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Conduit won the Gold Medal in Fiction Paranormal category in the 2014 Reader s Favorite International Book Awards Conduit received a 5 star review from Reader s Favorite in July 2014.Conduit is the start of a series starring savvy private investigator, Emily Monroe Her psychic abilities are unlike any others seen before, and there is quite the twist on what it means to be psychic As she goes up against a serial killer with equal talents, Emily must face some tough choices I hope you enjoy this psychological thriller with its unique paranormal elements 2.5I have to admit that this book just didn t work for me It might for some readers, to each their own I have been trying to come up with the right word to describe this and writing like it , because I encounter it a lot Maybe someone knows and can help me out We all recognize a Mary Sue and Gary Stu sometime Marty Stu , but what do you call it when the whole book plot, narrations, characters, etc all have a Mary Sue feel to them Pat, maybe I actually have a litmus test for this, even if I don t have a title for it My test is hugging But what could hugging have to do with anything, you might ask Well, it has been my experience, in reading several hundred books a year for several years that when you encounter a book in which there is lots and lots of hugging the author is using this small action as a weak demonstration that the MC is an open, good person, makes meaningful connections with people, etc Similarly, it shows how comfortable those people are with him her usually her Now, I m a bit of a hugger in real life, coming from the touchy feely hippy family that I did But I don t hug my BFF, my ex boyfriend, my friend s uncle, his cop partner and the nurse who cares for my mother in the nursing home More importantly, all those people don t come up and hug me.But it s not just about hugging The hugging is almost always accompanied by a certain innocent narrative tone, in which small things like a hug are made big deals of It s like a pearl clad, mary jane wearing, pastel sporting teenager swooning over their first kiss while the married 40 year old, with the kinky nightlife that s forced to listen to it thinks, God, it really just isn t that big a thing Any romance in these sorts of books are always heavily descriptive, possibly purple, and almost all tell as the narration beats the reader over the head with how awe inspiring one person or the other is, how meaningful the small unimpressive events are, and how in looooooove they are The fact that this book falls within this pat grouping is a guarantee that I m not likely to enjoy it, as I almost never enjoy these books But this book also annoyed me in other respects I hated that as soon as Emily got together with Jake she let him start making all her decision I didn t like their insta love and, even worse, their insta relationship, which was only compounded by their insistence on waiting to have sex until their relationship was established I don t know, I m ready to let you rule my life and I m ready to die for you seems pretty established to me I didn t like that the author gave Emily a rich, high power, nice guy ex, who was still madly in love with her, just to show she was a desirable commodity I didn t like that Emily had all this important information that she never shared with anyone I didn t like that she pulled the clich , TSTL, I ll go off and save the day by myself and require rescue shtick a bagazillion other TSTL heroines have pulled I didn t like that the villain was the same old, seen it a 100 times, man obsessed with a woman he wants to own for no discernible reason I didn t like that people made un followable intuitive leaps of logic that lead them to plot points And I didn t like the deus ex machina like way the characters were easily able to learn just what they needed at just the right time to save the day Too easy The one thing that saved this book for me was Leo and his wife I adored their relationship The editing seemed pretty clean, I don t remember many cock ups and to the right reader this might be a hit. @DOWNLOAD BOOK ê Conduit (Emily Monroe #1) Ë How Do You Hide From A Killer When He S In Your Mind Emily Monroe Conceals Her Psychic Gift From The World, But Her Abilities Are Much Too Strong To Keep Hidden From An Equally Gifted Killer A Savvy Private Investigator, She Discreetly Uses Her Psychic Prowess To Solve Cases When The Police Ask Her To Assist On A New Case, She Learns The Killer They Seek Is Not Only Psychic, But Is Targeting Her The Killer Wants Than To Invade Her Mind He Wants Her Believing They Are Destined For Each Other, He Uses His Victims As Conduits To Communicate With Her, And She Hears Their Screams While They Are Tortured She Opens Her Minds To Help The Victims, But It Gives Him A Portal That He Uses To Lure Her To Him With The Killer Taking Over Her Mind, She Must Somehow Stop Him Before She Becomes His Next Victim Conduit is one of those books that will grip you from page one, and have you thinking about it even when it is over This is the first book that I have read by Angie Martin, but I must read Conduit reminds me of a roller coaster ride This book starts out by building