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5 Twisted StarsGenre Dystopia Horror Zombie ApocalypticType Book 2 of The Dead Saga SeriesPOV First Person MultipleThis book opens up with the reality that Nina finds herself yet in a different type of hell, a new nightmare She feels betrayed and yet she wants to keep going to protect the ones she cares for Nina honestly is someone you can look out to because in her weakness she finds strength She always ends up sacrificing herself to protect others At the end of the last book, Nina is at the mercy of the forgotten They are cruel and I freaking hate them The things they did to Nina I can t even breathe thinking about it Mikey was devastated because they made him watch her suffer However he promised he would get them out of that mess even if he had to do things he hated.We meet new characters, some just briefly but others play a major part in the series Hilary and Deacon are a couple that have a story running parallel with that of Nina and her crew All the events leading towards the end left me on the edge And what crazy ending I mean what in the world Ahhh Claire has delivered another incredible ride packed with suspense, action, blood, and the twisted plot that you will not see coming Readers who enjoy this type of writing should grab this series because I guarantee you will not be dissapointed MY STATUS WHILE READINGMe in the beginning NOOOOO crying so hard everything hurts Later I was Then I was Then I was like Then I was ThenAnd the ending of course claire evil c riley is the best at it LOL Book Series Order I was given this book in exchange for an honest review High five Claire C Riley Wow and holy effing crap and OKI will calm down now and write a proper review The trick will be to write as spoiler free of a review as possible so as NOT to ruin it for those who have yet to devour this delicious and gross treatbut there is just SO much that happens in this awesome continuation of OdiumI don t know quite where to begin Nina, Mikey and Emily manage to escape the Forgotten along with a companion for Emily who helps them..but not until they have experienced so much horror and violence that none of them get away unscathedin fact the first chapters of the book are so filled with action and gore and horrible abuse that I wanted to cry for poor Nina and beat some nasty men into a bloody pulp myself What follows after the escape is a series of encounters with other people and places that set the whole mood for what is to come.Without being too specific NO SPOILERSit will ruin all the fun of discovery they come to a place where all is too neat to be normal and some people apparently need to be able to cope with loss in their own wayeven if it means living in complete denial of the realities of what has happened to the life they once knewand have headed into crazy town to protect their sanity In alternating chapters from Nina s POV we have Hilary and Deacon, a couple who are trying their best to survive all alone while protecting their own very precious cargoand the purpose for their story will be made crystal clear later on in the book when Nina learns some very sickening and horrific information about someone she trusted.My favorite scenes in the book and indeed it was necessary to get a break from all the on the road hardships, is when the foursome arrive after a nasty encounter with a zombie gore filled pit at an army base and here is when all of the really fun stuff begins insert sarcastic smirk here.We are introduced to several characters who will play an important role in the rest of the book as well as in the next book to comelet me just say the adventure to survive, get supplies and bond as human beings is a tough road and I know I would have a hard time to make it in their world.A big story development involves a trio from the camp who Nina is forced to go out on a supply gathering mission withand what is dicovered and how it plays out is just shocking And then OMG we are left with a huge cliffhanger at the endshame on you Claire Riley Needless to say, I absolutely LOVED this bookit was just as strong if not even better than the originaland I am now left to wonder what the heck will happen in the third installment Bravo on a job well donenow I need to go read something light and fluffy to get those final images out of my head 5 better than a season of the Walking Dead stars 5 Starsyour body is not ruined, you re a goddamn tiger who earned her stripes These marks, I take her hand in mine, these are my stripes, Emily, and these are my proof that I survivedWell what a fun ride this was I LOVE CLAIRE RILEY Wow This book picked right up where book 1 left off Nina, Emily and Mikey are in trouble and their fate lies in the hands of the Forgotten not to mention every deader zombie along the way Nina has been through hell and while she is trying to get her physical strength back, her emotions are all over the place Hell MY emotions were all over the place The beginning of this book is savage Nina is being tortured, Mickey seems to have jumped ship and Emily seems to be getting cozy with the enemy This is observations that Nina is making which in turn pisses her off Rule of Thumb Don t piss Nina off Just DONT DO IT We get to see a TON of new characters through out this book Some are the enemy some are fun and heartwarming and some are just bat shit CRAZY The deaders do not take a step back, they remain the highlight and are still in full force throughout this installment The action is still at full speed The one thing about this book though is it made me laugh SO MUCH I mean yeah its a zombie book and people are going nuts but man there are some FUNNY moments Nina is such a great main character She falls under any name you use to identify her with She s sassy, savage, tough and can be a huge BITCH But she is still top notch The characters are always on the move and something is always happening We see major character growth with our main characters and get to