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Originally published at Risingshadow.Robert Friedrich s Seed of Evil An Ancient Evil Rises is the first part of the Saga of Evil series This short novel was a nice surprise for me, because it s one of the few fast paced science fiction horror novels that are genuinely entertaining and thrilling I normally read literary horror fiction and weird fiction, so reading this short novel was interesting for me In my opinion Seed of Evil An Ancient Evil Rises is a good example of how entertaining and exciting stories independent authors are capable of writing It s possible that Seed of Evil An Ancient Evil Rises may not be to everybody s liking due to its action packed story, but it will please readers who like fast paced stories Seed of Evil An Ancient Evil Rises is a combination of military science fiction and horror I have to mention that I ve never been a big fan of military science fiction I m very difficult to please when it comes to military science fiction , but this novel was of interest to me Robert Friedrich is one of those rare authors who have been able to make me read military SF Normally I try to avoid military SF as much as I can, because I ve read quite a lot of flat military SF that repeats the genre s worst clich s over and over again without any kind of excitement and style, so it was nice to read a good story for a change.Here s a bit of information about the story At the beginning of this novel Corey wakes up in a hospital room He s been badly hurt, but he s alive He is asked what has happened and he begins to tell his story He and the other members of the Marine Squad were sent to investigate what had happened with the colony on Mars, because all communications and satellite links went dark, and the mining team found a temple of unknown origin in the caveRobert Friedrich has an interesting approach to sci fi horror and cosmic horror His cosmic horror differs greatly from the visions of the old and well known masters of cosmic horror, because he writes modern cosmic horror and infuses it with furious and fast paced action, but it s easy to see that the old masters may have been a source of inspiration to him There were a few elements in this novel that reminded me a bit of certain elements that can be found in some of the stories written by H P Lovecraft and Clark Ashton Smith.I think it s also possible that certain computer games Doom, Quake etc and sci fi horror films Alien, The Thing etc may have been a source of inspiration to him and have influenced his writing style Certain scenes were reminiscent of the action scenes found in computer games.Robert Friedrich writes clear and stark prose I personally prefer a bit literary and poetic prose with lush descriptions of the characters, happenings and places, but I have nothing bad to say about the author s prose, because it fits the fast moving story perfectly.The author has an interesting way of introducing the characters to the readers At the beginning of the story the Lieutenant circles behind the Marines and places files before each Marine and a short description of the Marine is given to the readers.Robert Friedrich keeps the action going strong from start to finish and knows how to keep up suspense He writes fluently about what happens to the Marines and how they face an enemy that s beyond anything they have ever encountered before The Marines have to fight against dead and uncontrollable bodies and bizarre creatures, so there s quite a lot of action, gore and violence in this novel.In my opinion the author writes about Corey and his attempts to stay alive in an exciting and entertaining way By focusing on Corey he manages to keep the story interesting, because the action scenes are described from his point of view One of the highlights of this novel is the scene in which Corey finds a report summary and learns new things about Mars and the force of evil.I like the way the author writes about the creatures and the Evil, because he effectively shocks his readers with new surprises He managed to describe the creatures in an interesting way that reminded a bit of the way the monsters were introduced and seen in Ridley Scott s Alien, James Cameron s Aliens and John Carpenter s The Thing.I give Seed of Evil An Ancient Evil Rises four stars for its entertainment and excitement values I can recommend this short novel to fans of fast paced military science fiction It will also be of interest to readers who are interested in horror stories, because it s an entertaining combination of science fiction, horror and action.My final words are This short novel is good and fast paced sci fi horror entertainment S U C K S no stars In Seed of Evil we meet our hero Corey, C.J Phoniex, as his squad his heading into space to find out why there was no communication from the colony on Mars There is non stop action from the first page til the last The overall layout of the short story is reminiscent of an action adventure video game After reaching the planet and discovering what appears to be a raging storm over the colony, C.J and his company take it upon themselves to investigate the situation further Once inside a startling realization is made as the colony once populated by humans has now been enveloped by an eclectic array of monstrosities The amount of action and violence elicits memories of an action adventure style of video game , in which our hero tests his mettle against a multitude of obstacles including fodder enemies, advanced enemies, and the loss of valued members of his team To assist