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~E-PUB ♵ A House Without Windows ♪ This Is An Alternate Cover Edition For BHUHRQDr Beth Nichols Thinks She Has Been Held Captive By Edwin Evans For Probably Or Years Now Amidst Her Grief She Often Thinks Back To Happier Times With Her Fianc E Liam Theirs Was The Greatest Romance Of All She Lays Awake At Night, Looks Up At The Light Bulb That Is Never Switched Off, And Prays That He Is Still Out There Somewhere Searching For Her The first half of this book when Beth is kidnapped and held prisoner for 8 years is very cleverly written and the inclusion of the references to Enid Blyton s writing was very imaginative Once I started reading I couldn t put the book down and you really feel the emotions of Beth and her daughter, held prisoner in a small room with no hope of escape I loved the descriptions of Beth s daily life and how she tried to educate and bring up a child in impossible circumstances The second half of the book jumps to the future and to avoid spoilers I will just say it is a great read The characters, especially the evil kidnapper are very vivid and realistic All in all, a well written and suspenseful story that grips you from the first few pages. I must take a deep breath before I begin this review I will share with you why, I must take this pause Only a couple of days ago I finished reading another book see below, 11 20 14 and it was awesome Straight off the heels of that read, I pick this one up and I didn t put it down until I d completed the ENTIRE read This book, A HOUSE WITHOUT WINDOWS, has been on my TBR list for a very long time Now, I have to honestly say, I hate it took me so long to get to it Authors come to me for reviews because they KNOW that they will get only honest ones That s evident, because every book you see sitting in my que, does not make it onto this page Some don t even make it onto , as the review I might give, would hurt them so much than me not posting a review at all So, I don t know what you ve heard before, but let me tell you the truth about A HOUSE WITHOUT WINDOWS.When I began this read, the first thought that came to mind was the Ariel Castro kidnappings As I watched that horrid story unfold back in early 2013, I felt the same tightening in my chest with every page turned in this book It was unreal Why Because this story about a kidnapped young woman and her daughter who were held hostage for almost a decade, in a tiny room without any windows or sight of the outside world, was beautifully crafted and so well told While driving, I found myself still thinking about this book, wondering how a writer could tell such a tale, in the most marvelous of ways, without having experienced the actual pain Readers have asked me the same question about my own novel, Daydream s Daughter, Nightmare s Friend, wondering if any of it were true As my novel is all fiction, and if this one is all fiction, too, Stevie Turner is a writer for the ages To be able to create a story of this magnitude, the author has to be extremely gifted and talented This author is Someone asked me to tell them what I found wrong with the book, if anything Well, I did come across a couple of punctuation hiccups that were so small, I don t feel the need to share it while raving about this FAN TABULOUS BOOK And RAVING about it, is what I plan to do for a very long time RRBC members often email me and ask Nonnie, what s a good book to read I always respond with Any that are sitting on NONNIE S RAVE REVIEWS page Isn t that where this one is sitting Well, I guess you better go get the book so you can RAVE about it yourself Books like this make me want to read nothing but INDIE books all the time Kudos to the author I seem to be reading a lot of books with a kidnapping captive captor theme at the moment, not by choice, but it makes for interesting comparisons So I was keen to see how this one stacked up Dr Beth Nichols thinks she has been held captive by Edwin Evans for probably 8 or 9 years now Amidst her grief she often thinks back to happier times with her fianc e Liam theirs was the greatest romance of all She lays awake at night, looks up at the light bulb that is never switched off, and prays that he is still out there somewhere searching for her..But Beth is not alone for her whole time in captivity, she gives birth to a child in this horrible place, a daughter who is stuck in this horrific situation with her mother Her young daughter has to hear and see things no young girl should hear her mother being subjected to and escapes into reading a book that their captor gave her as if it was the only thing the child needed to grow up happy and healthy I am not going to share about the plot as I think it would spoil it for other readers to know where it heads and where it ends and some reviews have already spoilt that enough I liked the concept and the overall outline of the plot was good, but lacked a little in elements of tension and chills for the reader, especially in comparison to other books I have read with a similar plot recently such as The Second Captive.I felt Beth was a well written character, doing her best with coping in a horrific situation, however I struggled with her daughter as a character, I can t quite put my finger on it but I don t think she was fleshed out enough and could have been a character to really add a lot to the book The pace picks up as the book goes on and I got my desperately desired moments of tension for a little while It s a readable book, I read it really quickly but overall I just felt it lacked a little sophistication and depth, if that had been there it could have been a 4 star book from me I think when tackling complex plots that are very character focused you really need to be gritty and not be afraid to cross some lines I would have expected darkness if this was a real life situation So some positives and some constructive criticism, I would be keen to read from this author over time to see how he grows as a writer as there is potential there I believe for to please the reader I voted for this book amongst others to read and review as part of the Goodreads E Miners group, it was read and reviewed as the chosen book of the month. A House Without Windows by Stevie Turner is a tale of obsession, horror and suspense that had me hooked from the first page Written from several POV s the author managed to capture the characters perfectly I was especially moved by the child, Amy s POV during her period of captivity and the strength of Beth during her ordeal and again during the final confrontation with her abductor The story spans than twenty years of Beth s life and despite the harrowing and realistic trauma that the family suffer, their love and commitment to each other is beautifully heartbreaking I would recommend to all readers who enjoy suspense, drama and an optimistic conclusion. If you liked the book Room you ll probably like A House Without Windows, as they both offer a child s perspective of the story as it unfolds I found both books to be tedious to read The main character s daughter, Amy, offers a perspective which was nothing than a retelling of a book she was reading I found myself skipping over those parts, as they added nothing to the story at all.And the dialogueye Gods, it was awful Whether it was the spoken word or the e mails written between Liam and Bethit screamed of a 14 year old s version of what