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Mr Philip Marlowe, is six feet tall, and weighing 190 lbs man, women find quite attractive, maybe a tough guy, to many onlookers, in a sleazy, and a low paying occupation, too, but is not a superhero, no eyes in the back of the head, when someone smashes his skull with a club, from behind, bigger, stronger men can, and do beat him to a bloody pulp, but the private detective is relentless and will get up A kind of honestly is his code, but does bend a little for his needs constantly smoking cigarettes, drinking hard liquor, and chasing careless women, not always, he doesn t partake while sleeping In a routine, cheap case , when he can collect his fee of trying to find a runaway, Greek husband, Marlowe, on Central Avenue in Los Angeles, 1940, gazes at the titanic, and dangerous Moose Malloy, on an incessant mission, this former jailbird, is six and a half feet tall, 260 lbs., dwarfs the amazed , private eye, the recent, unwisely released bank robber, is looking for his lost love , the mysterious, cute, redhead, Velma, enters the shady establishment, the Florian , nearby, he worked in, eight long years ago, then a nightclub, now a gambling den, not legal, but in this city, no questions are asked soon a man goes flying out the door landing in the gutter, the dumb Moose, returns, grabs Philip like he s a paper doll, and takes him upstairs, his shoes hardly touch the steps, after a brief argument, the bouncer, bounces very high, Mr.Malloy opens the door, he wants information, now not realizing, things have changed, to an office, in the back, does not get anya homicide occurs, the unstoppable force has been let loose The cops don t trust Mr.Marlowe, even the honest ones, asking him many questions, and they do not like his answers, threatening to take away his license, he has heard that before, finally let him walk out of their dingy, downtown , police headquarters, still all the troubles aren t yet any of his concern A new case that pays well, 100 bucks, just to be a bodyguard, his client, the nervous Mr Lindsay Marriott, maybe a loathsome gigolo, he dresses well , though, and has good manners, involved with the wife of a multi millionaire, among others, the beautiful Mrs Lewin Helen Grayle , but money doesn t smell, not always things go dark and when Philip awakes, at night, in the lonely canyon, his client is no Marlowe will have to travels through the unsavory, with corruption everywhere he goes, mostly in the nearby, small town of Bay City, Santa Monica meeting pretentious quacks, political bosses, dirty cops, drug pushing doctors, visiting gambling boats, off the coast, the rich creeps too, even a good girl , who scares him and with little help, to solve several murders Raymond Chandler, describes Los Angeles, as nobody before or after has, the underbelly and upper crust, all of it, he knows how to write, his plots are not what s important in his novels, but characterization, style, pace, atmosphere and witty dialogue, that few authors can ever reach or even attempt to, talent is inherited, out of many, only the giants will climb the heights of the eternal scribe. Excerpts from a dinner honoring the 2016 winner of the Otis Chandler Award for Literary CriticismAudience Question You re known for your essay on the Kantian aesthetic of disinterested judgment as seen in the works of James Joyce, William Gaddis, and Dan Brown Are there other authors or titles that come to mind, perhaps evenfocused on the primacy of style Steve Well, let s see Maybe the first book I read where a certain shadowy deportment really popped as a pure statement of style was Raymond Chandler s Farewell, My Lovely The book itself was a cannibalization of three earlier short stories of his Whereas the stories were neatly contained as standalones, the edits in piecing them together wereslapdash, sacrificing both congruency and clarity in the process Chandler responded saying, My whole career is based on the idea that the formula doesn t matter, the thing that counts is what you do with the formula that is to say, it is a matter of style And of course that hard boiled, noir feel of his is prevalent to this day Audience Question I may be taking you further afield, but is this visual, visceral style brought on by Chandler one that necessarily de emphasizes plot Steve I don t think so Style is not everything Nor is image, much as Andre Agassi would have us believe on Canon s behalf Further, Audience Question interrupting what would surely have been an insightful elaboration on the topic of substance v style But think back to the movies When you picture Bogie and Bacall in The Big Sleep, do you remember the on screen chemistry and the wise guy patter, or is it a plot detail, something like the perp who stole the falcon, that stuck with you Steve Actually, wasn t that Dashiell Audience member blurting out For me, it s Bogie