him on his journey our hero is paired with a plethora of unique weapons and abilities After reading Seed of Evil, I was able to walk away satisfied with the size and overall scope of the story I had been told I am anxiously awaiting the next installment of the saga, and to see where the story takes our new found hero. Disclaimer I received an e copy in exchange for an honest review.There s a military base on Mars, and Earth has lost all contact with it A rag tag squad of hooligan Marines has been tasked with figuring out what happened, and they figure it s going to be just another in and out before they can get back to what they do best However, this is going to be anything but an ordinary missionThis story reminded me of bits and parts of several other sci fi interests of mine, such as Prometheus and Event Horizon, just to name a couple It s certainly a very intriguing one, and it definitely doesn t lack for mystery and action I don t want to say too much for risk of giving away any of the plot, but suffice it to say I would be greatly interested in reading along this storyline, as I found it truly fascinating, especially within the last 30 pages or so.4 stars Free book for honest review juliesbookreview.blogspot.comThe question is Is there life on Mars Was there ever Was it good or evil Corey wakes in the hospital why is he here is only the beginning Mars and the moon are both being colonized Mars is being mined and while doing so they uncovered a structure that resembles a temple As top scientist and archeological minds went to investigate something goes wrong There has been no contact from Mars in 5 days Cory and his crew are sent to figure out what happened They are headed on to this planet not knowing what they will encounter Nothing prepared them for what awaited them on Mars Fire, smoke and desolate no visible life remained What should be a easy search and rescue ends up being a fight for their life As Cory s crew is picked up one by one, Cory keeps fighting with all he has He will encounter a something so full of great and powerful evil that Cory himself will have to become much stronger with every move he makes Friedrich knows how to grab a reader and keep him on the edge of your seat I was blown away by how fast pace this read was It started out fantastic and never let go At times you could visually see the fight Cory had to endure Cory was a very strong character and very brave Again what a wonderful read and still makes you wonder Was there life on mars 5 Shiny StarsWende Terrible book It read like a made for tv movie that featured the main characters from Aliens but took place in the DooM video game Actually, that description makes it sound like it could be cool, but its really, really not.I wish 0 stars was an option. The first book of the Saga of Evil series is an action packed sci fi thriller that begins with a man named Corey, who wakes up in a hospital and is asked to recount his failed mission to Mars Between short snippets of monologue from Corey, the bulk of the story unfolds as one large flashback, following Corey as he fights ancient monsters that were awakened by previous explorers.Seed of Evil is written in the format of a kickass video game Corey s team is ambushed, and he is left as the sole survivor on a decimated planet where a military base once prospered After he fights some demonic monsters, he gains mysterious powers leveling up , and then goes on to fight bigger, badder bad guys, until he meets face to face with what one might compare to the boss of classic video games This is a formula that works well with the fast pace of the book, but it is somewhat predictable.read at UndergroundBookReviews dot com &FREE ↶ Seed of Evil ☊ THE SAGA OF EVIL BEGINS From A Distant Galaxy Far Beyond Our Time, The Most Ancient Of All EVIL Awoke Before Descending Upon Our Unsuspecting Galaxy The Planet It Reached Never Faced Such A Threat, But Didn T Submit To It, Either In A Final Attempt To Survive, A Prison Between Dimensions Was Built, The Last Hope To Hold The DARK POWER For An Eternity The Planet Withered And Died, And Its People Found A New Refuge Among The Stars That Planet Is Now Known As Mars But Even Eternity Doesn T Last Forever Ignorance And An Infantile Arrogance Of A Nation Leads To Its Release And Once Again, It Only Leaves Death In Its Wake Read The Fast Paced Sci Fi Horror, Where The Elements Of OCCULT Meet With An Advanced MILITARY Thriller, Wrapped In A Colossal Battle Between Good And Evil The First Part Of A New, Long Awaited Saga, From The Internationally Renowned Author Of The Darkness Within Will Give You A Gulp Of A SMASH HIT And Will Leave You Wanting This book is for everyone who likes to read fast paced story and fill the details on own skin I read others reviews where people suggested, that they fill like in the game However when there are not such moving pictures as cinema, video, games as comparison, the true expression would be that the author had drawn the reader inside the story because of his alive and vivid style of writing I have to admit that there are only a few authors who have this talent within the minimum of words to express the utmost atmosphere and feelings in such way that the reader doesn t have time to breathe.I recommend this book for all who are not afraid to be part of such intense experience. IntenseI liked the storyline and characters but I feel like there should have been a little building of the relationships between the main and secondary characters, to give us readers a better connection with Corey But in all it was a great story