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I wanted to read this since the 2nd book of the Malloren series, but I held out so that I would be done with at least Rothgar s story I m glad I did This book was worth the wait It was fantastic and difficult to put down Robin is my type of hero, generally careless and seemingly self serving, yet very protective and lovable Petra is a wonderful heroine It has been a long time to come across a heroine who was not virginal or previously married I think, her foreign background also made her character appealing, worldly even Her parentage is really no surprise, if you remembered minor details from the earlier books.Definitely worth a read and even a reread. It takes awhile to figure out how this all ties into the Malloren series Even when it seems obvious, what you think you know about the protags of previous books will keep you from totally buying it until the very end At a little inn in France, Robin Fitzvitry comes upon a young nun who is cursing a blue streak Instantly intrigued, he discovers that she s been pressed into service as a nanny companion to a shrill, neglectful mama and her ill behaved brats He also suspects she s not really a nun And he s bored to tears, and needing distraction on his journey home to England or at least a better distraction than his poofy white butterfly dog there s a story there So he talks her into dumping the annoying family and going on to England with his escort The young woman, who starts off as Sister Immaculata, then says her name s Maria, is really Petra d Averio She was raised as the daughter of an Italian count, but learned late in the game that she is actually the product of a peccadillo between her mother and a titled Englishman touring the continent as young men did in those days Petra seems to be in a great hurry to move on, so Robin makes his poor servants ride horseback so he can join her in his carriage And of course it rains So they stop at the first place with a roof which turns out to be a very bad idea Well, sort of along those lines, anyway Anyway, natch, they do survive, since there s still about 300 pages to the book It turns out that Petra is being pursued by the minions of a dastardly Italian count no, not her stepdaddy , who seduced her but has no intention of marrying her as she expected Instead he married monied gentry, but he plans to keep her on the side With her mom and stepdad dead, her half brother is not particularly interested in protecting her So she s racing to England to seek the protection of her real daddy Or an opera singer courtesan her mother once patronized the opera part, silly Whoever seems safest Anyway, this is a pretty good on the run story with omniscient villain minions who appear at lots of awkward times and a grand finale that has its moments Oh, and the opera singer courtesan Turns out to be a real person she used to hostess grand parties until a rival came along and outdid her The story actually ties in with a standard setting for Regency Romance A solid four stars, just for that. E-PUB ⚓ A Lady's Secret (Malloren, #8) ⚇ When Robin Fitzvitry, The Fun Loving Earl Of Huntersdown, Encounters A Cursing Nun In A French Inn, He Can T Resist The Mystery He Offers To Help Sister Immaculata Reach England, Expecting Amusement On The Tedious Journey Home From Versailles Petre D Avernio Is Not Exactly A Nun, Though She Has Spent Years In An Italian Convent With Her Mother, Whose Death Has Left Her In Danger She Must Find The Only Person Who Might Protect Her Her True Father, An English Lord Who Does Not Know She Exists The Gorgeous Earl Robin Fitzvitry Will Be A Dangerous Ally, But She S Glimpsed Her Pursuers And Must Race To The Coast She Will Resist Him, Use Him, And Eventually Escape Him With Her Virtue And Secrets Intact She Hopes If I have to read the words Cock Robin one time After reading a few of Beverley s Company of Rogue s books last month I decided to start this latest installment in the Malloreen series It is a light and nice read about a nun on the run and the nobleman who helps her Of course, Petra is not really a nun but she is on the run from an Italian duke who wants her to be his mistress When we meet her, she is decided to travel to England in search of the father she never knew, having been raised by her mother and acknowledged by her mother s husband I did like that it started in a French setting and with a Italian heroine, then it goes on as an entertaining road romance, it has a bit of adventure and mystery and it has the main characters falling in love I thought it was entertaining but ultimately there s nothing very original and since I m writing the review than two weeks after I read it I must admit that I ve forgotten some of the details I did like it better once the heroine reaches her father because he is a well known Beverley character but then the end feels a bit like too neatly wrapped up I just wish the Malloreens could have had a active part in the book Still, it was a good read Grade 4 5 I really liked the beginning of the book and the interaction between the hero and heroine The problem came when the two separated Then, it just lost its spark. I ve been waiting for a Jo Bev book to come out for awhile, and I was thrilled to snag this at the bookstore The introduction was terrific, but as others have noticed, the road trip was