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Only half way through and want to quit There is absolutely nothing compelling about these characters yet The author has an annoying habit of having someone chuckle or roar with laughter in almost every paragraph Once I noticed, I was so distracted I started counting the chuckles instead of reading the text. I m sorry but I hated it How often can you say roared with laughter Very poor set up on the Kindle too where it was difficult to tell who said what, and there were definitely full stops in the middle of sentences, which was disconcerting It needed substance, I felt Just not for me, and I usually enjoy romances. @DOWNLOAD EPUB ⛅ Dreams Come True ⚠ Without Too Much Hesitation Amanda Turned What Could Have Been A Very Dull And Boring Show Into An Extravaganza David Didn T Realize, But That Is Exactly What Would Happen To His Life The Extravaganza Was About To BeginDavid Had To Thank Amanda For The Way She Had Saved The Children S Concert Only That Wasn T His Only Intention He Knew Nothing About Her And Had Never Met Her Before The Feelings And Emotions That She Had Stirred Up On First Sight Made David Realize That Love At First Sight Was Real It Did Exist He Couldn T Let Her Slip Through His Fingers He Had To Do SomethingTheir Late Night Coffee Date Turned A Little Sour Amanda Was Not An Easy Target Or A Push Over Their Meeting Did Lead To Their First Date The Following Day Amanda Was Drawn To David She Had Also Felt The Emotions They Connected In Every Way Possible Neither David Nor Amanda Left Things To Chance They Were Both Direct And To The Point Their Intentions Were Very Clear Their Lives Were About To Change This is my kind of book The cover and title are what appealed to me and caught my attention Three little words that are so true Dreams Come True Yes they definitely do I enjoyed this book so much I sat and read not wanting to put it down The style of this author flows and creates a comfortable read Prepare yourself for a few chuckles along the way Definitely worthy of the five stars What a sweet, romantic book I just loved it This was definitely the worst book I ve ever read or let s say attempted to read My biggest surprise is that it was actually published 02 27 17 This book needs an editor and HONEST beta reads I got the sample and did not know who was who or who was talking to who The verbiage was all over the place A lot of information is not needed but the author needs to gather her thoughts and describe who the people are that are talking and whom they are talking to This was too difficult to follow The premise was good, but the book is 4.99 That is not cheap especially for an unknown author For 4.99 I expect the author to have the book edited by a professional and not a friend.This book needs a lot of work Excellent read The style of this author is a little different and lovely to read Bridgitte Lesley draws you in and has you wanting to read and This particular book had a lovely story line From the first page I was tapping my foot to the beat The storyline is very original and the book left me with that feel good factor I literally fell in love with the characters I kept wondering what is next A superb read that I honestly would recommend I really struggled with this book From the beginning I had trouble figuring out what was going on the book is almost all dialogue and it is often not clear who is talking What I think happens is that David and Amanda meet, it s insta love, he moves in, she buys him and his daughter lots of stuff and then they get married All in a couple of weeks There are many other characters who are also speaking, which makes it that much confusing I was really disappointed because the book seemed to be highly rated. Dreams Come True This title is so apt Dreams do come true I loved the flow of this book From the very first page I found myself humming along I was totally drawn in to this book The banter is true to life Some of the youngsters comments had me chuckling The way that it is written around David and his daughter appealed to me The genre of this book is a mix of literary fiction and contemporary romance A mix that really makes it a jolly good read I would recommend this book without hesitating This one stood out from the crowd