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Having just finished Prince Lestat, I want now want to go back and reread The Vampire Lestat and The Queen of the Damned When people ask about favorite books, books that influenced your life, top 10 books you d have on a desert island, etc, The Vampire Lestat tops my list But while my memory of it remains strongly positive, it s been some time since I ve actually read it After finishing Prince Lestat, I wonder if my tastes have changed, or if Rice s writing has changed Unfortunately Prince Lestat didn t line up with my expectations or my memory In the 400 page book, there s a lot of talking And weeping Vampires apparently cry a lot for reasons that are frequently not fully explained I feel like the novel is really a series of verbal paintings strung together Rice wants to carefully construct visually emotional scenes, but doesn t flesh out the motivations and history that leads the reader to feel the impact of the scene We re just told that so and so was sad Or anciently inscrutable Or just sitting there being beautiful.I didn t find much to sympathize with in most of the characters More of a refresher of their distinct personalities and motivations would have been welcome For example, we re told that Armand is dangerous and menacing, but not reminded why Several vampires are resurrected from the pages of prior Vampire Chronicles for the apparent reason of just being present and seen they don t materially add to the story Given the history some characters have together, it seems that the inevitable vampire reunion would have been ripe for thrilling drama It isn t I also think I miss the sense of struggle One of the aspects of Lestat that I enjoy the most is that he s an outsider fighting to make sense of things on his own terms There is a threat in this book, sure, but he figures out what s going on soon enough without the relentless pursuit and conflict that characterize Lestat s earlier adventures It s also pretty clear that he can no longer be considered an outsider.I think that Rice s greatest strengths are her myth making and existential conflicts Her origin story for vampires is iconic Her presentation of other supernatural beings witches, spirits, djinn, mummies is fantastically original The novels that explore the morality of preying on humans and the nature of evil are thoughtful and captivating Prince Lestat does not capitalize on those strengths and I regrettably find it to be a shadow of its predecessors. SPOILER ALERT I haven t looked forward to a book as much as this one in a long, long time, but I had some trepidation I did not like her Angel Time novels nor her Wolf series couldn t even get through them all, truth be told Prince Lestat might as well be titled Lestat for Dummies, because it is so simplistic and unimaginative and justmediocre How does such a great author and imaginative mind turn so boring I literally found myself yelling at this book STOP repeating the same things Where is Lestat s essential being Where is his incredible humor Where are the great descriptive passages that transport the reader into the time place mind of the speaker Not one interesting or beautiful new character they are all just same old, same old I can t remember the last time I was this disappointed in a novel Lest readers of this review think I don t know my Anne Rice books, I ve read every single thing she wrote up until the Angels Wolves I am a devotee of the Mayfair Witches, all her historical fiction, and Lestat has always been my number one favorite male fictional character of modern literature I ve recommended her novels to hundreds of people and have even used passages from Cry to Heaven and Feast of All Saints when I taught history One last thing I actually started counting how many times she had characters refer to her past Vampire Chronicle novels When you start doing that, you know you have a little real interest in the plot and b a novelist who is reaching back to the past a bit too much Create a great new book, and you won t have to tell and try to blatantly sell readers to read your old ones This made me very sad The woman was great. [Free Kindle] ☩ Prince Lestat ⚖ The Vampire World Is In Crisis Their Kind Have Been Proliferating Out Of Control And, Thanks To Technologies Undreamed Of In Previous Centuries, They Can Communicate As Never Before Roused From Their Earth Bound Slumber, Ancient Ones Are In Thrall To The Voice Which Commands That They Burn Fledgling Vampires In Cities From Paris To Mumbai, Hong Kong To Kyoto And San Francisco Immolation, Huge Massacres, Have Commenced All Over The WorldWho Or What Is The Voice What Does It Desire, And Why There Is Only One Vampire, Only One Blood Drinker, Truly Known To The Entire World Of The Undead Will The Dazzling Hero Wanderer, The Dangerous Rebel Outlaw Lestat Heed The Call To Unite The Children Of Darkness As They Face This New Twilight Anne Rice S Epic, Luxuriant, Fiercely Ambitious New Novel Brings Together All The Worlds And Beings Of The Legendary Vampire Chronicles, From Present Day New York And Ancient Egypt To Fourth Century Carthage And Renaissance Venice From Louis De Pointe Du Lac Armand The Eternally Young Mekare And Maharet To Pandora And Flavius David Talbot, Vampire And Ultimate Fixer From The Secret Talamasca And Marius, The True Child Of The Millennia It Also