a little bogging And I hate to admit, but the plot twist didn t seem to be executed as well as it should have Rothgar having a child had such potential, but he was barely in it And when he was, it was felt off Not nearly the same Dark Marquis from Devilish or any of the previous ones And there wasn t the connection, the build up of his acceptance of it It was a quick Yay type deal and it felt weak The ball scene like father, like daughter was very well done, but it lacked something Q on One Tree Hill had oomph.I wanted to write a better review, because there were parts I loved Things like the adventure once on English shores, and Petra s intelligence which is a family trait along the way The people Petra meets Even the ads through the paper were funny and different For once, there seemed to be a lack of character development Which is a sad thing to find from a normally excellent writer. First time I read this I could not get past the scene with the evil French brothel keeper it has horrible characters, a disgusting setting and it goes on for way too long just couldn t stomach it After re reading Jo Beverley s The Secret Wedding , and enjoying it even than the first time, I decided to see if maybe this book, the first of a series with a common title theme of Secret , would be OK if I got past that awful scene Managed to finish it this time, but only because of Rothgar s appearance like a deus ex machina to save the day for Petra, definitely the best part of the book Otherwise, there is way too much mayhem and too many unpleasant characters On the other hand, if you like fighting, kidnapping and nasty deaths, even in the middle of a high society ball, in your romances, this might be just the thing for you. I picked this as my next Jo Beverley experiment because while it s the middle of the Malloren saga, it s the start of the Georgian Secrets triplet I m pretty sure I m going to pause that and go back to the start, though, because I enjoyed this so much Also, the Malloren s played a major role in this book so now I want the backstories.The high rating in this case was because I fell in love with both main characters, almost from the start Robin is daring and competent without being a jerk and Petra is determined and careful and very sympathetic The story is a road pursuit story and the villains intrude often enough to keep the pace heartstopping, but Beverley still manages to keep the character interactions front and center and I loved that Seeing them develop a relationship of trust and caring despite each knowing that the other kept secrets was fantastic and a great deal of fun.I was initially concerned that this takes place some 70 years before my typical Regency romances, but Beverley also does a great job of giving evocative details without bogging the story down with her research Interestingly, an author s note at the end gives some of those details and I found them fascinating as well even as I admire her skill in keeping them out of the story itself.So this was full of win and now I need to skip back a decade in Beverley s career and see if I can stand her early writing I certainly hope I can.A note about Steamy Robin s a randy little minx, so there s lots of sexual interest He s not a jerk about it, but it s front and center in a way I m not terribly used to in period romances I m not sure if that s a period, author, or genre thing, but I suppose I ll find out At any rate, there are only really two explicit sex scenes and both are actually quite short A page, tops So this is still the middle of my steam range and seriously, only barely that much. Continuing on with my read through of the Mallorens series I enjoyed this one quite well It was interesting, and funny at times, cute at others Both the heroine, Petra, and the hero, Robin, were likable and well written characters The beginning chapter hooked me right away, and I was eager to find out what was the deal with the nun not nun, and if Robin would ever be serious Kidding, with that last bit, but really, that was part of his charm Where some of the heroes in this series are cool, calm and collected, and even downright grim and grumpy at times ahem, Fort , Robin was a charming change I liked him a lot He could be serious, when needed, but even when serious, he never lost his sense of humor, and adventure Petra was also quite adventurous, and an interesting character Her background had me intrigued, what was she running from, where was she going to go I find that I usually always enjoy the sort of on the road kind of story, where the characters travel, and there are different things going on, so that was another point in this book s favor Even when Petra took off on her own, it was sort of exciting Then, the big reveal of who Petra s father is, well, yea I knew all along he would behave admirably when confronted with her, and their relationship, I mean, he is Rothgar Best romance hero ever In the world My opinion only, but I stand firmly by it So of course I knew she had nothing to worry about, but it was still fun, and can I say, cute, to read how he handled it Such a doting papa he turned out to be I, of course, also liked seeing other Malloren family members again, if only briefly Oh, and edited to add, how could I forget the dog She was cute So, another great installment in the series, and onward I will head to the next one.