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A good read, but nowhere near as gripping and emotionally involving as the first Night Huntress installment.I had tons of fun readng One Foot in the Grave because of the wit, snarkiness, and generally funny moments all over the book This one resembled the last book in that way I ve picked out some of my favorite quotes passagesLife s a bitch and then one stabs you Just like old times, I thought ironically I look like a slut, and Bones is my backup while I go after murdering fang bangers The only thing that would make this complete would be to take off my underwear Then I smiled And went back into the stall You know the old saying Once you go dead, no one s better in bed What s next You going to whip out a dick and say you re really a man Wrong way, Bones The men s showers are in the oppostie direction I ll file that away with all the other information that doesn t pertain to me You will pay with pain for that What was I supposed to say It wasn t good for me, either So needless to say I laughed a lot in the process of reading This book made me very happy However I did have some issues with it For one, Cat slut shames a lady at a wedding, and I can t stand people who slut shame How can women do that to each other I expected better from Cat.My biggest problem was Bones and Cat s relationship Even after spending 4 years apart, when they meet again it s like nothing can ever bring them apart again I m glad Cat and Bones are so perfect for one another, but it doesn t motivate me to keep reading If no obstacle can create serious conflict in their relationship, then why should I read about it No conflict nothing driving the plot nothing to interest me I could just congratulate Cat and Bones on their perfect love lives and move on to a different series. I don t know if Jeaniene Frost planned all along to do what she did in ONE FOOT IN THE GRAVE, the second installment of her NIGHT HUNTRESS series, or if she adapted after reader feedback Either way, it was an excellent call In HALFWAY TO THE GRAVE, Cat Crawfield was slammed with many, many truths that grossly conflicted with her upbringing She was distraught and confused, and rightfully so BUT.As understandable as it was for Cat to struggle with her new worldview, it was also frustrating and than a wee bit tiresome.So what do we do Fast forward four years tips hat to Frost admires ingenuity Four years in which Cat has time to grow and mature, to accept herself and her abilities, to come to terms with her new reality.It makes for an infinitely likable Cat Oh, she s still not perfect She s brash and executes secondary plans without a full grasp of the vampire world she s entering, but still a vast improvement.The cast of secondary characters is greatly expanded in addition to the character development of our old favorites Justina in particular is as entertaining as she is conniving My mother pulled me aside as soon as I left Noah Her face was florid Do you know what that beast did when you walked away from him at the bar He winkedat me Caught off guard, I laughed God, that was priceless She must have had steam coming out of her ears You think that s funny she irrationally demanded Well, Mom, he risked his life for you, and then you tried your damnedest to have him killed He may not like youAs for the plot grins evilly it was FANGTASTIC When last we saw Cat, she was forced to leave Bones To protect him To protect her mother stupid cow Misguided as she was, she had good reasons for slinking away the second his back was turned But this is Bones He s not going to let her go without a fight, and, man alive, their reunion is so much fun It s horrible, really Mortifying for Cat on so many deserved levels, but so, so fun And as random as what brought them together was, it was excellent timing Cat had a run in with Bone s sire who now sought to add her to his collection of rare and beautiful things Like a painting For his wall.Bastard Then there s the night before the big confrontation If you re familiar with this series, you know what I m talking about The night when Bones is determined to show Cat that he wants no one but her The night where he DOESTHETHING.It s probably the single hottest vampire sex scene I ve ever read loins are aflame SO A definite improvement that I highly HIGHLY recommend fans self is useless doesn t care @Ebook â One Foot in the Grave â You Can Run From The Grave, But You Can T Hide Half Vampire Cat Crawfield Is Now Special Agent Cat Crawfield, Working For The Government To Rid The World Of The Rogue Undead She S Still Using Everything Bones, Her Sexy And Dangerous Ex, Taught Her, But When Cat Is Targeted For Assassination, The Only Man