Introduces Many Other Seductive Supernatural Creatures, And Heralds Significant New Blood A Voice has started invading the minds of vampires across the world wheedling, threatening and begging, it is pushing them to do one thing destroy their fellowsAs the death toll mounts, Benji, vampire fledgling and podcaster, appeals to the elders of the vampire tribe to do something Anything.So do I But then I ve been begging for several books and they still haven t done anything.This book actually greatly exceeded my expectations Of course, if you ve read my previous reviews of the Vampire Chronicles you won t be surprised by the news I didn t have very high expectations when I started this book So, when I say exceeded my expectations what I mean is the book actually had a plot.Yes, there was an actual storyline that the characters or less sort of stuck to with an actual antagonist and actual events I would normally consider this to be something of a basic requirement for a book but given the last 5 books in the series had nothing resembling a plot, just long winded expositions of back story and this is very generously suggesting the tortured quasi philosophical screed of Memnoch the Devil had a plot of random characters suffering from an obsessive need to recount their memoirs to anyone who will sit still long enough to hear them.So there was plot There was an actual threat to vampire kind and Benji shouts out to the airwaves to ask all the super elder powers of the vampire world to pause in their eternal moping, put down their latest diary entry, refrain from falling in love with random passers by and please use their super powers to actually do something.And they hear the call and proceed to navel gaze And mope And lament And be ludicrously melodramatic Seriously, the threat is introduced moderately early in the book and in response we get to see the view points of 80 gajillion vampires all of whom are not actually doing anything but being upset and agitated and dramatic and falling in love with any human vampire ghost passing seagull that catches their eye In between this is Lestat who is aiming for Gold in the moping Olympics and he is positively lapping the competition.The pacing is truly abysmal, so much of the book is spent moving from character to character and them not actually doing anything except monologue in an appallingly excessive fashion, each trying to surpass the melodrama of the last There are also a free story line ish things introduced which are just there random nuggets of irrelevancy that may be interesting but aren t even close to developed They re just there, taking up pagesLike the founding of the Talamasca At last, some explanation for the Talastalkers and why they do what they do We hear all about the founders in rather excessively boring detail and learn that they founded the Talamasca for for for well ok they founded the Talamasca for reasons which I sure were very important But the Talamasca isn t in this book They have no presence in this book They do nothing in this book And, not matter how much this is technically solving a great mystery of this world, it still grossly out of place in this book and achieves absolutely nothing except throwing in a random intermission Maybe the Talamasca could hand out popcorn Or fervent assurances that they will get on with the plot, honest It s like reading a World War 2 drama and suddenly having a chapter devoted to Charlemagne potentially interesting, yes, but not really relevant.Another potentially interesting yet out of place storyline was Fareed and Seth science vampires I was actually intrigued by this, it would be interesting to see one vampire in this world who isn t a talentless romantic poet who thinks history books would be vastly improved with lots of purple prose It promised a new direction It promised a new focus It promised a great deal but didn t deliver a thing I have no idea what they re supposed to achieve They appear, they say grand things about science, the other vampires profess how impressed they are but also how little they understand and then we move on They only thing they add to the plot is Viktor Which brings me to Viktor why is he here He and Rose, humans connected to Lestat through means I won t spoil but they don t do anything, they add nothing to the plot line, they re just there Again, conceptually, they have potential as mortals thrust into the vampire world in such an unconventional way That potential is completely wasted as they neatly fit in exactly the same mould as every other human destined to become vampire does Oh there s a kidnapping scene, but the characters are so interchangeable that they could have replaced them with Daniel or David or Gabrielle or Louis or Sybelle or Antoine or Jesse or Everard well any of the innumerable pointless vampires who kind of lurk around the background of every scene doing absolutely nothing.Which leads me to the next point this book is full with just about every last vampire who has ever existed in the entire series except Blackwood Farm and Blood Canticle because I like to hope that even the author would prefer to pretend those books never ever happened Armand, David, Jessie, Marius, Sybelle, Pandora, Gabrielle, Louis they re all there On top of that we even have appearances from teeny tiny vampires who we saw relatively briefly in the series like