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This is not an easy book to read but if you have teenagers or young adults in your life you should definitely take up the challenge I could not put it down.As the book opens, Stephanie is a 15 year old aspiring to become a professional dancer She has her dance, her friends and everything a teenager could want living in the big city of Sydney, Australia After she moves with her family to a smaller town all so they can be together her life begins to plummet into a downward spiral of drugs, alcohol and much The girls in the new town hate her, especially after she captures the heart of the most popular boy in school When she moves back to Sydney to attend her old school and find her old life, things just get worse.I think the author did an awesome job of developing Stephanie s character At the beginning of the book, Stephanie is a typical 15 year old By the end, though she is 16, she seems very much grown up Her experiences put her way past her peers and that makes sense.While the subject matter is graphic, the author was able to write in such a way that you knew what was happening and you could feel a response emotionally to the character but you didn t feel like this was a book that, as a Christian, you couldn t continue to read I don t want to give away the ending but, as a reader, I would have wished it had ended another way I hope Michelle picks up Stephanie s story in another book I would definitely read. Spiralling Out of Control Michelle Dennis Evans This is as real as it gets How easily a young person with no secure caregiver can move from a normal lifestyle to one ruined by drugs, alcohol and all the complexities of teenage sex.This is no story for those who prefer to see a difficult life experience described in cotton wool Well done Michelle, I couldn t put it down Susan Spiralling Out of Control was a challenging read, a hard read I almost didn t finish it, but not because it was badly written On the contrary, it was written with such painful reality that I found it hard to go on But, I am glad I followed through to the end, for there was a glimmer of hope that I am sure will stretch into the sequel to come.This is the kind of novel that is a must read for teenagers as an eye opener as to what a few bad choices, and hiding said choices from your family, can lead to It also serves as a warning to parents, to really invest time into their teenagers and be aware of what they do with their lives.Congratulations to Michelle on a great debut novel I was so heartbroken for Steph as I neared the end, and I hope she can turn her life around in the next book Spiralling Out of Control is not for the faint hearted, definitely for readers fifteen years and up.Thanks to the author for a free review copy. Spiralling Out of Control is a gripping read Fifteen year old Stephanie Stronge s life changes drastically when the family moves from Sydney to Toowoomba Cut off from her friends, no longer willing to follow her passion for dance, brushed off her parents, bullied and hassled at her new school, Stephanie sinks into deep depression until she meets good looking senior, Jason Her life appears to be improving or is it This book pulls no punches It sensitively explores the motivations and pathways that can lead to destructive life choices Despite the young age of the protagonist the book is for the older YA audience Despite it s dark themes it finishes on a note of hope I look forward to reading the sequel I received a free kindle copy for review purposes. Steph s life changes when she moves away from all her friends and a metropolitan lifestyle she loves in Sydney Unhappy at her parents decision to buy a home in Toowoomba, a rural town she considers a hole , she throws in her dancing She hates her new school and the students there until she meets Jason, a senior who shows than a passing interest in her.At first Jason is sweet and accommodating, keeping to her rules to hold off on the intimate aspects of a relationship But gradually, as he begins to pressure her, she is caught in an emotional whirlwind a turmoil of conflict in wanting to please him, feeling the need for his love and desire of her but also realising his increasing abuse of her.A great YA novel showing how slowly, inexorably, one small decision under pressure can lead to a bigger decision Soon Steph is back in Sydney, boarding with her best friend Tabbie But Jason s there too soon she s living with him, working her butt off in ways than one to support his partying lifestyle And getting deeper and deeper into the dark underbelly of a world she s increasingly terrified to be part of.This book comes with a recommendation, suggesting a reading audience of 16 Spiralling Out Of Control is a great title for Michelle Dennis Evan s novel People s lives spiral out of control one decision at a time Stephanie s life takes a downward turn after a move to the country, away from her supportive friends and dance school.Being bullied and feeling like her life has been stolen been from her, she turns her back on pursuing her great love, dancing She makes one bad decision after another and life spins out of control.Before she knows it, she s in way over her head, with seemingly no way out.The positive voice of her friend, Tabbie brings a voice of reason, but we don t always listen to reason do we As a parent, you pray your own kids won t get sidetracked from the amazing life you pray and hope for, but at the end of the day, they make their own decisions and have to live with the consequences This novel encourages parents to keep the conversation going with their kids and to keep tabs on what s happening It doesn t stop them making mistakes, but at least they will feel safe sharing their lives with you, giving you a chance to have input at pivotal moments.Friends are very important to this age group and everyone needs a friend like Tabbie who is willing to stick with you, tell the truth and love you no matter what I m looking forward to reading of Stephanie s story as Michelle spins it out in future novels It s gritty and real, but has has an empathic heart towards the trial and tribulations teenagers face. Set in Australia, this is a story about a fifteen year old girl named Stephanie who spirals out of control and goes from popular student with so much potential, to a drop out involved with sex and drugs After moving away from all her friends in Sydney, Steph finds herself bullied at the new school, neglected by her parents, and in desperate need to find a connection with someone, anyone.I love the occasional use of verse scattered throughout the novel The poetry sometimes portrayed raw emotion in its simplicity than the main body of the novel I got the impression this was because, since the story is written through Steph s point of view, she was able to express herself through the freedom of verse than she could with her family and friends.Because I became so deeply invested in the character of Stephanie, the story became increasingly difficult to read as I watched her fall further into her downward spiral I kept wondering what would make Steph wake up and take control At each terrible event, I d think, this is it , but she kept making catastrophic decisions and all the adults around her turned a blind eye, or made things worse.It s a heart wrenching story of how easy it is to fall so far It s an unsettling read, but one that will stay with me for a long while. Through a gripping moving YA novel, Michelle Dennis Evans has really captured the raw emotions struggles that many teens are faced with today A must read for young adults parents. A lot of people will find this story confronting The teenage angst oozes off the pages, making the main character both believable and confronting Telling it like it is , is a hard and dangerous pill to swallow, and although I can t say I found this story entirely enjoyable, the fact is, I don t think it was written as a feel good read I can see where this story will give parents a vital insight into the teenage mind, and it will give teenagers an insight into the slippery slope of bad decision making It has amazing potential to inspire real change in both parenting, and teen attitudes Read it. `Free Kindle ⇥ Spiralling Out of Control ⇝ Temptation, Depression, Seduction, Betrayal Not What Stephanie Was Expecting At Fifteen Years Of Age Uprooted From Her Happy, All Girl High School Life With A Dream Filled Future And Thrown Into An Unfriendly Co Ed School, Stephanie Spirals Into Depression When Charismatic High School Senior, Jason Notices Her, Stephanie Jumps In Feet First And Willingly Puts All Her Faith And Trust In Him, A Boy She Barely Knows Every Choice She Makes And Turn She Takes Leads Her Towards A Dangerous Path Her Best Friend Is Never Far Away And Ready To Catch Her But Will She Push Tabbie Too Far Away When She Needs Her Most Recommended Reading Audience