Who Can Help Her Is The Vampire She Left BehindBeing Around Bones Awakens All Her Emotions, From The Adrenaline Rush Of Slaying Vamps Side By Side To The Reckless Passion That Consumed Them But A Price On Her Head Wanted Dead Or Half Alive Means Her Survival Depends On Teaming Up With Bones And No Matter How Hard Cat Tries To Keep Things Professional Between Them, She Ll Find That Desire Lasts Forever And Bones Won T Let Her Get Away Again This will be just me ranting instead of writing a review But it has a few spoilers.We pick up the story 4 years after the events of Halfway To The Grave Cat is now Commander Cat lawl , and she leads a special government team She broke up with Bones and hasn t seen him since She was never subtle to begin with, but now Cat is so goddamn hot, it seems like everybody around her is constantly trying to get in her pants In the first book, Bones provided enough distractions to keep things interesting, but he s nowhere to be seen in the first half of the book yawns Cat is bordering on pathetic she took the same last name as her former lover, she got the same tattoo on her hip, she hasn t slept with anybody since Bones and she spends her days snapping nasty comments at people, and thinking of Bones and his tongue Obviously she is completely oblivious to all the admirers she has, because that s what a Mary Sue is supposed to do, right Tate has to spell it out for her And even then she doesn t get it.The way Cat and Bones meet again is just one big followup of convenient plot devices Cat has a best friend now, who gets married to a computer genius, completely out of the blue she is probably on honeymoon for the rest of the book because we don t hear from her again And you already know this genius is going to be very useful some day like 10 chapters later And you already know who is going to show up at the wedding Only a massive amount of self restraint causes Cat to keep herself in check when she sees Bones standing there in front of her, at the wedding Which is completely out of character, since it s kind of her trademark For example, when she meets the first vampire Bones made Which is of course a woman Who is in love with Bones Who tries to scare Cat away by commenting on the massive amounts of sex they had over the past centuries Result Catfight.Of course, they hook up again, and then I finally got to read the famous Chapter 32 my friends kept talking about WTF was up with that I kept thinking about pigs, because Morgan once told me they have 30 minute orgasms That s pretty much what Cat went through for an entire night With an audience And with Bones boldly going where no man has ever gone before Ick I m afraid to pick up the next book, because I m positive the words golden and shower are going to pop up in the same sentence.I m not saying I didn t have fun while I was reading this but there was just too much stupid in there Things like Cat forgetting she was half naked while she paraded around for everybody to see, the completely ridiculous impromptu marriage basically they cut their hands, slapped them together and said by my blood, let s do this shit , the OMFGICANTLIVEWITHOUTYOU romance That and about 409 other little things that got on my nerves After a while I was thinking If I see her palming one goddamn silver knife I m going to slap a bitch Because that s basically all she does, besides being a foulmouthed bitch to everybody and shagging Bones Meh. 5 stars Vampire Romance Urban FantasyWOWjust WOW I loved, loved, loved this book Cat and Bones are back with bite in One Foot in the Grave, and as amazing as the first book was, this one s even better.Cat s kick ass vampire slaying is ramped up much higher this go round, and we also get a nice appetizingly, mouth wateringly luscious, juicy Bones fix that had me melting like an ice cream cone on a hot summer dayY U M There s lots of fast paced, high octane action, witty laugh out loud humor, sarcastic, hilarious dialogue, an uproariously fun catfight, and smokin hot romance, including one delectably erotic sex scene that almost necessitated calling the fire department to hose me down when I nearly burst into flames Seriously, it s one of the hottest scenes I ve ever read because it consists of some very delicious, tantalizing possibilities fantasies fangs included of having a doting vampire for a lover whose sole desire is to deliver ultimate, exquisite pleasure Bones is flat out one of the sexiest, most deliciously yummy bad boy romantic heroes ever, and he definitely rivals and exceeds Edward and The Brothers for my very top favorite, hottest vamp Marry me, Bones Here are a couple of funny quotes from the book that I liked Cat chasing down a vamp, page 111 cursing