Bianca, Antoine, Thorne, Allesandra, Eugenie, Eleni, Arjun Then, even , we have a whole new crop of characters Gregory, Sevraine, the Talamasca Trio, the Science Vamps and I ve likely forgotten simply because NONE OF THEM DO ANYTHING They re AUDIENCE They exist to stand in corners and to occasionally cheer how awesomely awesome the awesome Lestat is in awe inspired fashion it s a good thing they are there to say how amazing Lestat is because Lestat doesn t do one damn awesome thing in this book but everyone still treats him like the second coming.Not only do we have this vast cast of utterly pointless characters doing absolutely nothing, but half of them actually have entire chapters dedicated to their internal monologues backstory irrelevant musing for no damn reason at all Really, can someone please tell me why we had a full chapter about Antoine Or Rose And why did Gabrielle take Lestat to Sevraine Worse, because we re telling this from multiple people s POV all the different big reveals of the plot Talamasca Trio, Science Vamps, the Voice are all repeated several times We get to see one vampire s reaction then we shift to another vampire for the grand revelation AGAIN Then to a third vampire at this point the plot actually feels like it s going backwards.Read More upd book now finished, for final thoughts scoll down I m currently somewhere in the middle, my kindle app says 47%, Lestat s chapter after Everard And I have to say that I ve never been this disappointed in a book.I m currently struggling to actually make myself finish this thing, having skimmed several immensely oring chapters This book is not worth your money, seriously Especially if you re a fan of the chronicles, especially if you adore Lestat such as I do don t do this to yourself Don t read this thing Deny its existence and never touch it I don t really wanna make this a review until I ve finished the book, if I ever even finish it, but seriously It s horribly disappointing Characters are flat and watered down and nothing, NOTHING happens, we are introduced to 376827639659283 characters that NOBODY cares about, instead of being able to reunite with the beloved ones, that stand in the background and don t do jack shit Lestat feels out of his own character, this isn t the enchanting devil I fell in love with Plus SON CLONINGNANOPARTICLES Way to ruin the beautiful gothic mystery of the preternatural, the eerie something that surrounds vampires Nanoparticles I could buy the amel stuff in The Queen, but really, even though many adore it, Queen was never my favorite book This being basically The Queen Of The Damned II just way, way, WAY worse uh of course it s impossible to like Plus, is it just me or does anybody else think she got paid by Apple for product placement or something And I swear that if she refences her own books one damn time, I will hit something We get it, Rice Buy my books I ran out of money You don t need to shove it in our face twice on every page God, this has turned into a rant, I m sorry.I m just so disgusted and sad and disappointed I will try to finish the book to see if the ending saves it, but as I have read spoilers on the internet already, I hardly doubt that shitty ending can save anything I m sorry, Lestat I tried And I couldn t Nexus out p.s english is my third language, overlook mistakes, I d be grateful for that thx UPD I have now finished the book spoilers I guess I have to say I liked the character of sweet and naive beloved Benedict, and there was a moment in the later pages of the book that I loved, the scene where Lestat takes a walk across the table and starts chopping u Rhosh, that was delicious, that was my Lestat If the book had gone on like that, I would have changed my star decision and would have given it two I really wanted to give it two at that moment And with the ending I could not The ending saddened me so much It was So Out of Character.Lestat setting up his royal residence Lestat asking Marius and Gregory to provide written laws and codex Lestat renaming vampires The People of Darkness, Lestat wanting to rule them like one united nation, Lestat setting up court hey, does nobody remember Claudia here , Lestat speaking to baby vampires about how they should hunt the evildoer only and how they should have honor and Lestat making Benji the Minister of Communications probably non ironically Guys This is Lestat we re having here Did anybody actually betaread this and thought it was a bunch of ooc bullcrap No one Not one person I thought that when Louis was about to have the last chapter, that it would be some great conclusion to the book and the series, but nope, just his moping inner monologue about how he maybe may not go to hell, after only being in the book like thrice to serve as a plot device rather than any actual Louis So what was this, a hasty attempt at character development Didn t really buy it and didn t really think it was needed I d rather the book had ended with Lestat The three last chapters were eh.The book has good chapters Problem There is literally like one One out of how many The book has great scenes Problem There are literally like ten I can count them on my fingers, the scenes that I loved That just felt right The rest is I can t help it, I can not help myself, but some parts of this book just feel like very bad fanfiction for example the story arc of rose, it s like a really