the reader up with well needed information Martin starts out with a mind blowing pro log that leads into a book that you will never forget.The best part of a roller coaster ride, is when you don t know what is coming next This book will keep you guessing on what will happen next The twist and turns through out this book is perfect I was so rapped up into the world that Martin creates It was so hard to put it down Now you know a book is good when you dream about it Martin has created amazing characters I have 100% respect for Emily She is a Strong female character that you just have to love Martin dives right into Emily s mind, and David the killers mind David is a creepy character, but it was interesting to see inside his head Emily is a type of psychic that I have never scene in a book before I would love to see psychics like this The best part of any roller coaster ride is the drop Martin takes us through a world wind of details that leads up to a breath taking drop During this free fall everything unfolds Martin brings a lot to the table The events in the book will keep you on the edge of your seat.After it is all over you are left gasping for breath, and wanting to read it again Martin leaves you wanting and This is a well written book, and I am so excited to see what is next from Angie Martin Thanks for this wild roller coaster ride Angie Book provided by the author for review. Conduit grabs hold and doesn t let go until the end I was swept away by the never ending drama, mystery and intrigue Glued to the pages Very interesting premise that unfolds before your eyes in the most entertaining way It was easy to get caught up in this psychological thriller that is filled with mystery and intense knock em out of the park scenes One after another This is not only a thriller and suspense novel but at the same time it is blended with the supernatural.This well written book is definitely worth the read Such a great escape that captivated my senses and overwhelmed my thoughts I have to congratulate this author for coming up with such a riveting plot that blew me away I would highly recommend this book to all my friends who are looking for a suspenseful escape.What if you had psychic abilities and knew you were being stalked by a serial killer but you didn t know where he was or how to stop him David stopped listening to her spouting our worthless reasons to live and studied the animation in her eyes and face She believed her pitiful reasons for living would work with him, that she was so indispensable to the rest of the world and deserved to live What she didn t realize was that what she would accomplish with her death would overshadow everything she had done in life. I ve been a fan of Angie Martin s since I read her debut novel, False Security There is just something about her unique way to weave her tale that captivated me from the prologue She did not disappoint me in this aspect with Conduit In fact, from the very first word, I was sucked into the mind of David, a serial killer with a twist like you ve never read before The story starts with a soul gripping bang with the word Death There is no easing you into the story gently, but when I say this, I do not mean that the author spits information at you from the get go I mean from the moment you slide your finger across your Kindle screen your mind is captivated I am not a fan of giving away the story in my reviews, but I ll give just a few things away First, be prepared for your mind to wander outside of the box Emily Monroe, our protagonist, hero of a main character is psychic, but not in the way we know it as a world Martin has created a seamlessly, realistic, alternate reality with the world of psychics that she portrays in this book If you don t like psychics, don t stay away from this book for that reason, because it s nothing like you know Second, if you like a thrill and a bit of a sick mind in your antagonist, David is the killer for you His sweet, haunting, sick, nature will captivate you and make you want Third, there is some sweet, light romance Martin has a knack for weaving many different emotions into one novel that will blow your mind When I read reviews, I want to know two things 1 Did you like the book YES Can t you tell, I loved it 2 Should I buy it I paid 2.99 for this book and I think that s an absolute steal I feel like I should contact the writer and send her a check for at least 20 I cannot wait until the next book in this series comes out. IN EXCHANGE FOR A FAIR AND HONEST REVIEW.Clean sheer horror, if there is such a thing.A killer who works with clinical ease, who can say, You almost make me want to be a better person Martin is a rare and accomplished writer She uses no gratuitous violence or plot padding in this exquisite work The writing is mature and well thought out, the editing is great, and there is no excessive gore even though it s a murder or crude language She incorporates fascinating descriptions of the workings of this killer s mind and why he does what he does like he does.The characters of Cassie and Emily, and their family right from the very beginning the characters are well formed and the wonderfully clean and clear images of them all are borne along consistently in the writing