and has a way of getting through the toughest defenses Gideon was very sure of himself and did what was expected, but he had backbone, and didn t let anyone run over him It was a delight to see him pursue Irene, a woman who is full on 100% against marriage Irene was not my favorite heroine, she wasn t horrible or anything of that nature, but there were times that I found her a bit annoying As the story progressed however, she started to really grow on me The story line had quite a bit of a mystery plot to it, that just added something exciting to the book I did enjoy the sensuality portion of this story, even though it wasn t too strong, I felt like there was a good balance overall There was I felt something missing in the story, I couldn t pin point it, but I didn t get fully 100% into it like I wanted However it was a very enjoyable story nevertheless Overall it was a witty and endearing story that did keep me involved in the story in a delicious way I found myself falling in love with Gideon and Irene I did enjoy seeing how their story progressed and had some beautifully written descriptions that only charmed me even Even though there were a few set backs to the story, I did really enjoy reading this one, a love story you can relax into If your looking for a fun and flirty romance, than this one is for you You won t be disappointed. The Bridal Quest by Candace Camp is probably one of my favourite books written by this author The characters are incredibly magnetic I adored the heroine and absolutely LOVED the hero Gideon is absolutely swoon worthy I don t think there was anything about his character that didn t draw me in I loved the relationship between Gideon and Irene, it was believable and full of fireworks The storyline was fun, full of adventure, mystery and was completely unpredictable A very well rounded story that keeps you turning the pages Loved it I really liked it More than the first one It has a better plot and interesting main characters Also, I liked the mystery in the story I am loving this series, it s so different from others I ve read and wonderful in its writing and descriptions.Candace has excelled in this, the second book , again Teresa is in action bringing together two people that have a combined destiny Gideon and Irene Irene is so feisty I love her aggressive and honest ways.Gideon is very much the same but he seems to have a softer edge to him.And of course always there in the background is the Duke Of Rochford , my favourite of characters, he must get a book soon All In all ,another hit for Ms Camp.I received an advance copy of this book and chose to submit a review I honestly thought going into this that I d have to endure scene after scene of Irene spouting her feminist ideals about the rights women should have, but that s not at all the case I love this quaint unorthadox romance match between the main characters Irene and Gideon Irene was a person who was determine to remain a spinster for valid reasons Gideon who was kidnapped at 4 years old and grew up as a poor urchin later to gain his own personal wealth using the hard knock methods of survival and thrived Gideon did not wish marriage but knew he must provide and heir to his estate Irene is no exception she won t get married because she doesn t want to belong to a man the way her mother belonged to her abusive father The reoccurring character is Lady Francesca, the matchmaker I actually enjoyed this book it had a mystery intertwined with the storyline This time, we meet Irene and Gideon Irene is dead set against marriage fearing its bonds after being raised in a house where her father drank, gambled and treated his family with violence Lady Irene Wyngate really should marry Her brother s wife doesn t like her and she doesn t have enough money to move out She s sharp tongued and most of the eligible suitors avoid her.I really liked it More than the first one It has a better plot and interesting main characters Also, I liked the mystery in the story Great tension, arguing, and battle of wit and wills between main characters definitely better than the first Matchmaker book This book is the second in Candace Camp s Matchmaker Series and follows The Marriage Wager My main complaint with the first book of the series still holds true here, but it wasn t as bothersome I don t know if this is Camp s normal writing style, but in neither book does she show the hero s POV except for once for a total of 4 lines in this one and I find it very disconcerting I d already read the first book in the Matchmakers series and honestly had no intention of reading this one, but when you find a book by an author you like at the library you have to check it out The heroine didn t really interest me based on what I d gotten from the summary Turns out, I was very wrong Once again, another fun read from Candace Camp I love her stories because her heroines aren t helpless they tend to be a little older, a little caustic, with lots of spunk The hero in this book is great, too This is the second book in the matchmaker series Once again, could not put it down Two for two in this series Again, she favors older heroines and people who aren t necessarily wealthy beyond words Truly wonderful, touching story, great characters. During the first few chapters, I came very close to setting this book down and never picking it up again Lady Irene Wyngate is determined not to marry, and insists on making this clear to everyone It s great that she s an independent heroine, but I just couldn t envision some woman talking to the ton at a ball and spouting out why she would never marry While I liked that she was a modern, independent thinker, her talking openly about it didn t jive with her deire to be considered proper Other than that, I really enjoyed the book Her not wanting to marry and the reasons she doesn t want to marry set up for good tension between her and Gideon I loved their sparring It brought both characters to life And there were several wonderful, sensual love scenes At first I didn t know what to make of the plot since it focuses on the fact Gideon was kidnapped as a child and grew up in the slums of London It s a somewhat odd plot, but it provided enough twists and surprises to keep everything moving While this is not one of my favorite romances overall, I came to really like both the hero and heroine.