bad teenage fanfiction with a horrible mary sue self insert, and a horrible gary stu for a love interest We all knew before that Lestat was a BIT of a gary stu character, but his flaws and shady motivations and general bratiness were what made him so lovable and endearing Here everybody just immediately loves him and doesn t in any way question any fucking thing that he does, and he s gone into the full blown 125% gary stu territory The moment when it was mentioned that Armand, Armand of all people immediately went to do his will as if it was natural not to oppose anything that he says, I hit myself in the face with the book.With the ending, I was actually hitting myself repeatedly.Lestat s speech gave me so much second hand embarassment that I want to cringe I m very disappointed And I m so sorry, because I wanted to love this book, I really wanted to and I really tried, and this book had disappointed me so horribly and it did not LET me love it I m sorry It has to stay on one star For the sake of the first few of the Chronicles that I adored so much Nexus out, again Miriama Holick , signing by my actual real name so that Rice doesn t think me a coward. As one who came of age whilst reading Anne Rice s Vampire Chronicles, I readily embraced Lestat who, in my girlish esteem, appeared a flawed and endearingly romantic fiend maundering as only such a wildly exaggerated aesthete ought be given to do throughout his many mad escapades and, oh, that unabashed brattiness It is therefore with regret that I confess my opinion as an adult, which holds that both the series and its prodigious cast have lately fallen to encroaching decadence, what with this eleventh volume cycling as it does through a giddy parade of sometimes garish personas and mournful caricatures seeming to affect a quality of relevance they no longer wholly possess Yet kerfuffle yet all that is not to say Prince Lestat and other novels among Rice s recent body of work are to be necessarily or summarily dismissed, particularly by invested readers, rather that enthusiasts would do well to bear in mind from the start that beloved characters and the spheres through which they move have, perhaps inevitably, become less substantial and routine in essence, often proving incapable of fully engaging the imagination of the thoughtful reader.The Good ish 1 Lestat 2 Lestat s fabled head of hair 3 Lestat s ostentatious wardrobe 4 Lestat s new battle axe 5 Gabrielle returns And thereafter proceeds to slap Lestat A priceless moment, bless her ice encrusted heart.6 The wayward musician lives I was pleased to learn about Antoine, actually, and appreciated the struggles he faced as so many other characters appeared to have little trouble passing through the ages with wealth, sanity, and sundry companionship intact Nevermind that he s a blue eyed bricolage of Tonio from Cry to Heaven and Stefan from Violin, for poor Antoine a darkly winsome musical prodigy of 19th century era France was unjustly exiled to the New World and fatefully brought into the Blood by the Brat Prince himself, as noted by the lugubrious Louis de Pointe du Lac in Interview with the Vampire Yes, I found Antoine charming, probably because he evinced elements of Tonio and Stefan.7 Louis Perhaps the most plausible and certainly the most human of Rice s vampires, the Chronicles benefit from his presence and point of view, if infrequently featured It is however to the author s credit that Louis now seems capable of balancing the onus of sorrow with a humble but earnest sense of hope and dark threadbare coats with shirts of outrageous lace, just because he can.8 Pseudoscience la Anne Rice The suspension of disbelief required to overlook the author s fancy whenever she happens to dabble in matters of a scientific nature or the approximation thereof never fails to amuse this scientist I mean that sincerely.9 Brat Prince tech fail Cheers for a touch of realism 10 A new Conversation commences with a welcome, if potentially problematic, reference to The Vampire Lestat.The Bad ish 1 The novel s opening dedication which, despite being quite lovely and moving, proceeds to reveal that Rice counts Jon Bon Jovi among her muses This admission arguably illuminates much with regard to the author s current vision, and serves to instruct the reader in advance that what follows is sure to be in line with Bon Jovi s anthem When We Were Beautiful than with, say, Liszt s bombastic Piano Concerto No 2 with all its engrossing organic harmony To that end I d briefly entertained notions of proclaiming Prince Lestat the marziale un poco meno allegro of the series but, upon consideration, was bound to admit the gesture s innate dishonesty It s the Bon Jovi tune Sigh.2 The tragic fates of Maharet, Khayman, and Mekare The deaths of the latter two, while poignant, were understandable in context Mekare s sacrifice specifically but surely the great Maharet, who is rendered nearly unrecognizable in this novel cue random fits of sobbing and suicidal ideation , deserved better than the convenient and ignominious death visited upon her by the author in service of Lestat s impending destiny Heartbreaking ends, all around.3 The tribe I found myself peeved by the viral nature of the word tribe as it proliferated throughout the novel, my irritation increasing in measure with the word s frequency It seemed I was reading it in