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@Free Epub õ Predator & Prey (The Devenshire Chronicles, #2) ó After A Hellish Night And A Harrowing Escape From Lirpa, Daimion Devenshire, Brianna Standish, Shantira Dubris, Raven Darkseed, And Zandorth Krahl Have Fled Into The Wilderness To Elude Capture For Crimes They Did Not Commit They Set Off In Pursuit Of The Stones Of Andarus, Now Firmly In The Grasp Of Xavier, A Madman Who Would Dare Unleash Their Sinister Power To Conquer And Dominate The Entire Realm There Is Only One Chance Devenshire And His Companions As The Unlikely Heroes Pursue Xavier, They Also Find Themselves Pursued By A Compliment Of The King S Royal Guard, Led By The Indomitable Captain Gregory Armand, Lordalise, A Rogue Vampire Hunter Intent On Proving Devenshire Is A Vampire, And Darius Thieberian, Who Is A Vampire With Designs On Lady Brianna And All Are As Dark As The Night That Darius Lives In They Are All Caught In A Contest That Will Pit Mystic Might Against Mystic Might, Skill Against Skill, Cunning Against Cunning, And The Will To Live Against The Desire To Destroy With New Allies Including Three Elves, Stant, Petera And Kendra, And Those Who Cannot Be Identified As Friend Or Foe, Devenshire And Company Find Themselves In A Dire Race Against Time And Distance To Thwart Xavier S Plans They Also Find Themselves Becoming Both Predator Prey This book was a great read I had read The Stones of Andarus The Devenshire Chronicles Book One and have written a review for it Both of these books are verified purchases I must say that I liked The Stones of Andarus better because it felt confident and polished Predator Prey could use some fine tuning because often I found myself reading what I thought I had just read, so there are repeated thoughts and words from characters.The story does not disappoint The characters are now familiar and their relationships continue to intrigue, the framing story about the man in the cave is growing interesting, and the vampires are closing in Central to the story are the magical and dangerous Stones of Andarus, which are being held by a infamous and evil wizard If the wizard continues with his plans the end of the world is near.The story does not draw to a satisfactory close because it stops in the middle of some action that obviously is a huge climactic episode I don t love stories that do this but at least there is a frame at the end of this one to close the book out.I look forward to the third book in the series. I loved it, it s so intense as I thought to buy