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This book was a great read [Free Kindle] ♪ Forever and Ever ♿ Following A Car Accident, Lucy Kinsella Wakens After Five Years In A Coma She Experiences Terrifying Hallucinations, And With The Help Of A Psychologist, She Discovers That She Actually Lived The Lives Of The Spirits Who Visit Her A Series Of Child Abductions In The Area Of Whitby, Scarborough And North Yorkshire Results In A Gruesome Cannibalistic Discovery A Nationwide Manhunt Follows, As The Suspect Flees Attempting To Unravel The Mystery Of Lucy S Ghostly Visitors, A Team Of Ghost Hunters Conduct An Experiment At The Eerie Setting Of St Mary S Graveyard, Perched On The Cliffs Above The Resort Of Whitby The Frightening Events That Follow Unlock But Part Of This Enigma Lucy Meets James Meredith, A Man Who When Under Hypnosis Also Seemed To Remember Past Lives Together, The Couple Discover Something So Incredible And Coincidental, Or Is It Fate Could They Be Somehow Involved With What Is Happening To The Children Of North Yorkshire A Spine Chilling Thriller With A Terrifying Finale This spooky, gruesome tale of a young girl who has visions of past events is written in such a style that I did not want it to end A truly frightening story, definitely not for the squeamish I will definitely read by this author. Fast paced and great characters with an unusual theme Not for the squeamish, but very interesting. Guess I am in the minority here because the reviews are all raving about this book and I thought it not very good at all If the author could skip all the dialogues the book would be better because the way people talk in this book is weird and does not flow at all That being said I liked some parts of the story, especially the here and now of a serial killer but all the mumbo jumbo about the past spoiled it Not recommending but there are others that do like it. I enjoyed the book despite it being outside my usual reading genre The plot is well thought out and presented in easy reading chapters I enjoyed the main character and would have liked her experiences to be indepth as these formed the main thread of the story Still, there are enough twists and turns to keep you guessing right up to the end Highly recommended for a weekend, or holiday read.