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[[ Download Epub ]] ¾ Bright Shiny Morning Ù One Of The Most Celebrated And Controversial Authors In America Delivers His First Novel A Sweeping Chronicle Of Contemporary Los Angeles That Is Bold, Exhilarating, And Utterly OriginalDozens Of Characters Pass Across The Reader S Sight Lines Some Never To Be Seen Again But James Frey Lingers On A Handful Of LA S Lost Souls And Captures The Dramatic Narrative Of Their Lives A Bright, Ambitious Young Mexican American Woman Who Allows Her Future To Be Undone By A Moment Of Searing Humiliation A Supremely Narcissistic Action Movie Star Whose Passion For The Unattainable Object Of His Affection Nearly Destroys Him A Couple, Both Nineteen Years Old, Who Flee Their Suffocating Hometown And Struggle To Survive On The Fringes Of The Great City And An Aging Venice Beach Alcoholic Whose Life Is Turned Upside Down When A Meth Addled Teenage Girl Shows Up Half Dead Outside The Restroom He Calls HomeThroughout This Strikingly Powerful Novel There Is The Relentless Drumbeat Of The Millions Of Other Stories That, Taken As A Whole, Describe A City, A Culture, And An Age A Dazzling Tour De Force, Bright Shiny Morning Illuminates The Joys, Horrors, And Unexpected Fortunes Of Life And Death In Los Angeles A book with so much potential that realized very little of it Bright Shiny Morning follows about 5 major characters, and another 20 ish minor characters, in and around the Los Angeles area Some of these characters have recently moved to L.A and some have lived in L.A their entire lives All are connected by the city itself and Frey s notion that it is really the city of broken dream For example, Esperanza, a Mexican American whose parents moved to the U.S in order to provide a better life for their daughter, is employed to work as a maid by your stereotypical nasty old woman throughout most of the book Her dream is to go to college and live a different life from her parents Another character, Old Man Joe, is a homeless man who lives in a bathroom on the beach and has no idea how he got there Every morning he wakes up and goes to the beach to stare into the ocean and the sky trying to figure out how he ended up there.Out of every character that Frey writes, there are very few stories that don t end up shattered into a million little pieces heh, sorry, couldn t help it Mind you, there s nothing particularly wrong with this Artistically speaking, it s certainly farinteresting to read about a character s demise or the disastrous consequences that character finds themselves dealing with than some sort of happy go lucky existence But Frey turns it into a systematic and basically inevitable conclusion for each character he writes In fact, I was farsurprised when a character actually managed to survive his her ordeal in relatively good shape Bright Shiny Morning proved to quite predictable in the end, and Frey all but beats you over the head with his major theme uniting all the characters A little subtlety can go a long way, but Frey does not seem to know or care about that.Now, the writing styledon t get me started If Frey was attempting to be poetic, it didn t work If he was trying simply for a prose style, it didn t work If he was actually aiming for a style that was bad, it worked Sometimes the absence of punctuation and a run on sentence extravaganza can work Cormac McCarthy anyone , but in this case, it was just bad What really drove me crazy were the bits and pieces that he would repeat over and over again throughout different parts of the book If it wasn t good the first time, repeating it over and over again isn t going to improve it I eventually got over the writing style enough to finish the book, but it certainly drove me crazy.I liked Bright Shiny Morning well enough Personally, there s nothingfrustrating than reading a book with SO much potential that falls so short of it Frey set himself up with so much to work with in order to turn this into a great novel, but he came nowhere close to doing it. I loved this For so many reasons One of course is James Frey s style of writing I can t explain why I love the way he writes I can see how it would get on so many people s nerves Then I think, anyone can do this..use weird commas or no commas, and then I see it done poorly and realize that it really is a talent.I loved the first line of the book..before the actual book starts Nothing in this book should be considered accurate or reliable Way to go James you tell them Then the further I got into the book, I started thinking wait a minute, all this LA history, all these fun little factsare they true Are they false I loved the way the book played around in my head like that Of course, I don t think I would have questioned their truthfulness with any other author of any other book It was just the unique circumstance of following the lies of Million Little Pieces.I loved all the characters that were brought up for a paragraph or two and then I wanted to knowI loved Amberton and Esperanza I didn t come to appreciate Old Man Joe until towards the end I loved his dilemma over God.I know a lot of the people were total stereotypes and I realize many characters weren t real in any sense of reality, but I enjoyed that about it.I loved the originality of LA as a character the main character and what it stood for I love that it was a book full of dreams Some realized, some not I loved that the bad guys won because it works that way a lot of the time , but sometimes the good guys won too.And in the end, I hope that the book itself with all its dreams is a symbol ofto come from James Frey That he will continue to be able to push through all the memoir Oprah mess and continue to give usbooks that for whatever reason all their rawness, sarcasm, irony, truth, and lies just appeal to me in a way that many other books do not. Everyone remembers the controversy surrounding A Million Little Pieces, James Frey s first book Published as a memoir, it was later revealed that much of the book was fabricated to protect those Frey wrote about.In the end, however, the controversy doesn t matter Frey s books A Million Little Pieces and My Friend Leonard did what all good books should do they evoked emotion, touched long forgotten places inside of us and inspired people to live better lives.So despite the controversy, I was excited to get my hands on Bright Shiny Morning I wanted the book to be wonderful, breath taking, as incredible as A Million Little Pieces Thankfully, Bright Shiny Morning is so muchthan that.Bright Shiny Morning, Frey s first work of fiction, is a novel about people living their lives in the fast paced city of L.A It s told in James Frey s typical breath taking, beautiful prose and pulls you right in.The book isn t an ordinary novel as can be expected with Frey s writing Instead of a linear narrative, we are presented with a few reoccurring characters Dylan and Maddie, two teenagers who are madly in love They run away to be together and find out about the darker side of life and love too soon.Esperanza, a Mexican American, who takes a job as a maid in the house of Ms Campbell, a woman so mean and rude that she borders on being abusive.Amberton Parker, famous award winning actor who hides a secret so incredible that it could ruin his career if it was released.Joe, a homeless man, who befriends a fifteen year old girl who is new to the streets and addicted to meth.Sprinkled through out their stories are vignettes of other people, other characters who fill the city streets As well, we learn factoids about Los Angels, about the city that serves not only as a backdrop for this novel but is essentially the largest character in the book.James Frey has penned no mere novel Instead he has given us one of the most intense studies of human nature In this book is pure emotion sprawled across the page for us to read and it almost seems unseemly, looking into the characters lives as we do.What I love most about Frey s writing is that it s real, it evokes emotion, it haunts you after you ve turned the last page and closed the book This is the true power of the written word, the ability to stay with the reader after the book is finished.Frey has this in spades.In Bright Shiny Morning, Frey proves that he is not only the subject of controversy He is a writer and a true wordsmith Bright Shiny Morning is, hands down, one of the best novels I have ever read Ever.If you haven t read this yet, what are you waiting for You have no idea what you re missing. I am so busy that sometimes I curl up in a fetal ball in my mind The fact that I read this 500 page book is a testimony to how well it is written Now everyone who knows me knows how I feel about the self indulgence of memoir Nevertheless, I always found Oprah s treatment of Mr Frey distasteful and stupid Do we really believe authors such as Augusten Burroughs are telling the absolute truth about their lives No But they don t get publicly flayed.although in the case of Mr Burroughs I would be a fan of that action Mr Frey turns out a book of fiction that is everything Mr Burroughs will never produce Well written, amazing characters, and atmosphere aplenty Take a week and read a book by a memoirist who can actually move beyond that genre and produce good writing.