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2019 Re Read The security light made me feel safe, though I knew that was an illusion If there s light, you can just see what s coming for you a little clearly How true We all try to arrange our lives to keep ourselves safe and sound, but in reality we have little control over those matters But as John Lennon wrote, Life is what happens to you while you re busy making other plans Ms Stackhouse could write a dissertation on this subject.This is the volume where I fell in love with Bill Compton Yes, he s a vampire, so inherently untrustworthy, but I just love that fact that he stays in Sookie s life and just keeps on quietly being her friend and admirer I adore his loyalty Original review Flufftastic The Sookie soap opera rolls along in yet another installment Life in Bon Temps, Louisiana, is never dull This series is showing its longevity at this point, with an awful lot of threads to keep weaving, making this book very much a busy pattern.Relationships are always the main focus of these novels, and lots of things shake out in this installment Quinn gets kicked to the curb for being a mama s boy, Alcide becomes an also ran but gains in werewolf pack status, Bill attempts to re enter the running for Sookie s affections, Eric regains his memory of his time as Sookie s favourite, Calvin has successfully moved on, and it seems to me that Sam is still quietly in the running On the friend front, Sookie gains another female roommate who has potential to be a friend as well as a witchy helper Yay for women friends There s a lot of conflict in the book, as there are upsets in both the Were and Vampire worlds that Sookie must adjust to She, of course, ends up in the middle of both of them, but at least not grieviously injured in either In fact, she proves once again to be street smart than her vampire friends on at least one occasion We also learn about Sookie s genealogy and about fairy lore in the Sookie universe which I am glad to report is not all flowers and unicorns When questioned by Sam about whether she would like her quiet before existence back, Sookie declares that all the trouble that she has been through has been worth it for the shake up of her previous boring existence.The writing is still not the best quality, but the story line is fun and pulled me along in the best serial adventure style The series is getting a bit convoluted and somewhat tired, but I m still enjoying them. I want to give this one a four star because it s C.Harris and she s amazing Her voice is utterly unique and delightful and I love her characters What s , her world is very real, her vampires are interesting, and I love that she s taken all of her carefully laid out plots and sent them topsy turvy in the wake of Katrina Very little has driven home the tragedy of Katrina as well as CH s last few books.But this was clearly not a whole novel it was like a handful of short story ideas all tumbled together into a book length collection A fistful of largely unrelated things happened all about the same time, pretty much willy nilly The pile up of coincidences is too much for me Also, Sookie is unusually cranky in this book Okay, there s a lot of crap piling up on her head, but she s usually so sweet However, all that said, CH is clearly setting up some really really interesting stuff for the next four or five books I understand when series need these set up books it s hard to keep over arching plots going four or five books ahead without taking a pause But they are usually the ones that become my least favorites. I read an interview with CH saying she had started this book, got off an tangent, and realized she d finished the book not just the tangent This book has that feel like it s really just 3 or 4 tangents and not a fully developed, interwoven novel CH is an amazing author so I don t fault her I chalk it up to this is the 8th book in a series of first person narrative that has gotten so complex with so many overlapping story lines, it was bound to happen This is, to me, a wrap up book Too many subplots have been left loose for too long In order to move on to bigger and better things, these loose ends needed tying up.Loose End 1 aka the Were WarMy heart hurt every time a new Were died It was HP7 all over again, but instead of Hedwig, Dobby, and Fred, it was Maria Star, Christine Larrabee, and Amanda Did CH realize she had far too many characters to for readers to keep up with, and some weeding needed to occur in order to introduce characters I m keeping that theory because it works so well for happens later on I have mixed feelings about Alcide as the new pack leader, but Sookie seemed to think he d grown up a bit Loss will do that to a person Dad, girlfriends, packmates, etc I was mildly disappointed Patrick Furnan was erased as a viable threat to Sookie so quickly and easily A little deus ex