every other sentence as I neared the finish well, not really, but often enough to tire my eyes from all the irresistible rolling We get it, they re a tribe Tribe, tribe, tribe Enough with the tribe already 4 Considering the overarching cast of characters mentioned in this instalment of the series, I couldn t help wondering at the absence of Tarquin Blackwood and Mona Mayfair I had thought, what with their combined history and experience of spirit beings, surely they d be around to offer Lestat an empty insight or two, or maybe just to stand in solidarity with the tribe whilst looking pretty as they somehow SOMEHOW, inconceivably and right along with most of the other players present in this work failed to guess the source of the Voice until the decisive moment presented itself but there was no mention of them anywhere at all in Prince Lestat Was this an attempt to pretend Blackwood Farm and Blood Canticle never happened Were we meant to assume the pair had fled underground to escape the danger, or that they were perish the thought among the Amel via Khayman casualties at Maharet s compound in Indonesia If so, boo I have a lingering fondness for the Mayfairs and was a bit disappointed to find Mona and Quinn excluded from the gathering, not least of all because they re the only Undead Mayfairs available to bridge the vampire witch divide since Merrick was so hastily dispatched at the end of Blackwood Farm PS Lest anyone forget, Julien Mayfair practically bedded half the South before his demise, including a Blackwood bride 5 I wanted to slap Rose Slap her much as Gabrielle slapped Lestat Poor Rose Poor delicate, fragile, tender Rose Oh, poor darling dearest flower Ugh The women of Prince Lestat are dismayingly clich and polarized, composed mostly of helpless weeping poppets and hopelessly detached androgynes There is a flourishing and ever evolving middle ground, and it is good, and authors should not be discouraged from exploring its potential Heroines are no less compelling than heroes 6 SoViktor This little surprise was fairly ridiculous and unwarranted Rather than providing Lestat with the mortal legacy lost to him upon becoming a vampire against his will, Viktor too becomes a vampire and does so of his own volition Was this intended as validation or absolution, of a kind Perhaps it was, but it remains no less awkward for its designs.7 Not in the Mahmoud for love Have I mentioned my irritation at being beaten about the head with the word tribe in this novel And is it any wonder I can t help repeating it now over and over again Oh, Benji, you diabolical cherub 8 The Voice Amel Source Sacred Core Tortured spirit being bent on thinning the herd in order to unburden itself of intolerable suffering whilst entombed in the irreparably damaged vessel of Mekare transformed suddenly into benevolent Source now serenely rooted within the body of Lestat, who despite his new BFF s very recent and inexorable unburdening proceeds to take part in replenishing the tribe s numbers less than a day after taking the Core into himself Okay, seems legit In fairness, I m on board with Lestat becoming Amel s host It makes sense within the framework of the novel and presumably functions to propel the development of Lestat as a character, but I found Amel s abrupt shift from threatening foe to accommodating companion nonetheless hard to swallow 9 The thawb Apparently it s trending amongst the Undead That is, the tribe I mean, when Marius pores over crumbling tomes in the Tudor library at Trinity Gate whilst garbed in a deep red velvet thawb which was perhaps inspired by Teskhamen s choice of a timeless white thawb, which may or may not resemble any number of various thawbs comprising Seth s wardrobe, which in all likelihood complement Fareed s personal collection of thawbs you just know they re all going to be wearing the garment eventually No doubt Prince Lestat will grace future conclaves at court in the Auvergne wearing his own red velvet thawb, which shall be violently vermillion and entirely triumphant than Marius deep red velvet thawb simply because it s the raiment of Lestat, and within its folds shall be concealed his wickedly sharp battle axe and this marvellous instrument of woe shall be hidden completely from sight without spoiling the immaculate lines of his glorious silhouette And did I mention his thawb shall be trimmed by the most flamboyant and superlative gold plate lace and that its buttons shall be diminutive cameos of finest sardonyx showcasing artistry so astoundingly detailed it veritably defies all manner of reason Of course I must mention these things, just as I must note that his hair which is resplendent, which rivals the luminosity of spun gold, of finest spun whitest gold, and is everything anyone ever said it was and shall be the only crown he ll ever need and the envy of all lesser creatures Not that he regards other blood drinkers as lesser creatures, mind you, for they constitute the tribe, the illustrious People of the Savage Garden now united in faith and love with the Sacred Core via their exalted Prince as he strolls about in his fetching red velvet thawb and snappy black boots, the heels of which shall click in his wake, deliciously and regally, upon the newly refurbished floors of his ancestral home in the Massif Central.10 Oh, son of a thawb It is not unreasonable to assume that