style.But what an intriguing plot This was a whole new genre for me, the paranormal, so my enjoyment of it surprised me But by applying my same technique in reviewing this as I would in a familiar genre I would rate this work highly I would certainly read of this author In a heartbeat. A word of a warning Once you start reading you can t stop Conduit by Angie Martin is a masterpiece A gripping psychological thriller that lets the bogeyman inside your head, making your heart flutter and your hands sweat before you reach the end Emily is a private investigator with psychic abilities David is a monster, a serial killer, who believes there s a psychic bond between Emily and him David is like a nasty spider, creating his web and slowly trying to wind Emily closer to him I could practically see how the net around her got tighter and tighter, whilst my nails got shorter and shorter David believes they re connected and belong together and he s willing to do anything to get her Anything Even if it means making her a part of his killing games If you love Criminal Minds, Profiler, Numb3rs, etc this book is a must read I can t write sweet Or sweetly When I try, the words pour out like thick treacle that would choke a dead cat Many writers who attempt it suffer the same problem as I True sweetness, on the other hand, is never heavy or cloying It s a dusting of sentiment with a a nugget of goodness, wholesomeness argh See I can t even define it Yet, I know it when I read it It is an elusive ability, and few have it.Ms Martin s got it She s got it going on Um, you say hesitantly, are you sure you re reviewing the right book Isn t Conduit about a serial killer Yep Sure is And it s a good one.Ms Martin s enviable ability to write with that elusive and delicate sweet air leant to Conduit a sick twist of horror that a dryer, darker voice could never have accomplished For the voice is virtually unaltered in the killer s scenes, and it plays foil to the maliciousness, the callousness, the sheer evil of him.The sweetness frosted his scenes with delicious inappropriateness.Brilliant There will be some readers who love the subplot of the romance Did I Sure, why not And readers who will linger over the police y stuff, intrigued with the details Did I Yep, they were pretty good love that stuff The psychic bits, the unravelling, all the intricate detail Ms Martin put into this novel Good, good, and good These offhand statements should not be taken as indifference or dislike, because it was all great But But I couldn t wait to turn pages to get to the killer s scenes Ah, David Noakes How you entertained me His scenes are not salaciously graphic the violence is blunt without lingering over the gore There s detachment in the author s voice here, describing the essence of the action in perfect frugality, allowing the reader to imagine and fill in the scene And after getting out of bed to double check the locks on my door , I did.Oh, how I loved David s mind He admires the clean living, the self disciplined preferring to kill only the worthy And then rationalises the killing of the unworthy His psychic abilities allow him to empathise after a fashion with his victims you know, right before he kills them He is self congratulatory on his self diagnosed brilliance He is a complete egotist And Ms Martin wrote him as such without as many writers are inclined to do in a mistaken attempt to prove omniscience specifically pointing that out Well done.I know you want to hear a negative after all, what sort of balanced review lacks comment on both sides of the line So Um I can t think of any I mean, nothing serious and by serious, I mean things that pulled me out of the story That would be a bad thing Okay, so Emily and Jake s relationship came through as a bit of Yar, me soul matey and I m not much of a subscriber to the soul mate paradigm However, I believe it was a conscious choice on Ms Martin s part in order to throw harsh light on David s delusions of his style of HEA with Emily if I can cross genre boundaries ironically, of course It doesn t matter whether I subscribe to the paradigm or not It worked So Enough said.The upshot My utter fascination and complete appreciation for Ms Martin s revelation of the complex mind of a psychopath kept me endlessly entranced For my random thoughts on writing, visit my blog. I received a free copy of this novel in exchange for a fair and honest review This is a tremendous mashup of the suspense thriller blended with the supernatural Angie Martin has done a tremendous job of this with Emily Monroe, a good hearted and kind woman, albeit terribly naive, a psychic working as a private investigator in a partnership with her lifelong best friend As the novel progresses, Emily is haunted by another psychic, David Noakes, who is murdering women who call out to Emily as he lures her toward him, to bring her into his thrall Noakes is a villain so evil as to make Hannibal Lecter look like a teen choirboy This one starts out a bit slow as the characters necessarily develop, but about a third of the way in, it grabbed me by the throat, dragged me deep inside, and said let s party I outright loved it and unhesitatingly recommend it to fans of either or both genres Patrick Heffernan