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This book was an absolute train wreck Having been a fan of and read all 3 previous Odd Thomas novels, I was very disappointed with this book This novel could have been condensed to about 200 pages There was way too much filler information I became frustrated when the plot would drag, and then as it seemed to be moving along, it would go off track once again Maybe this was Koontz s intended style, but I found it too much and annoying.I don t need a biography on Sinatra or a Wikipedia article on the habits of coyotes Odds sarcastic wit humor was way overdone to the point it lost its effectiveness and became old I also found many of the parts of this story very predictable All and all, I m not bashing Koontz as I ve read many of his novels and have been a fan But this book left a lot to be desired and I hope the next OT novel is greatly improved. I really love Odd Thomas as a character He is a very lovable, warm and caring sole The book however was not great I have read 4 books in this series now and I m sad to say that after the first brilliant book I ve yet to read another that has been half as good. Odd Thomas is back in a brand new action packed adventure When he ends up on the coastal town of Magic Bay with his ghost dog Boo and ghost travelling companion the singer Frank Sinatra, Odd Thomas decided to work for silent film star Hutch It is only when his psychic magnetism attracts him to a young woman Annamaria who is in danger of being killed by bad guys who plan to destroy the world Can Odd save her and the world Read on and find out for yourself.This was a great installment of the Odd Thomas series which was very action packed and I look forward to reading book 5 in the future Look for the Odd Thomas series at your local library and wherever books are sold. Three stars may be the fewest I d ever give a Dean Koontz book Koontz fans of which I am one love Odd Thomas and his unpredictable supernatural abilities, troubled but simple life, and drive to do good in the world This installment in the Odd Thomas saga, though, fell a bit short of the mark There are wonderful passages Koontz has an amazing gift for description that is never cliche or vague But this is one of the books in which the entire story takes place in just one day I don t care for this because it necessitates painfully long segments in which Odd s every thought and step, every tiny nuance of what he sees, hears, smells, or wonders must be explored Also, Odd is away from Pico Mundo, and even from the monastery where he spent the last book, because he is frequently called somewhere to prevent an unknown atrocity He usually has a fascinating, eclectic cast of supporting characters, but they were weaker than usual in this book I totally don t get Annamaria, and I didn t appreciate the vague allusions at the conclusion suggesting some possible tie to his lost love, Stormy Llwellyn The plot was OK, but hasn t the scary, maniacal terrorist thing been a bit done to death And it clearly ended with the next novel already set up, which makes for a very unsatisfying end to the current one. [ KINDLE ] ♧ Odd Hours ♪ Only A Handful Of Fictional Characters Are Recognized By First Name Alone Dean Koontz S Odd Thomas Is One Such Literary Hero Who Has Come Alive In Listeners Imaginations As He Explores The Greatest Mysteries Of This World And The Next With His Inimitable Wit, Heart, And Quiet GallantryNow Koontz Follows Odd As He Is Irresistibly Drawn Onward, To A Destiny He Cannot Imagine The Legend Began In The Obscure Little Town Of Pico Mundo A Fry Cook Named Odd Was Rud To Have The Extraordinary Ability To Communicate With The Dead Through Tragedy And Triumph, Exhilaration And Heartbreak, Word Of Odd Thomas Gifts Filtered Far Beyond Pico Mundo, Attracting Unforgettable New Friends And Enemies Of Implacable Evil With Great Gifts Comes The Responsibility To Meet Great Challenges But No Mere Human Being Was Ever Meant To Face The Darkness That Now Stalks The World Not Even One As Oddly Special As Odd ThomasAfter Grappling With The Very Essence Of Reality Itself, After Finding The Veil Separating Him From His Soul Mate, Stormy Llewellyn, Tantalizingly Thin Yet Impenetrable, Odd Longed Only To Return To A Life Of Quiet Anonymity With His Two Otherworldly Sidekicks His Dog, Boo, And A New Companion, One Of The Few Who Might Rival His Old Pal Elvis But A True Hero, However Humble, Must PersevereHaunted By Dreams Of An All Encompassing Red Tide, Odd Is Pulled Inexorably To The Sea, To A Small California Coastal Town Where Nothing Is As It Seems Now The Forces Arrayed Against Him Have Both Official Sanction And An Infinitely Sinister Authorityand In This Dark Night Of The Soul, Dawn Will Come Only After The Most Shattering Revelations Of All Dean Koontz P Brilliance Audio I was excited to see that Koontz had written another Odd Thomas book I like the character, and I find his paranormal abilities fascinating But this was by far my least favorite of the OT books While this one has an interesting premise Odd is drawn to the small coastal town of Magic Beach, CA by apocalyptic nightmares , I found the execution very lacking Again, Koontz really needs to cut down on witty dialogue It just isn t as clever or endearing as he thinks it is Increasingly, I find myself just skimming long exchanges, whether they re between friends or foes, because they don t add to the story Given the urgency of the situation in this book, there was just far too much of it.Second, I did not care for the open ended way Koontz closes this book We deserved to get of an explanation of who or what Annamaria is I didn t find her enigmatic, I found her annoyingly cliche and poorly written She struck me as a waste of time, as she didn t factor into this story, truly All the open threads only left me frustrated, NOT looking forward to the next book.And reallypoltergeist Sinatra Really, Dean Just as fabulous as I expected out of the Odd Thomas series Koontz even manages to reference another of his novels, not at all related to the world of Odd Thomas, if you catch it In the beginning Odd is wearing a sweatshirt with the words Mystery Train across the front that he got at a thrift store Die hard Koontz fans will recognize the Mystery Train from Christopher Snow s world in Seize the Night Does this mean Snow and Odd might eventually cross paths There s something I would like to read.Anyway, trivia aside, Odd continues to hold the heart of his reader with his utter lack of guile lovely habit of editing the bad languange of everyone around him Koontz has definitely found us a hero we can love without any reserve.There is a definite cliff hanger at the end of this book, promising us that our love affair with Odd need not end yet The questions of who exactly is Annamarie, how were those prarie dogs than what they were, will Odd ever be reunited with Stormy will keep me in suspense of the next.The action was a little fast paced in this novel than I usually like there was a real lack of development of any characters other than Odd, which kind of bothered me I missed Odd s friends in Pico Mundo although I loved the addition of Boo Frank Sinatra Although, I have to say I loved Elvis , but perhaps only because he was so much developed involved in Odd s world Not even Sinatra was able to break through the fast pace of this book.Although I loved the book, I think Koontz kind of hurried through writing it I missed the great characters deep thought that usually goes into his books I hope that in the next one Sinatra will develop into someone we can love Boo Raphael will hold of a place than getting Odd out of only one mess It wasn t nearly as good as Brother Odd, but we ll give you one chance to redeem yourself, Koontz, before we lambast you for just selling the commercial ness Odd.Still worth the read, though, Odd lovers. I m so annoyed with myself for abandoning this series for so long as I was enjoying it and its been tough to get back into the swing of things I didnt enjoy the book as much as I should have because I couldnt really remember what had happened previously.I also felt that this book was full of fillers Not a lot happened and what did felt dragged out I m pretty sure the first few books in the series weren t like this Anyway I feel I m getting back into this now so I shall jump straight into Odd Interlude to keep the momentum going I m giving this book two stars with a caviate that my lack of enjoyment could be down to my abandonment. I enjoyed the fourth installment of this series Odd finds himself helping a woman named Annamarie while trying to save the town of Magic Beach There were a few twist in this book and I enjoyed the read Odd is one of my favorite characters in books.