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FREE BOOK Ý War Between the Pitiful Teachers and the Splendid Kids ⚡ Shark Infested Rice Pudding Didn T Work Eating Mrs Jerome Didn T Work Even Stealing Mr Snockadocka S Beloved Grammar Charts Didn T Work There Was Only One Choice Left And That Was War And What A War It Was The Kids Had Skinny Malinky, The Worst Kid Of Them All But The Teachers Had Mr Foreclosure The Kids Had Big Alice, But The Teachers Had The Rococo Knight The Kids Had Honor, Truth, Justice, And Freedom On Their Side The Teachers HadThe Status Quo Solidifier The Staus Quo Solidifier, The Insidious Plan Of Scheming Mr Foreclosure, Would Turn The Kids Into Perfect Young People Before They Knew It But Skinny Malinky Knew It, And He Vowed Revenge But First Things First It All Started At A School Called Scratchland, Where There Was A Rule For Every Exception And An Exception To Every Rule I don t think I m in the target audience for this book at all I actually rather enjoyed school, and while I see the humor in the story, it just didn t grab me in any way.I think this book might do very well for 8 11 year olds who aren t having any fun with reading, but as someone who s always loved reading and is certainly out of that age bracket, it s just not for me. I ve been trying to remember and find this book for years on my own I finally broke down and posted my vague and possibly wrongly muddled by time description of it on my library blog and a wonderful colleague thought it sounded like this book And it was.You may be able to imagine the kind of deep psychological relief I felt to have this particular book found It was like not being able to remember a word for years and finally someone s like OH, you mean So the book had assumed this importance to me that I wasn t even sure was due to the enjoyment I had orginally gotten from reading the book in the first place It was important enough that I wanted to remember it in the first place, but I wasn t sure if the apparent fruitlessness of the search had made it exponentially important.It holds up well and was probably my first encounter with magical realism as opposed to mythology fantasy, which I had already read and lurved , which is probably why it stuck in my head There s a teacher eating scene that I remember reading over and over again in disbelief This time around I didn t identify with the kids as much as before, but I also wasn t on the teacher side For this reason the war itself seemed arbitrary than I remembered But, yeah, basically still an awesome book PS Once I had the title again, I checked back to my home library s card catalog and they still have the copy I first read I should just go back there and relive my early reading life I owe that library a lot, imagination wise. I can t think or talk about this book without choking up Ms Hartwig, my sixth grade teacher in primary school assigned this book She was already a mature woman by then and I still wonder what was in her subversive heart when she chose this book.When a book for twelve year olds has villains with something called The Status Quo Solidifier, and the hero is a near outcast named Skinny Malinsky, well, you know you re in for a yarn and a caper.As far as I can tell it is out of print If you find a copy, get it Read it for yourself first, then give it to your kid, your niece, your nephew, anyone It might seem slight or absurd to an adult But I guarantee you that ten year old in your life will love it.But remember when you read it, you can t read it with your grown up heart You have to dig deep, go back, find that ten or eleven or twelve year old You have to go back to when the seedling of your intellect had just begun to soak in the sun When you began to ask questions Why Says who Why do the grown ups whisper when that talk about that Why are they obviously lying to me about this Can t they tell that I can tell they re holding something back Find that kid, open this book, and read. Absolutely my favorite childrens book growing up this book was not about classroom hijinks but, rather, a war, of sorts, between children and teachers Combat, diplomacy, deceit, and treachery I tracked down a few copies, so you can borrow one from me if you d like to check it out.