machina, but whatever This is a subplot I m only mildly interested in any.Loose End 2 aka the Vamp WarGAH I loved Sophie Anne I wanted her to go down in a blaze of glory, not an afterthought or just a package delivered safely by lawyers to be poorly defended by Andre the giant Where was Mr Cataliades throughout all this Did he go down with queen Or save his own ass when the getting was good Hmmm CH seems to want us to remember why Sookie should not be eloping with Quinn right this minute All these sexual thoughts about the ever present Eric, and Bill being super sweet and available good bye Selah No one will miss you or Portia And Eric s memories magically returned Har har More sudden fortune or absurdly good timing I was completely in dire straits with Eric over the hostile takeover LOVE that Pam In light of finally meeting Felipe Castro, it seems like a good decision I only say that b c it all worked all well for Sookie Loose End 3 aka What happened to Quinn My heart completely jumped out of chest, ran down the road, and began kicking the shite out of this completely two faced, blind main character who has lost all her good sense and ability to see the world clearly She realizes she s being selfish by wanting to be someone s number 1, yet she tells Jason never to contact her again b c of his selfishness And who is this person who s been bemoaning her lack of family for 7 books now coming down on someone else, who also has very little family, needing to be there for them She even thinks her reasoning is faulty when she chooses what to say to Frannie and Mrs Quinn Sookie used to be great at self evaluation and changing her mind when she was wrong What happened She does not know that he would always choose them above her In real life, they d compromise and make it work She would be a huge help to him, and they would all be a big family The Sookie of book 1 would know that Sookie of book 8 has had too much vampire exposure and near death experiences to understand ordinary life any I ve always been on Sookie s side no matter what, her cheerleader through and through, but she s about lost me on this one It s blind and stupid beyond belief.The only explanation that makes any sense to me is that happy, settled characters tend to end the series Sookie can t be happy in a relationship or there d be nothing to write about She has to be conflicted and guy hopping in order to maintain the sexual conflict of the books Honestly, if CH wanted Quinn out of the picture, I would have preferred they get married and Bill Eric kills him That would have made sense My prediction Sookie will realize her horrid mistake just in time for Quinn to die in her arms at a later date She s too smart to let this stupidity go on forever, but it will cost her.On a brighter note, all this off stage action happening with Quinn has given me FABULOUS material for my Quinn perspective writings here and on MySpace Loose End 4 aka Family business, to be continued.Hi Grandpa How are you related to my sexually molesting uncle again Oh how convenient Claudine and Claude are my cousins Errrrr Wonder if Niall knows about Hunter That will be interesting He might since Sookie pointed Remy out to him I doubt Niall wouldn t investigate this person I m looking up for g granddaughter Hmm, I predict a flash flood coming for Remy and Kristine Enemies of Niall again perhaps Who ve I left out Sam of course Always discounted but coming in big to save the day in the Were war and playing a bit part in the Vamp war I don t see the Sandra Tanya angle being dismissed so easily Sandra is a witch too, if I recall Time for a little love spell for Sam And all the attention to Dawson was a little odd he s a little too similar a character to Quinn for me And what s with every single time the man speaks, that s practically a speech from Dawson We get he s isn t loquacious Good lord Simon R Green, get out of my Sookie books.All in all, this book packed a punch I m uber disappointed in the resolution of Quinn s character I don t think Eric or Bill or even Sam is good enough for Sookie She likes the nookie, but she won t settle Quinn was nigh on perfect and she turned it down She s self destructive I ll give this to CH MUST READ MORE Write faster lady OH, OH, OH Sookie, Sookie, Sookie This gal just cannot catch a break In this book, we learn a little about where Sookie s gift comes from She finally sees Quinn again Eric has a couple of surprises for her, and gets a big one himself There s death, mayhem, and magic all aroundand Sookie has to figure out if she can learn to accept her life in this new world of danger, insecurity, and maybe.love If you ve been following Sookie s story GORIGHT NOW Stop reading and go get this book.If you haven t read this series yetI m not really sure quite how to describe it It has humor and sadness, love and hate, supernaturals galore, and Sookie is the human stuck in