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( Download Ebook ) Ú Genius Intelligence Ö The Brain S Potential IS The Human Potential What If There Are Faster And Easier Ways To Learn And Study Than The Modi Operandi Currently Being Taught In Mainstream Education Systems GENIUS INTELLIGENCE Secret Techniques And Technologies To Increase IQ Is The Ultimate Treatise On Accelerated Learning Methods Written By Novelists, Filmmakers And Independent Researchers James Morcan Lance Morcan With A Foreword By Leading Scientist Dr Takaaki Musha, This Book Shatters The Myth That Geniuses Are Born Not Developed It Reveals How Most Instances Of Above The Ordinary Intelligences Are Acquired Thru Superior Cognitive Techniques Or Brain Enhancing TechnologiesRenowned Geniuses Examined Include Apple Founder Steve Jobs Who As A Year Old Began Practicing An Ancient Discipline That Activated Previously Dormant Parts Of His Brain Albert Einstein Who Came Up With His Great Theory Of Relativity While Using A Rare Method For Accessing The Subconscious Mind Kim Peek The Real Rain Man Who Could Speed Read Any Book In Five Minutes Flat With Total Comprehension Indian Mathematical Mastermind Srinivasa Ramanujan Who, Although Untrained, Created Extraordinary Formulas That Left Academics Gobsmacked Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Who Composed Entire Pieces While In A Specific Altered State Of MindAmong The Discoveries Shared With Readers Are Brain Waves Common To Geniuses And The Various Ways To Induce Those Brain Waves Mental Techniques The World S Elite And A List Celebrities Are Quietly Using To Help Them Process Information While They Re Asleep Or In Virtual Worlds Chemical Substances Students And Academics The World Over Employ To Kick Start The Brain Into Overdrive And Cutting Edge Technologies Business Tycoons And Professional Athletes Employ To Gain A Cerebral Edge Over Their CompetitorsDrawing On The Latest Findings In Neuroscience, GENIUS INTELLIGENCE Lists Dozens Of Practical Methods To Increase IQ And Speed Learn Any Subject Talent Hits A Target No One Else Can Hit Genius Hits A Target No One Else Can See Arthur Schopenhauer The Knowledge Of All Things Is Possible Leonardo Da Vinci As the authors point out in their introduction, a lot of books out there on genius and intelligence tend to be too academically written for an average reader to fully comprehend, which could perhaps be quite ironic Lance and James Morcan don t claim to be experts in the field This short work is purposely intended to be an overview of the subject, and it s a subject they deliver very well.I felt like I was rummaging through one of those big bumper books of mysterious and strange facts which would keep me occupied for hours as a kid on a wet and dreary day And even though I was aware of many of the subjects in Genius Intelligence, it was a delight to be able to think about them all in connected coherence.You ll find plenty of fascinating things like Ormus white gold powder, smart drugs, speed reading and polygots, alongside everyday ways to improving one s intelligence, like meditation and diet All in all, a very well rounded up batch of themes, written in a clear and sometimes humorous way But by the end, I was left thinking if everyone becomes a genius one day, then there will be no such thing as genius And what is intelligence anyway Perhaps information overload actually doesn t make us smarter at all Basically, I was left with such philosophical musings hanging in my beta brainwaves after reading Genius Intelligence Lance and James, job well done.Harry Whitewolf author of Route Number 11 and The Road To Purification. I am at odds with myself, having not yet decided whether to be amused or angry at this book A little bit of both, maybe.Negative points First of all, the authors remind us every few pages, and at the beginning of many chapters, of their works of fiction This detracts from the serious non fictional subject at hand it is hardly what you d want to back up ambitious claims with, although it s just the thing for promoting a novel These references shouldn t be present if they want Genius Intelligence to be taken seriously.This book has clearly been written for a layperson, but this does not entitle the authors to abstain from posting exhaustive references to original works This for the simple reason that the researchers deserve to be recognized for their contribution, not to mention that critical readers will then be able to evaluate the validity of the source, instead of being forced to take the authors word for it This happened too many times for me to let slide.Chapter 10 really irked me Tachyons Even the contributing scientist Takaaki Musha declared that his paper was merely a hypothetical study This is sparsely explored speculation and most definitely, by itself, does not offer us instructions on how to increase our intelligence Chapter 11 is based on the ORMUS substance This is a most definitely a pseudoscience See for yourselves Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation and Transcranial Magnetic stimulation are much better established and MAY be an effective means of improving concentration and performance Genius making techniques No one touts that, although the authors notion of what constitutes a genius may differ from others, as they stated towards the end of their book.Positive points Chapters 12 and 13 are of interest and don t have any significant references to works of fiction These skim over the possibility of using sensory deprivation techniques and an appropriate diet to boost intelligence However, only a few clues are offered as to how this might be done Anyone wishing for an in depth look, or on how best to use yoga for stimulating their intelligence Chapter 15 , had better search for specialized books with a higher word count.In all Skimming is the name of this book s game skimming over the concepts of hypnotism, mid brain activation, subliminal education, etc, all without actually daring to get into the nitty gritty of how to apply them One is apparently expected to do further reading A check list would have sufficed.In all, I do not recommend this book for anyone wishing to enhance themselves, the only reason I give it two stars is because many chapters happened to focus on arguably legitimate techniques I consider chapter 10 to hold far fetched speculation I consider chapter 11 to advocate poisoning oneself Don t poison yourself in order to get smarter Go read a book Maybe not this one.Disclaimer I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest and non reciprocal review. I read this book in one day,and wished the book was longer Reading Genius Intelligence opened my eyes to how much potential people have but never use Many famous people have used techniques, nutritional supplements, and healthy food choices that the general public are unaware of to achieve great accomplishments I also liked how the authors