my heels and debating whether it was faster to stop and take them off damn ankle straps or keep running with the potential neck breakers Wouldn t that make a charming epitaph Here lies Cat Killed not by fang, but Ferragamos Bones trying to prove that Cat still has feelings for him, page 112 It was if you were sending me a bloomin valentine So if you like bad ass, butt kicking heroines, uber sexy vampire heroes, and a fun paranormal urban fantasy romance with a terrific mix of thrilling action, dark humor, and hot sex, give Cat and Bones a readyou won t be disappointed Verrry big 5 stars One of my very top favorite PNR reads ever A top favorite PNR series Cat and Bones are my favorite romance PNR couple Bones is my all time 1 top favorite hot bad boy vampire hero BONES DOES IT AGAIN Bones has some of the most humorous lines I ve ever read in paranormal romance books But I have to hand it to Cat because she had the best line in the whole book You know that old saying Once you go dead, no one s better in bed I love Bones Cat together because I know I m in for a fun adventure My only fault I had with this story was the beginning of the book because it lacked Bones I found myself struggling to stay interested in what was happening with the plot line Once Bones showed up I was all in I listened to this one and was a little weirded out that the voice for Noah is the same voice the narrator used for a different book Flat Out Celeste Justin I m glad he didn t play a very big role in the book because it was off putting to hear that voice and think of Justin from the other book.Overall I enjoyed the audio and found myself entertained when Bones was calling the shots Now that I m hooked on the series I can t wait to get my hands on the next installment in Night Huntress series.SERIES Ms Frost has a recommended reading order that can be found here Novellas0.5 1.5 3.5 4.5 6.5 4 years ago, Bones made a promise a threat a friendly reminderIf you run from me, I will chase you, and I ll find youCat never expected to see him again She had tried to push him away in order to protect him, but she never liked what she did They were together for just a few months, but she still loves him Now she has an important job to do in the Homeland Security Paranormal department Not very different to the one she used to do when she was working with Bones She still plays the role of bait in missions in order to catch bad vampires Having a beating heart, nobody suspects that she is half vampire.Fate will bring Bones back to her When Cat s best friend gets married, Cat will be surprised to learn that the best man is Bones.Bones and Cat shockingly yeah right will be together again, but this time there will also be lots of jealously in their relationship There will be Annette drama.There will be Tate drama.Cat will prove to be a badass possessive half vampireAnd that, Annette, is called PilatesBones will prove to be a cheeky bastard possessive vampire masterShe s my kitten, and no one else sDon t miss Chapter 32 Take your time reading it and better read it when you are alone Do you know how long you ve been whipping around from the effects of my bite Not a clue Five minutes To my shock, my voice was hoarse and nearly unrecognizable He chuckled Try twenty, give or take a few The police have already come and gone Annette sent them away I think the neighbors thought someone was being murdered For a second book, I wanted better secondary characters Cat and Bones fight fight fight kiss kiss kiss the mom to die what happened to Timmie the real MVPOverall this second book did pretty well on delivering but it left a Timmie shaped hole in my heart.So Cat is working for the government stabbing people and getting paid for it A regular white collar, tax paying job But without boy toy Bones, she is lonely and there s some friend who just hangs around and tells her to get someDazzle Noah with your drinking skills, burn his ears with your language, but try to have a little fun with a guy you re not intending to kill by the end of the nightI had some high hopes for Denise, her introduction into the supernatural world really set up some possibilitesTo her credit, she hadn t screamed, fainted, or done any of the things a normal person would She d simply blinked and said, Wow I owe you a beer, at least However, her friendship was explained rather than shown so whatever.Cat s character definitely matured , realizing the dangerous position she was in and being cautiousI slept with one of my knives under my bed, telling myself I wasn t being paranoid I was just being cautious Yeah, right I didn t believe it, either But for all you violent lovers that needs a heroine threatening to beat people up all the