young Viktor will also be robed in a thawb of his own soon enough, but his shall mirror precisely the jewel like hue of his violet blue eyes, which so resemble yet do not dream of outshining the doubly dazzling violet blue eyes of his beatific Prince Father Source, and which shall serve as a splendid complement to the chic thawb inspired golden silk frock soon to be worn by Rose at court Dear Rose, precious Rose, darling Rose. August 17, 2018 On sale for 2.99 Recommended for established fans of the series.Everyone who has read The Vampire Chronicles knows it s been over ten years since a book in the series was been released Anne Rice thought she was done with the series and then came up recently with an idea for another book and here we are Prince Lestat 11 in the series.Most prolific readers are also probably aware of the controversies involving Rice petitioning to force reviewers to use their real names and using the internet and her People of the Page to oppose negative reviewers as being bullies or trolls I disagree with her stance on those issues, but I decided to give this book a chance, and I m glad I did.Like millions of other people, reading The Vampire Chronicles was a rite of passage for me in my teens, and there s no doubt in my mind, it largely contributed in a positive way to my love for reading I haven t re read any of the earlier books in over a decade So this was almost like a new experience.However, I was easily drawn back in to the familiar characters, and they are all present here Besides the obvious main character, Lestat, we get to see Louis, Armand, Marius, Pandora, Jesse, David, Maharet, Mekare, Gabrielle, Daniel, and many, many other new and obscure vampires.The book seems to mainly focus on the ancients, the old vampires But almost all vampires everywhere are hearing a Voice, telepathically urging and ordering them to burn and destroy young vampires all over the world If the older ones are not using their Fire Gift to destroy the young ones, The Voice is manipulating the young ones to kill and turn on each other So the vampire population is being reduced dramatically.Part 2, The Open Highway through the Savage Garden, was the slowest and longest section I understand the need for it because otherwise the vampires in these chapters showing up at Trinity Gate towards the end would make no sense But it was essentially a bunch of short stories involving mainly obscure vampires from the chronicles who were never given names or only mentioned briefly The chapters were somewhat interesting, but these were sections where you could see that Rice s style has not changed, her ancient vampires have not changed much or adapted to modern times besides maybe learning to operate a flat screen tv or computer They still listen to classical music and wear clothes out of Renaissance times ok so maybe some of them wear designer suits they still talk like people living hundreds of years ago would talk, use flowery sentences, etc They all seem to like the same types of living quarters and entertainment And I m not sure why maybe this was explained in other books but about 90% of Rice s vampires only hang out in same sex groups There was only one male character who had a Blood Wife It just seems strange to me, as it would be strange if every character only had opposite sex partners It s only until we get to around Chapter 18 that we start to see female vampires in any significant portion of the story This is a mainly male character driven book.Overall, this was enjoyable Rice took it a bit arguably too far in using science to come up with one subplot view spoiler With a vampire scientist s help, Lestat has sex, produces viable sperm, and ends up with a son unbeknownst at first to him hide spoiler Dear Ms Rice,Either you gambled all your money away on online casino games or someone whispered in your ear about writing another vampire chronicle book Either way you have lost your touch THIS WAS HORRIBLE Now that you got this crap out of your system, QUIT while your ahead P.S I just came across this bullshityou don t want people who hide their identities from reviewing your books FINE Be a BITCH Shit, I don t need your crap ass books Trust me I read this book, I checked it out at the library and spent my hard earned money on gas to get me to the library SO I CAN REVIEW IT ALL I LIKE But wasn t it what they all wanted And what a dashing and beautiful figure Lestat was The James Bond of the Vampires indeed Disclosures 1 I haven t read any of the previous entries in this series, so I went into this book without the warm and fuzzy feelings that die hard fans of these books would do 2 No, this is not my typical go to genre of choice, but after all the publicity stunts hoopla on the internet, I was curious and the library had a kindle copy available.3 If Goodreads allowed me the option to tick a box and make this review available to my friends only, I would do so I have no desire for drama from The People of the Page devoted fans Now, onto the book review and my thoughts on the reading experience As noted above, I haven t read any of the prior books, but from reading the material at the back of the book, it s kind of a sequel to The Queen of the Damned I forget if it s 2013 or 2014, but things are all kinds of cray cray in vampire land as vampires are getting burned, tortured and who remembers what all