middle Charlaine Harris will suck you right in to Sookie s world and you ll be caught like the rest of usanxiously awaiting the next chapter in Sookie s life. Book Eight, and Harris can t even get past the first line of the Previously in this Series summary before annoying me with her inaccuracy and stupidity She begins If this was The Lord of the Rings and I had a smart British voice like Cate Blanchett, I could tell you the background of the events of that fall in a really suspenseful way This annoys me for three reasons 1 Cate Blanchett doesn t have a British voice She is Australian 2 There is no such thing as a British accent Britain is made up of 3 countries More if she means the British Isles Each of these countries has many different accents associated with them The fact that Sookie either negates Wales and Scotland or conflates them with England is racially and socially ignorant The fact that she imagines that everyone or indeed anyone in England speaks like Galadriel in Lord of the Rings is ridiculous.3 Speaking with any of the accents originating from Britain does not make you automatically sound smart Not unless the person listening to you is as much of an irredeemable idiot as Sookie Stackhouse With a beginning this bad, the chances that Harris had suddenly developed some writing talent, or that Sookie had become a less appalling character, were slim And indeed, this is yet another terrible book to add to the Stackhouse mound It commences in possibly the most boring way possible, with a long and details description of a wedding Apparently it s an Episcopalian wedding, but since I am nowhere near as interested in Christian denominations as Harris assumes, I have no idea what this means or why I should care At any rate, said wedding is massively dull It does however give Sookie a chance to re describe every character in the series once again, including the compulsory mention of Sam shalo of strawberry blond hair, which she has somewhat of an obsession with She also has another opportunity to display herself as the woman hating bitch she is, when her ex boyfriend Bill makes some tacky gesticulation in her direction to indicate that she is still in his heart, or some such mush This she finds very romantic, despite the fact that his current girlfriend, Selah is sat next to him at the time Selah s feelings on the matter go unrecorded A few pages later Bill creeps up on Sookie whilst she is getting undressed and declares that he would love to sleep with her again She is mildly annoyed at this voyeurism, but since being called fuckable is the greatest compliment possible for Sookie, she forgives him To be fair, by this point Sookie has been repeatedly sexually harassed by all her soon to be , current and ex boyfriends to a point where this sort of incident must seem rather minor to her She seems much annoyed at Selah s temerity in asking her about this episode than she does the matter itself, and certainly neither shows her any sympathy or evinces any interest in her situation This is because Sookie has absolutely no fellow feeling with women whatsoever and the only emotion they inspire in her is jealousy Sookie s problems with other women, prominent throughout all the books in this series, reach a previously unmanaged level of vileness in this volume During a meeting with her previously absent great grandfather Sookie is led to give a slight amount of thought which is the most she can manage in any case to her most recent ancestors She recalls some problems in her relationship with her mother, adds this to the new information that her father was fairy, and concludes that obviously her relationship with her mother, who died when Sookie was seven, was strained because her mother was obsessed with her husband, Sookie s father, and thus felt sexual jealousy toward her young daughter regarding him Personally I would have at least considered the fact that Sookie s mother would have been coping with a child who exhibited unexplained supernatural powers, which could have contributed to her difficulty dealing with her daughter But not Sookie Sookie s mother didn t adore her Sookie s mother was a woman Ergo, Sookie s mother was a bitch who was jealous of Sookie QED If this damning indictment of her own mother and females in general wasn t enough, Sookie, learning of her grandmother having born children to a man other than her husband, then proceeds to make one of the most disgusting statements I have ever had the misfortune to readHe raped her, I said, almost hoping it was so My grandmother had been the most true blue woman I d ever met I couldn t picture her cheating anyone out of anything, particularly since she d promised in front of God to be faithful to my grandfather Apparently Sookie would rather think that her beloved grandmother, the woman who raised her and cared for her before being brutally murdered, was raped on at