watch their relationships with each other blossom so much There are a ton of twists and turns and Mrs Riley did not hold back with the emotions There is something so unique about her characters dialogue I am so ready for book 3 If you haven t started this series yet GO DO IT P And come back and we can discuss NO NO NO NO NO NO NOWhy How could you end the book like this When does the next one come out Can I have an ARC NOW Can I beta read Can I bow before you for effecting me like this A MASTERPIECE I can t stop crying right now I hate you I love you I worship you 4.5 starsWhile this is technically the second book in a trilogy, this does not read like a middle book, folks It has its own plot and characters and stands strongly on its own two putrefying feet There is a ton of new information being introduced it isn t just about surviving any Now it s about maintaining some sort of real life, maybe even making some friends along the way Careful making friends in the apocalypse you never know when they ll get eaten I have to say, I think this book was even stronger than the first Since the main characters are already fully formed, I was completely at home with them, and ready to join them on the next leg of their journey No world building was needed and Claire jumped right into the action The Forgotten take a bit of a back seat to the Deaders this time around, but they haven t been written out They are constantly lurking in the background, threatening to kill all of my favorite characters I do have some new favorites, like Nova, the red headed firecracker who gets off on killing the undead Dean and Anne are two teens with some weird ideas and some brilliant ones Nina is sporting a new samurai blade, and Rachel is an explosives expert Zombies go BOOM There is a new aspect to this story Hilary and Deacon They have their own chapters thrown in from time to time, giving a peek into a different side plot At first I was wondering why they were there, what their purpose was It wasn t until almost the end of the story before I realized what was going on and went Ohhhhhhh shiiiiiit The story is taking a whole new turn, and I can t wait to see where it goes I do need to give the standard warning Yes, this book is violent Yes, there is a shit ton of gore, blood spatter, rotting corpses and indescribable scents and textures Yes, there are 202 F bombs These are just some of the many reasons why I loved this book Claire s writing is creative and exciting, and if it weren t for her, I wouldn t be preparing for the Zombie Apocalypse by investing in a snow plow.So, you know when an ebook says you have 10% left, and you think that s plenty of time to wrap up all of the plot and then you turn the page and it s the end Claire was super sneaky I may have actually growled in desperation GAH CLIFFHANGER Need Odium III NOW A copy of this book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review. So I ve just finished Odium II and it was Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Even though the zombies in it are something quite atrocious Nah but seriously It was a brilliant read and fans of the series will not be disappointed One word AWESOME .FREE ⚔ Odium II (The Dead Saga, #2) ♼ Fortune Favours The DEAD Some Secrets Are Too Horrific To Ever Be Forgiven, And Some People Should Never Be TrustedTortured, Starved And On The Run, Nina Thinks She S Faced The Worst That Mankind Has To Offer, But She S Wrong She May Have Survived This Long, But She S Not Come Out Of It Unscathed, And There S Worse To ComeNina S Trusty Doc Martins Are Showing Signs Of The Zombie Apocalypse, And She Isn T Faring Much Better With Her Snarky Attitude Guaranteed To Get Her In Trouble, Nina Needs To Forgive The Past, And To Live Once In The Present, And Learn That Sometimes She Needs To Place Her Trust In Other People Because When People Are Faced With The End Of Times, They Ll Do Anything To Survive Taking off several months after the end of the original book, Odium II immediately shows you that there is no rest in sight for our heroine, Nina From the first chapters, we are reintroduced to the dark world of Nina and company and taught one very important lessonzombies aren t the worst thing in the worldpeople are.This book starts in a dark place and seemingly continues in that same path for its entirety, until you begin thinking about the emotional path of Nina We begin to see her turning into of a feminine character, a dynamic that was introduced in Odium, but not to any real degree We see Nina wanting to make friends, to get comfortable, to find safetyandeven managing to trust people.Her road is rocky and by the end of this title, she s still the kick ass warrior princess we ve come to know and love, but Odium II reminds us that this saga is about HER, pure and simple And Riley s definitely showing us that there s a lot going on inside that head of Nina s than just rage.The end of this book leaves us with a real cliffhanger, one in which I can t wait to see what Riley decides to do with it I m definitely in for the end of this ride I just hope, for Nina s sake, it comes soon. REVIEW ODIUM II by Claire RileySecond in hard hitting author Claire Riley s ODIUM series, ODIUM II demonstrates to readers exactly how much intense the Zombie Apocalypse can become When running for survival, going homeless and hungry just isn t painful and dangerous enough, try existing as these characters do, hiding from the deaders AND from the Forgotten, human monsters loosely gathered into enclaves These had been purposely excluded from the walled compounds, left to fend for themselves and their families Those that survived the deaders possess only one all consuming obsession revenge on survivors in the walled cities. 5 5 Bloody Stars I m already deeply invested with this saga, from the moment we met our heroine in Odium I knew that with her snarky attitude, will to survive, and Doc Martens that Nina would be a force to be reckoned with Odium II gives you that and , much much.