time, don t you worry your lil buttHer prim tone made me squeeze my glass so hard to avoid slamming it over her head that it shattered So Bones tracks her down at the agency and was somehow both extremely helpful and aggravating at the same time Like I m helping you but it aint for you sweetieI have been stabbed, shot, burned, bitten, beaten unconscious too many times to count, and even staked None of those held a candle to the pain I felt at seeing his mouth on hersThis book also thankfully answered some of questions about Bones ooo backstory Plus They were both trying to figure out their place within the vampires society together The first book literally revolved around Cat and Bones stabbing the shit out of vamps Other characters only had importance if Cat and Bones were fighting them and that was it There was a vibe of the vampires being college frat boys where vamps all went to clubs to get drunk and feed off of humans It was fine for the first book but lets be honest some vamps have been alive for hundreds of years, I m sure someone got their shit together.Well lo and behold this book delivered with wayyy sophisticated societies and vampires who weren t there just to get stabbed whoaaaa Annette being the main one who was part of Bone s pasttttttA catfight, no pun intended Annette said some nasty things and so did I, and then i stabbed her to make a point Now that was a pun One of the best scenes was definitely Annette vs Cat followed by a clean up afterwards where Annettebecame blur of cleaning motion, like Martha Stewart on crack cocaineLol Now enter angry BonesAnd that, Annette, is called Pilates, I said, giving an exaggerated stretch Very entertaining, she hastened to agree, turning blameless eyes to him Unless Pilates has become downright lethal, I d say the two of you were fighting One thing I definitely noticed was the improvements on secondary characters They were 3D and some of them were pretty funny interesting so it added to general story Juan, Tate , Dave, and Don This group of guys were pretty hilarious training, stabbing, and shamelessly flirting with each other The banter between them was pretty great at timesYou called her Kitten And she let you She put me in a coma for three days when i called her that My balls never recovered from her smashing them into my spine But not quite the same as the first side note there was wayyy 2 much mommy issues in there Then of course some great lesson in the end that Cat ironically teaches even though the first book was about beating this very thought into her stubborn headovercome an unexpected heritage We are who we make ourselves to be, no matter what No matter what You re still you You ll still laugh, cry, do your job, lose at poker For a sequel it wasn t bad An entertaining read, but didn t live up to expectations Stupid expectations killing dreams since 2012 I would read it if the first book really sparked your interest but I doubt I ll be reading the rest of the series. 5 Life s a bitch and then one stabs you StarsFirst read 2 22 2015Reread 11 20 2015 Spoilers I know you left me because you thought you had to protect me, that I couldn t handle the obstacles before us So you tried to get on with your life because you believed it would never work between us But you see, I couldn t get on with my life because I knew we could work I ve been looking for you every day since you left me, Kitten, and I m sick of being without you You ve had your shot at things, now let me have mine BonesYay Bones and Cat are back in, One Foot in the Grave, the 2nd book in the Night Huntress series And they are just as awesome and kick ass as they are in the first book This book picks up right where the last book leaves off At the end of the last book, Halfway to the Grave , Cat leaves Bones to protect him , and her mom She goes to work for Homeland Security Paranomarl dept This book starts 4 years later Cat does her job, hangs out with her friend Denise, and trains her team, but she isn t happy She misses Bones and still loves him when she runs into Bones again at her friend Denise s wedding all those feeling that she tried to bury come rushing to the surface When Bones tells her that he has been looking for her since the day she left him, that he still loves her and that he isn t going away, because she is in danger, She loses all her fight and takes him back Now that she has her man back all she has to do is, keep her mom and boss from killing him, keep herself from getting killed, and find out who put a hit on her head Just another day in Cat s life If anyone s under a spell, Justina, it s me Your daughter put one on me five years ago, and I haven t broken free of it yet Oh, and you ll be delighted to