least two occasions and almost certainly over a period of several years, rather than have her morality offended by the thought of her grandmother committing an infidelity This is what passes for Christian sensibility in Sookie s neck of the woods This is not the first time by any means that Harris has made light of rape, but previously I was able to temper my repulsion somewhat with the hope that she spoke in ignorance alone However in light of these remarks I am forced to assume that she is in fact a contemptible, narrow minded, judgemental bitch There s certainly plenty of corroborating evidence for this assumption in each and every one of these awful books After discussing such a serious and offensive matter my usual glib criticism seems rather shallow But since Harris has worked so hard to earn my animosity so fully, I shall continue with the denigration she so richly deserves The plot seems even weaker than usual, although perhaps that s only due to it beginning to wear out through overuse Once again Sookie is harassed, sexually and generally, by a variety of characters The plot combines the mystery of her missing boyfriend, which goes nowhere, with the mystery of yet another random spate of werewolf attacks, which meanders through the first half of the book in constant danger of petering out These plots eventually lead to yet another supernatural battle or incredible dullness Meanwhile we hear a lot about Sookie s prowess at cleaning houses and her limited culinary abilities, which is obviously fascinating There s also a spate of boyfriends and ex boyfriends letting themselves into Sookie s bedroom, often whilst she s asleep For some reason she s not even slightly perturbed by this obsessive stalker behaviour In other random events, Sookie confesses to murder several times to random friends and acquaintances, all of whom are similarly unperturbed, and the parents of Sookie s murder victim suddenly turn out to have died together in a car accident, thereby allowing a boring plot from several books back to proceed This is partially resolved when Sookie deals with a woman with whom she has a slight disagreement by having said woman s current boyfriend an ex love interest of Sookie kidnap her, and helping two witches to erase her mind of all thoughts that Sookie doesn t like This seems like the actions of a crazy, self obsessed bitch to me, but as none of the characters other than the girl herself share my view the mind and character alteration proceeds After this Sookie participates in catching her brother s pregnant girlfriend cheating on him Meanwhile Sookie s flatmate has a brief lesbian relationship with Pam the vampire before decidingPam and I are buddies than honeysas soon as a man shows a sexual interest in her this homophobic dismissal oddly earns her no apparent animosity from Pam, although it does save Harris from having to describe anything other than a heterosexual relationship Then there is a random vampire related attack which makes very little sense Finally, Sookie decides to visit her long lost nephew for some reason This accomplished, the book ends None of the various plot strands are tied together, or at any point rendered interesting.Stupidest New Character NamesHamilton TharpCopley CarmichaelOctavia FantRemy SavoyNiall BrigantCorbett Hale StackhousePolice Chief Parfit GrahamTyrese MarleyDove BeckHunter SavoyMost Worrying InconsistencyHoyt Fortenberry was previously described as Maxine Fortenberry s grandson He is now described as her son There are three possible explanations for this 1 The Fortenberry family is inbred than I was previously aware.2 Harris has been watching True Blood.3 Harris is an idiot Most Unremarked Upon Small Minded EvangelismMaxine Fortenberry on her son s new girlfriendHolly s not much of a churchgoer, but we re working on getting her to come with us and bring Cody We better get moving if we re gonna be on time Or alternatively you could just leave the poor girl alone to practice her own religion or not as she sees fit Although I suppose you can t expect any better from a town whose inhabitants use the metaphorabout as welcoming as a church lady forced to entertain an atheist Least Erotic and Most Badly Written Instance of Faux Na ve Grotesquery Eric took my hand as we walked across to the restaurant, and he ran his thumb absently across my palm I was surprised to find out there was a direct line from my palm to my, my, hootchie If you ever need evidence that Charlaine Harris is an appalling writer, this quote should cover it The worst part, if I can possibly isolate an individual element from the overall horror, is the coy little stammer as Sookie can t bring herself to say a rude word.Stupidest DeathSookie is attacked two or three times a book by ciphers, in a vain attempt to add some tension to the plot After these attacks Harris routinely disposes of the attackers in a variety