and Bacall Even in black and white they sizzle Steve Admittedly, HumpBac, as I like to call them retrofitting a nickname were iconic, but Another audience member Those couple combo names have kind of run their course, don t you think Who s even together at this point Certainly not Brangelina TomKat no Zanessa no Yet another voice from the audience What about Bennifer Are they It s hard to keep track And another I don t think so I suppose Lizard that is, Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton were the first of the on again, off again power couples.Host I m afraid we may be veering off course as litterateurs, my friends This isn t an episode of I Love Lucy, after all Should we redirect ourselves Steve Steve Actually, that s often how it works with me seemingly on point for brief spurts before devolving into flapdoodle Besides, I just thought of another one Lucille Ball Desi Arnaz They d be Ba, Bu, bu, b Susan Steve s lovely You re mumbling in your sleep again.Steve Huh Susan Must be another pizza dream.Steve Yeah, shaking cobwebs from his head that and the bibimbap I had for lunch With extra hot sauce.Susan So what were you dreaming Steve Ha, I think I was getting some kind of award and spouting complete nonsense, like in one of my Goodreads reviews where I have nothing to say but say it anyway The only thing I remember from it is groping for a certain word.Susan Do you remember what it is Steve Yeah Ballsy Steve continuing, somewhat incredulous I know, it doesn t make any sense to me either Susan Hmm Definitely a pizza dream. First of all I m so partial to R.Chandler s books that I d easily give only the titles three stars,and this gem is definitely a five star title.Apart from this sentimental love and hate story,I m ALWAYS impressed by the characters speaking like they carry a book of wit and humor,to the point that I ll start picking up sharp edged setences from here and add them to my daily conversation.The plot is a bit comlicated with rugged and overused narrative and minor parts,but the main irresistible characters beautifully cancel them out Of his novels,I d say this is one of the best character driven ones.It was published in 1940,and the content is somewhat old fashioned,but every time I open this book,I can meet timeless Philip Marlowe,a man of principle.Just for this reason,I ll be reading it forever. She s a nice girl Not my type You don t like them nice He had another cigarette going The smoke was being fanned away from his face by his hand I like smooth shiny girls, hardboiled and loaded with sin Hey, copper, it s how I talk, see MahhhhhhThis was exactly what the doctor ordered after a blitz of wonderful yet terribly earnest books, one after the other This classic noir was everything I needed A handsome private dick ahem , a heist of some rare jade jewels, mysterious beauties, lots of alcohol, clever wisecracks, and great writing. Farewell, My Lovely Philip Marlowe, 2 , Raymond ChandlerFarewell, My Lovely is a novel by Raymond Chandler, published in 1940, the second novel he wrote featuring the Los Angeles private eye Philip Marlowe It was adapted for the screen three times and was also adapted for the stage and radio 2017 1395 290 9786008066484 2 2 20 . Philip Marlowe is looking for a woman s missing husband when he encounters Moose Malloy, a brute fresh out of prison, looking for his lost love Velma Moose kills a man and Marlowe gets corralled into looking for the missing Velma In the mean time, Marlowe gets another gig as a bodyguard and soon winds up with a corpse for a client Will Marlowe find Velma and get to the bottom of things As I ve said before, noir fiction and I go together like chronic constipation and heroin addiction Farewell, My Lovely, Philip Marlowe s soph adventure, is one of the better noir tales I ve ever read.I wasn t completely sold on Farewell, My Lovely at first It seemed like it took a little longer to get started than the Big Sleep Once Marlowe got warmed up and I forgave it for not being The Big Sleep, I was completely absorbed by the writing Chandler s poetic prose only got better in the gap between the Big Sleep and this book There were evenquotable lines in this one Chandler s similes reminded me of P.G Wodehouse s at times, maybe the kind old Plum would write if he was in the grips of a powerful hangover I lit a cigarette It tasted like a plumber s handkerchief As for the plot, it s only slightly less convoluted than the Big Sleep The two cases didn t intersect much until the end and I only guessed the big twist a paragraph or two before it happened As with the previous book, the prose was the star of the show Marlowe took so many blows to the head in this one that I had sympathy pains while reading it.While I wouldn t say it s as good as The Big Sleep, Farewell, My Lovely is a classic and not to be missed by noir fans Four easy stars. .FREE ⚇ Farewell, My Lovely ⚒ Marlowe S