know, we ve decided to resume our relationship Don t bother with congratulations trust me, your expression is congratulations enough Bones But I m not going to let you or anyone else decide what I do with my personal life any You don t have to like Bones Hell, you can hate his guts for all I care, but as long as I m with him, you will have to tolerate him So will Don and the others, oror I ll leave and never come back CatBones is the sexiest vampire ever He was even better in this book I loved how he handled Justina Cat s mom His love for Cat was unconditionally and unwavering He fought for her, searched for her, and never gave up on her I loved Bones jealous side, but I feel he acted like a saint, because I would have killed Tate Cat was as bad ass as ever I love that she really shows some growth in this book, standing up to everyone, and not letting them trash talk Bones, or all vampires in general She has a confidence in this book that was just sexy And a smart mouth that had me laughing hard You know the old saying Once you go dead, no one s better in bed Cat He wore a purely masculine smile that had passed smug and hovered near conceited I couldn t stop shaking, especially when he kissed me and I tasted blood and other things on his tongue Oh, Kitten, he growled You have no idea how much I enjoyed that I ve already spilled myself inside you, bloody hell, I thought you d castrate me with your pleasure Do you know how long you ve been whipping around from the effects of my bite Not a clue Five minutes To my shock, my voice was hoarse and nearly unrecognizable He chuckled Try twenty, give or take a few The police have already come and gone Annette sent them away I think the neighbors thought someone was being murdered Bones and CatI missed Bones so much in the parts of the book when he was out of the picture, but I still loved Cat so much that it didn t take away from my enjoyment of this book That first time Bones said Hallo Kitten I squealed, bouncing up and down in my seat, clapping like a idoit yelling Yay Bones is back Bones and Cat have such a strong connection There is some ex drama in this book and of course Tate drama Tate is one of Cat s team mates, but he is in love with her OMG OMG OMG chapter 32 The sex in chapter 32 holy hell, it set my body on fire, melted my bones, made me start shaking, and left me basking in the afterglow Fuck but that was the single best sex scene I have ever read ever Ever Bones is such a dirty naughty boy Dayum I wanted to stab Bones s ex Annette and I was so happy when Cat beat the shit outta her and then of course stabbed her I am going to knock the slut out of you, Annette, I gritted between clenched teeth And that should take some doing, you uppity English tramp Cat I didn t miss, bitch One flick of my wrist and you re a bad memory and an even worse smell I think we need to have a little talk, woman to skank I know why you re doing this You want me to leave him again, but I can save you the oxygen in your words, because it won t happen Bones forgave me for deserting him and running off for years, so you can bet your overused, group orgy twat that I will forgive him for one bad mouthful of you Now, are we very clear on that Cat Not everything, but some things I knew without a doubt I d fallen in love when we met Then I knew I d do anything to make you feel the same way BonesTons of action, amazing characters, and a great plot I love this series and I can t wait to read the next one I am a Bones and Cat fangirl for life You d better not stop fucking me, I snarled, and a decadent grin lit his face Because if you do, I ll drain you dry Bones laughed, savage and exultant You ll drain me dry, but not my neck, and you ll beg me to stop before I m finished, he promised before abandoning himself to the battle Cat and Bones Feeling better, mate he inquired of Cooper If not, you will soon Don drained a pint out of me just now, Kitten, he said with a grin Seems the head pathologist didn t want to stick me himself Poor bloke was quite jittery, though I can t imagine why Could be because you made dinner out of his assistant, amigo, Juan dryly commented Cooper hadn t heard that He swung his gaze to me We re letting him eat people Apparently, Tate snarled. 4 1 2 Chapter 32 Need I Say More Stars I love this book I love Cat and Bones They are quickly becoming one of my favorite paranormal couples The only reason this book isn t a 5 star read is because I had a hard time staying engaged in the plot during the first 9 chapters Frankly, I was bored out of my mind until the author stopped dragging out Bone s reappearance into the storyline Other than that, One Foot in the Grave is a fantastic, enthralling, and sexy as sin read.