of contrived ways in order to avoid straining herself by having to create any characters or provide them with any motivation The methods of dispatch are usually any that absolve Sookie from moral blame, such as death by a nearby supernatural or death by accidentally throwing themselves on a stake Sookie is holding However this book features a particularly poor effort Sookie and an innocent bystander are attacked in a library Sookie throws a book at the threatening assailant, trips him up, and he promptly accidentally falls on his own knife and dies instantaneously Now, I m not expecting a great deal of medical accuracy in these books, but I would like to know what type of wound Harris thinks an adult male is likely receive from falling on his own knife that would kill him so rapidly I m beginning to think attacking Sookie Stackhouse is a valid cause of death in Bon Temps Worst Personalised License Plate Owned by a VampireBLDSKRMost Unreasonable Break UpSookie, after finding out about her boyfriend s mentally ill mother So you re breaking up with me because of my mother, he said He sounded bitter and I didn t blame him Yes, I said after a moment s inner testing of my own resolve I think I am It s not your mom as much as her whole situation Your mother will always have to come first as long as she s alive, because she s so damaged I ve got sympathy for that, believe me And I m sorry that you and Frannie have a hard row to hoe I know all about hard rows Yet, knowing all this, and knowing I care for you, you don t want to see me any, Quinn said, biting each word out You don t want to try to make it work I care for you, too, and I had hoped we d have a lot , I said But your mom and Frannie , they re dependent They have to have you They ll always come first I stopped for a moment, biting the inside of my cheek This was the hardest part I want to be first I know that s selfish, and maybe unattainable, and maybe shallow But I just want to come first with someone If that s wrong of me, so be it I ll be wrong But that s the way I feel Then there s nothing left to talk about, Quinn said I felt like a bad person I felt miserable and bereft I felt like a selfish bitch That, Sookie, is because you are a selfish bitch.I particularly like the part where she tries to milk the situation for her own benefitI know all about hard rowsNot really the time or person to play for sympathy, Sookie Particularly when you yourself as good as admit that you re dumping Quinn because you ve got a better offer from rich and powerful vampire Eric From whom you re receiving gifts about half a dozen lines later, like the classy independent woman you are.Most Ridiculous Concept the Elvis Undead Revue with all vamp Elvis tribute artists Most Simultaneously Cruel and Nonsensical InsultSookie to Jason s wife Crsytal, in response to catching her sleeping with another man I said the worst thing I could think of No wonder you lose all your babies Most Unnecessary AssaultSookie breaks a friend s fingers with a brick because some were panthers told her to Later she demands sympathy for having undergone this trauma Any sympathy received by the injured friend goes unrecorded.Most Clear Admission of Being a Self Obsessed Manipulative Drama Queen This was totally unfair I d expected tons of sympathy when I finally confessed the reason for my bad mood But now Sam and Eric were so wrapped up in being irritated with each other that neither one of them was giving me a moment s thought Worst Self Invented Phrase This was definitely an Oh, shit moment An OSM, as I called them to myself Stupidest Patriotic Statement I did an awkward sort of dip in the king s direction American Not used to bowing I assume that Sookie means since she is a citizen of America, the absolute gosh darned best and most free country in the world, she herself has no monarch or aristocracy to bow to I understand that Harris likes to point out how brilliant the USA is at least once a book, but this doesn t make a lot of sense Most citizens of monarchies are not used to bowing , as they usually don t meet said monarch on a day to day basis I myself have the misfortune to be a citizen of a country which still ascribes to the outdated notion of a monarchy, and I resent the assumption that because I wasn t born in the Land of the Free I must be used to servility and self humiliating gestures.Most Unlikely Hostage SituationSiebert the Vampire simultaneously capturing Sheriff Eric, new king Felipe de Castro and Sam the bartender Leaving aside the poor effort of the two supposedly powerful vampires I would like to have an explanation for the capture of Sam Unfortunately the only details we are given is Sam had been tied to the bumper of his own truck somehow., which isn t massively descriptive But whatever the details I feel one very salient point is being ignored Sam is a shifter He can shift into any animal he