had pictures throughout the book showing visually what they were explaining to the reader. I like this book because it s short as opposed to this review , simply and clearly written, and addresses an engrossing subject.Throughout the book the authors refer to their thriller series, The Orphan Trilogy, in which the lead character, Nine, and the other orphans are trained to have genius intelligence.Previously, we believed that genius was solely a matter of being born with superior genes, but now we realize that genes can be both activated and deactivated, and through the new science of neuroplasticity our brains can be changed and much improved by the formation of new neural pathways.We learn about polymaths geniuses in a wide variety of fields , one notable example being Leonardo da Vinci, and polyglots, persons with the ability to master multiple languages we re also instructed about the power of the subconscious Every genius throughout history Tesla, Einstein, Da Vinci tapped into the infinite power of their subconscious minds Learning is much effective when brainwaves such as alpha, gamma, theta and delta are activated, which occurs when subjects are laughing, daydreaming, meditation, singing, dancing or spontaneously moving about.There are chapters on speed reading, brainwave entrainment, brain gland activation, polyglots and savants, virtual reality, superluminal particles, Ormus, sensory deprivation, the high IQ diet, smart drugs, etc, etc.The authors state that a common goal in most brainwave entrainment technologies is hemispheric synchronization This is the harmonization of the right and left hemispheres of the brain when individuals have both hemispheres operating in similar brainwaves like this they are far likely to learn and digest new information They refer to Dr Patrick Flanagan s Neurophone which is currently being sold as an aid to speed learning I would complement this by recommending Bill Harris s Holosync technology, which I myself have been using for about a couple of years this system is marketed as having the same effects as meditation, only eight times powerful Holosync forms new neural pathways in the brain and gradually develops and heals us both mentally and emotionally Using Holosync leads to awareness, and awareness leads to choice, so we don t keep doing the same harmful things automatically and unconsciously.Holosync leads to transformation of the personality as a whole We learn self reflective observation, where we watch our consciousness Harris indicates that the programme also leads to awakening since its various levels are called Awakening 1, 2 and so on He doesn t promise that we will achieve genius intelligence, though he himself does seem to have become pretty smart anyway, I would affirm that spiritual development is even important Newberg Waldman in their book How enlightenment changes the brain state self reflective observation and awareness activates sic structures in the brain directly associated with Enlightenment and transformation.The book under review deals of course with genius intelligence and not enlightenment, so please excuse my digression.In the chapter on brain gland activation we are informed about Transcranial direct current stimulation, or TDCS, which enhances motor skills, memory recall, and concentration.In this connection, I would refer to Dr Norman Doidge s two books on the brain see the end of the review for details , which introduce us to many exciting and transformational items of technology such as K lasers, LED lights, and the PoNS Portable Neuromodulation Stimulator which are currently healing severely brain injured persons and transforming them from idiots to highly intelligent persons, potentially geniuses.Some people seem to be born geniuses, but the authors point out that many of these have been exposed to special brain training techniques in infancy childhood.Mentioned in the book are the famous tennis champions Venus and Serena Williams, who were trained by their father, Richard, from an early age with the explicit aim of making them tennis geniuses Here, I would draw attention to the three Hungarian girls, Zsuzsa, Zs fia and Judit Polg r, who were deliberately trained by their dad, L szl , to be chess prodigies He believed geniuses are made, not born The middle sister, Zs fia, became an IM International Master , the eldest Zsuzsa, became women s world champion, while the youngest, Judit, became a GM Grandmaster at 15, and the best woman chess player of all time She was in the top 10 of all players, both women and men until she had her two children babies do take up a lot of one s time and energy , and in 2012 was still in the top 100 She didn t bother competing for the women s world championship because she could have won it in her sleep Stephen Moss The information on superluminal particles was new to me We are told that consciousness is a field of superluminal matter belonging to the true fundamental universe and our world is merely a subliminal holographic projection of it.Dr Takaaki Musha claims that the superluminal field connects individuals with the outer field of the universe he contends this may explain human consciousness as well as the collective mind of Mankind Decoherence is explained to us This measures the time to maintain the quantum coherence between particles If the decoherence time is long in an individual s brain, it permits the person to connect to the outer superluminal field easily The relevance of all this is that Dr.Musha believes that decoherence time can be extended by mental training, whereby abilities like photographic memory and polymathing could result.I admit I found the chapter on superluminal particles quite challenging.An important chapter is that on Ormus, aka Orme or White Gold Ormus is said to be a secret method used to increase intelligence It balances both hemispheres of the brain and permits whole brain learning.Ormus contains both gold and a number of other metals existing in the m state an unusual high spin state of matter where metals don t form bonds or crystals but remain single atoms.Ormus is said to correct errors in the DNA and activate junk DNA which is not junk at all, of course, in fact the opposite.Neither had I heard of midbrain activation, which is achieved by the equal use of the right and left sides of the brain.The authors state that millions of children in India, China, Malaysia and Singapore go to schools that specialize in activating the pupils midbrains Such radical learning institutions are reportedly churning out geniuses by the veritable truckload Exciting In short, this book is well written and absorbing it introduces us to little known information that will help us develop our brains and thus move towards genius intelligence Highly recommended Additional reading The brain that changes itself and The brain s way of healing by Norman Doidge, M.D How enlightenment changes the brain by Andrew Newberg Mark Waldman