elseAnd they think nothing of trying to burn with fire or decapitate any other blood drinker who gets in their way It is chaos But who am I to police these preternatural nincompoops Someone needs to save them all from this craziness and burning, let alone that mysterious voice that s stirring up all this stuff but where is Lestat when they need him I think that s the plot, but it s hard to tell from the way the book is structured After some brief mentions at the beginning about Lestat and this voice, the first 47% of the book according to my Kindle reading progress , was composed of endless chapters detailing endless back history of characters that with one or two exceptions had no bearing on the story itself, nor do I recall seeing them again in the story If they did show up it was merely as window dressing One shiny sparkly nattily dressed vampire being the same as the next shiny sparkly nattily dressed vampire sarcasm font on Oh, and each of these chapters focusing on a certain character will also get the reader up to speed on who they are in vampire land and how he she was made by which ancient vampire so the reader will be all up to speed on exactly how all the important vampires are tied into one big relationship Butnone of these characters come into play with the story itself, and since there s a list of the main characters from the previous books at the back of this bookthis first 47% does absolutely nothing to advance the storyline I assume fans dying for of their beloved vampires will love this to bits, but if you re not one of those fans, the first 47% is good for not much than a sleeping pill I did manage a long nap last Saturday afternoon, so there ya go sarcasm font on.The one character who got the longest info dumpy chapter in the first half of the book is Rose sweet, perfect, human Rose, beloved by all the vampire peeps who looked after her So perfect, so pure, so speshul you could cut her and she would bleed sugar the most perfect Mary Sue ever to grace a page in a book Rose s chapter is pretty much cradle to twenty something and goes on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on Yawn So, now we ve got through the first half with not much happening, you d think things would kick up a few notches at the end, and they kind of do thatUntil the story is stopped for exposition on other vampire back history all those ancient ones who started all this in the first place Really, a genealogical chart would have been much helpful and interesting And on and on and on and on and on and on this goes, until it s time for the big reveal I won t spoil, but it was all kinds of giggle worthy silliness , but it s such a disappointing reveal filled with nothing but shining, gorgeous, perfectly dressed, wise, good, kind vampires that all I could think of in comparison is what s known in romance land as Mary Sue Can t use that with vampires, so herein I ve dubbed them Sucky Sue sarcasm font is on peeps.Again, I suspect all those die hard fans impatient to see their old friends again will love this, but I ended up lost trying to wrap my head around blood sucking vampires being wise and kind and good and all that other perfectness SeriouslySeth was a ruthless killer The ancient ones almost always are I watched him drain a young male victim, watched the body shrivel as Seth drew quart after quart of the vital fluid He held the dead boy s head against his chest I knew he wanted to crush the skull, and then he did, tearing open the hairy wrapping around it and sucking the blood from the brain That s my kind of perfect hero Not Apparently there s at least one book coming, but I will be passing on that ride It s time for someone else to take a hit for the team. The Vampire Lestat has returned along with the other children of night I immediately ordered an autographed copy from the New Orleans Garden district the moment I could.To those who waited and those who are just starting their journey I must say I ve never taken as long to read a book I was so deeply in love with as this I knew that with each word I was that much closer to the end All that being said, PL is not written in the same format as Anne s previous Vampire Chronicles This is written as it s happening with some flashbacks added sporadically in order to fill in the gaps of time I wasn t sure how this new style would play out with Lestat, seeing as how used I am to the traditional style but now that I have it was just as fantastic as her earlier works.It is split into 4 parts, all equally exciting and each dealing with both ancients and newly made vampires.The Vampire LestatThe Open Highway through the Savage GardenRagnarok in the Capital of the WorldThe Principality of DarknessBack in the Savage Garden, we re thrown right into a pit of despair The younger fledglings fight, creating chaos in the world and discord among the ancients who choose to keep away from such vile issues As it is, the world is aware of vampires However, every scientist that tries to bring proof is made a laughingstock They are systematically discredited by their field, ostracized from normal society, and after being disowned by their family locked away inside of loony bins Sadly, most are left there view spoiler But some are rescued by these new vampires, these mortals finally seen for their potential, and eventually given the chance at another life hide spoiler