likes So surely he would shift into a mouse and crawl out of his bonds, or a mountain bear and tear them apart, or something of the sort No He just stands there until Sookie saves him, doing absolutely nothing.Eventually the series of random events masquerading as a novel simply stops, without conclusion or cliff hanger I presume Harris simply got bored So did I Sadly, somewhat earlier than she did. This was another enjoyable instalment in this series, and there were several things that surprised me.Sookie of course ended up in mortal danger at points in this book, and she was lucky to end up alive really There were some problems between the wolf packs, and problems between the vampires, as well as the arrival of an unexpected relative to deal with, and Sookie really did find herself in some shockingly bad situations That being said, there were some things that surprised me, and a couple of interesting moments, as well as a little bit of a cliff hanger at the end view spoiler how many telepaths is Sookie going to come across hide spoiler I liked this book so much better than the one before it and I ve been trying to figure out why but am coming up empty handed Without going overboard, this is basically what happens mild spoilers only Sookie meets some new relatives Quinn and his warm penis go missing the Debbie Pelt issue will.not.DIE there s a Were war a bunch of Weres die Amelia s dad shows up and says some stuff Amelia s mentor shows up and says some stuff Amelia engages in some girl on girl action with Pam there s a hostile takeover a bunch of vamps die vampire Bill still sucks Bob the cat moves out Eric remembers his week of sexxin with Sookie and begins referring to her as lover So even though I can t figure out why I liked this one than the one before they re both equally silly but it s left me eager for the next one to be published The book was entertaining, but something is beginning to bother me about the writing as I continue with this series, although I can t quite put my finger on it.Maybe it s that Sookie s inner voice is starting to sound like that of Harper Connelly, the protagonist of Harris other paranormal series, and that s not a good thing Like Harper, Sookie seems detached, reacting to events without really feeling anything The shallow writing style also makes it seem as if Sookie isn t very bright Her Southern dialect is much pronounced in this book I remember smiling at the occasional Southern style phrasing in the earlier books, but now it s really thick Maybe it s that every scene seems incomplete, and every conversation gets cut off before any real discussion takes place especially any conversation with Bill or Eric, who drop in for 15 second sound bites and then disappear It s very unsatisfying.The author includes a lot of mundane details about Sookie s life She paints her toenails, goes grocery shopping, and cleans up at the bar I like these kind of details, I really do, but this book isn t long enough to support them It feels like the author has padded out a short story into a novel.And on a final whinging note, this book is a full sized hardback, which means it doesn t match the rest of my set. This book could have been subtitled How to Wind About Four Different Tiny Storylines into One Relatively Small Book and Maintain a Ridiculous Level of Detail So That Readers Can Calculate Exactly How Much Coffee My Heroine Drinks Each Day Yes, it would have made marketing the book a bit difficult, but might have given readers a better idea of what to expect.Sookie encounters a war in the were community, then a war between the vampires, then she breaks off her relationship, then she discovers a long lost relative, then she discovers another long lost relative Phew I liked a couple of the storylines, but mashing them all together like that made them lose their potency and makes the book a lot weaker This is the most recent published book in this series, so I can stop reading for a while now and feel a bit relieved at the prospect I think the only thing that kept me reading these mediocre books was the fantastic TV series based on the series, True Blood can t wait for season 2. ^EBOOK ☈ From Dead to Worse ☜ After The Natural Disaster Of Hurricane Katrina And The Manmade Explosion At The Vampire Summit, Everyone Human And Otherwise Is Stressed, Including Louisiana Cocktail Waitress Sookie Stackhouse, Who Is Trying To Cope With The Fact That Her Boyfriend Quinn Has Gone Missing It S Clear That Things Are Changing Whether The Weres And Vamps Of Her Corner Of Louisiana Like It Or Not And Sookie, Friend To The Pack And Blood Bonded To Eric Northman, Leader Of The Local Vampire Community Is Caught Up In The Changes In The Ensuing Battles, Sookie Faces Danger, Death, And Once , Betrayal By Someone She Loves And When The Fur Has Finished Flying And The Cold Blood Finished Flowing, Her World Will Be Forever Altered