About To Give Up On A Completely Routine Case When He Finds Himself In The Wrong Place At The Right Time To Get Caught Up In A Murder That Leads To A Ring Of Jewel Thieves, Another Murder, A Fortune Teller, A Couple Murders, And Corruption Than Your Average Graveyard Phillip Marlowe is one of the most famous and influential characters in detective fiction He s also a racist alcoholic, and after all the blows to the head he routinely takes, he s almost certainly suffering from post concussion syndrome so you gotta question his judgment.But he s also the guy that says things like thisIt was a blonde A blonde to make a bishop kick a hole in a stained glass window And thisHe looked about as inconspicuous as a tarantula on a slice of angel food cake And thisI needed a drink, I needed a lot of life insurance, I needed a vacation, I needed a home in the country What I had was a coat, a hat and a gun I put them on and went out of the room So I always find myself making allowances for Marlowe s bad habits and personal failings.Marlowe is working a boring job trying to find a missing husband when he has the bad luck to come across Moose Malloy Malloy is a giant hulk of a man who just got out of prison and is looking for his lost love, Velma Unfortunately, Moose is kind of simple and doesn t know his own strength so he ends up killing somebody when asking questions As a witness, Marlowe tells the cops what he saw and is coerced into trying to find Velma by a lazy detective However, a real paying job as a bodyguard for a guy delivering a ransom for the return of stolen jewelry comes up so Marlowe ditches the Malloy mess But things don t go quite as expected.One of the better Chandler novels, this is pretty typical Marlowe The plot doesn t make a lot of sense, but that s not really important It s all about atmosphere and attitude If you can get past the casual racism that litters the early chapters, you ll find one of the classics of noir fiction. It s impossible to think of anything that might be remotely fresh and interesting to say about this book It s a classic of crime fiction it was first published in 1940, and it s been reviewed thousands of times, mostly by people farcompetent than I.Suffice it to say that this is the second full length novel featuring Los Angeles detective Philip Marlowe, following The Big Sleep, which had been published in 1939 Marlowe was the prototype for all the tough, wise cracking P.I.s that would follow, and Chandler was really the first crime fiction writer to fully exploit the setting of Los Angeles Scores of writers have followed in his footsteps, but very few have succeeded as well as Chandler did.As the book opens, Marlowe is searching for a missing husband when he encounters a mountain of a man named Moose Malloy who is staring up at a bar above the barber shop where Marlowe had hoped to find the aforementioned missing husband Malloy, fresh out of prison after an eight year stretch, is looking for his lost love, Velma Malloy hasn t heard from Velma in all of that time, but that has not quenched his affections for the woman who used to work in the bar.Eight years is a long time, and in the interim, the bar, which used to be a white establishment, has now become an African American one, although in 1940, no one would have described the place quite that politely Well, one thing leads to another and Malloy drags Marlowe up the stairs and begins demanding answers from the people in the bar who, not surprisingly, have never heard of Velma.Malloy winds up killing someone in the bar and takes off, leaving Marlowe to explain things to the cops From that point on, Marlowe is entangled in Malloy s search As a sideline, he also takes a job body guarding a guy who is trying to exchange cash for a valuable jade necklace that was stolen from a friend.Neither job is simple and neither turns out very well, and before long, Marlowe is up to his neck in trouble with the cops and a whole lot of other people as well Before it s all over, he ll be beat up, doped up, pushed around, and lied to, but it s all in the nature of the job.The plot really doesn t make a lot of sense, but nobody reads Chandler for the plot The book is beautifully written with one great line following another Through Marlowe, Chandler rolls back the curtain and exposes the seamy side of pre war L.A It s not a pretty sight, and you sometimes get the impression that Marlowe might be the only honest, decent man in the state The Big Sleep may be one of the greatest crime novels ever written, and it s an impossible act to follow, even for Raymond Chandler I like this book a lot, but I don t think it s quite on a par with the first book in the series A solid 4.5 stars for me. Como ya dije antes, no me ha gustado nada de nada Es m s, me ha encantado Desde luego Raymond Chandler supo crear un personaje nico, ir nico y humano que a d a de hoy sigue enamorando al lector.