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!Read Pdf Ü Shades of Fear ó Fears Are Stories We Tell Ourselves These Fears Exist Everywhere In Our Minds, In Our Neighborhoods, And In All The Places Beyond Come With Us As Our Writers Take You Deep Into Their World Of Fears, Exposing The Vulnerable Spots In Each Writer S Soul What Strikes Fear In Their Hearts Will Haunt You Including Stories By Author K Webster, Author RJo Herman, Author TD Harvey, Author Maria Sauerbrei, Author Krista Redmayne, Author Kerry EB Black, Author Laura K Cowan, Author Jack Darkness, Author SM Lowry, Author Joi Miner, Author Matt Lovell, Author BB Raven, Author Stance A Bingham, Author DK Cassidy, Author Michael Mill, Author Roxanna Mitchell, Author Shannon McLoud, Author C Lloyd Brill, Author Adriel Reed, Author Debbie Manber Kupfer Cover Design And Artwork By Mika Sugano I wrote a story in this anthology, Sleep Tight It was a thrill to be included in the collection, and it has been fun to read everyone s take on fearstry it yourselfthink of something that made you afraid, and tell a campfire story about it I ll read it What a delightful collection of tales related to fear With so many views and angles I was drawn in anew with each original story The gathering of so many talented authors provides a treat to an avid reader like myself I highly recommend Shades of Fear to lovers of short stories although I do not recommend your reading to be on a dark and stormy night Take my advice If you scare easily like I do, don t read this book after the sun goes down Some stories will leave you uneasy, while others will chill you right to the bone I love reading collections like these because you get to see how so many different authors tell a story, each one with their own unique style and gift Each story touches on a different aspect of fear, whether it is something in our minds, real life, or supernatural There is not one story that I liked any than the others I believe every author did an excellent job, and I will recommend this book to my friends Hopefully they come out with collections like this in the future. From the big C to the monster under the bed, the Shades of Fear anthology does indeed collect tales of fear in its many shades, offering word pictures and stories of dreads that many will recognize, enjoy, or maybe even be empowered by Some endings are final than others, as the reader progresses through multiple different terrors Cool quotes begin each story, unsettling or resettling the reader Future histories terrify, as in Laura Cowan s Testament to Finer Things But my favorite stories are surely rjo Herman s with its intriguingly different take on the familiar, and Michael Mill s deeply unsettling tattoo.Shades of Fear isn t the best anthology out there, but it s a good, enjoyably long, haunting read in every best sense of the words.Disclosure I was given a copy and I offer my honest review.