adults would say in this situation It didn t seem legitimate to me at allOh darling, let s get married and live happily ever after Okay, darling, I never stopped loving you XOXO Don t worry about my current wife, my darling, she s not importantI only have eyes for you Oh, but my darling, I m too scared to go on the boat Don t worry, my beautiful darling, I ll keep you safe with my big, strong, manly armsInsert kisses and Amy s demand that they stop with the gross kissing These aren t direct sentences from the story, but I swear you could plug them in and they d fit seamlessly I found myself rolling my eyes continuously.This book was definitely NOT for me The characters weren t fleshed out at all and seemed incredibly one dimensional The entire story felt to me like a middle school writing assignmenta 14 year attempting to write about a serious topic, with virtually no knowledge of that topic at all It was so very bad. A detailed review will be hosted on TRB April 7th.The color scheme of the book cover was done wonderfully The light bulb was a symbol of the torment Beth and Amy went through and the blend of the illumination and the shade of green gave it a creepy ambiance Simple yet very effective.This book could have easily been divided into a series based on the varying conflicts in the book and the character dynamics However, the author opted to divide this into different parts For me, the different parts told by different characters in the story really helped me to connect with them and explore each one s dichotomy.My favorite character was youthful Amy She was smart, candid, and very brave Quite a few moments I was in tears and cheered for her to have a wonderful outcome My feelings for Liam and Joss were conflicted but their flaws made them highly realistic I love this author s flair for giving her characters complexity and her ability to have your emotions ride a variety of waves encouragement, anger, despair the whole gambit The author also took her time with describing various locations I felt like I was learning geography and going on a vacation at the same time The balance between dialogue, conflict, humor, and narrative was sharp and did not miss a beat Pace never became sluggish during times of back story and that can be tricky with a work that deals with so much emotional, physical, and psychological topics.I first started reading Stevie s work with The Porn Detective and continued on with The Pilates Class Stevie has continued to impress Just when you think she is at her peak, a you haven t seen anything yet moment arises.This is what A House Without Windows is for me It has solidified this author as a permanent mainstay in my collection both electronically and hopefully at some point, in paper form.I highly recommend this fine work. Stevie Turner follows up The Porn Detective and The Pilates Class with a study of lives affected by abduction When Dr Beth Nichols is released from a basement after ten years of captivity she and her children are not the only ones forced to reassess life on the outside as they adjust to freedom.The story is told from the point of view of a number of characters, but rather than create a tangled plot of interweaving stories Stevie Turner breaks the book up into a separate section for each character, allowing the various personal experiences to be told in a concise and direct way Lives and characters cross and intermingle, with the climax of the story bringing together every strand and storyline.Based on the events surrounding a real life case in Lambeth, London, in which three women were held captive for thirty years, A House Without Windows presents some harrowing details early on when Beth and her daughter Amy are still imprisoned The novel allows time to explore the various emotional reactions, from Beth s former boyfriend Liam, to her son Joss, and even those of the original captor Edwin Evans.The subject matter is a potential minefield if handled badly, but A House Without Windows avoids cliche and melodrama to deliver a story of devotion overcoming obsession. Title A House Without WindowsAuthor Stevie TurnerPublisher S.T.Reviewed By Arlena DeanRating 4Review A House Without Windows by Stevie Turner.What is this novel about Newly pregnant Dr Beth Nichols had no idea she was being stalked by ex patient Edwin Evans as she made her way home one evening after a late shift After being anaesthetized she woke up in Edwin s basement, held against her will, and eventually giving birth there without medical help.The story is written from different perspectives from Beth s 9 year old daughter Amy who is born in captivity, from Beth herself, now pregnant with Edwin s baby, from her fianc e Liam, and 16 years later from her son Joss and his father Edwin When Beth escapes, the Press get hold of the story and Beth and Amy have their photo in the newspaper Liam who has made another life for himself back in his homeland of Canada with his new partner Patty and their son Toby is shocked to see the photo, thinking Beth had been murdered years before.Liam must make the difficult choice of either meeting up with Beth again and getting to know his daughter, or staying where he is in Toronto The story then runs ahead to the point where Joss finds out who his real father is, now a patient in a secure mental hospital Joss wants to get to know him, and makes a journey against his mother s wishes to see his real father However, the much anticipated meeting does not go quite to plan Edwin still seems obsessed with Beth, and Joss feels unloved and unwanted He makes the mistake of telling Edwin where the family are living, and when Edwin is eventually released he comes looking to claim Beth back again, the only woman he has ever loved What I got from the read.Wow, this was really some read that this author presented involving some many characters with such a story that in the end was well blended together giving the reader a well written read It is my understanding that there was a real story taken from events that had happened in Lambeth London dealing with three women that had been held captive for thirty some years This author in his novel A House Without Windows really did some research to give the readers a inside version of what happened to Dr Beth Nichols, her daughter and son, Joss, her former boyfriend Liam and Edwin Evans Be prepared for a read that is full of complexed emotions, physical and psychological issues as this author details a little of it all A House Without Windows will be hard to put down once you start reading it because it will keep your attention from the start to the finish I don t want to give any of this story away other than to say pick up this good read to see how this author brings this story line all out Believe me, it will be some read If you a in for a good drama, thriller, and mystery then I would recommend this novel to you. I am not really good at writing reviews this is fairly new to me When I started this book the first thing that came to mind was the Ariel Castro kidnapping Just reading what these two characters went through day by day was very emotional, at times I felt myself tearing up and couldn t imagine how Beth kept her sanity to be locked up in a room for almost ten years and the poor child who was born to not know anything of the outside world I felt for these characters I really enjoyed how the author wrote from everyone s point of view.