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I am not sure how I can approach this book and write a review without giving away anything But let me start by saying that it was a complete surprise I did not know what to expect when the book kicked of with Liz October Snow, smoking a joint and being present in the gruesome accident that killed her brother Charles He was everything in her life Apart from him, she had only one other friend and that was loneliness As part of her therapy she is encouraged to write a diary to sort herself, her memories, and her feelings out and this is what this book becomes It is mostly an epistolary memoir of a young woman s struggles with loss, relationships and true love Liz had to make peace with herself learn to stand on her own feet free herself from neediness and really be the strong American woman from Atlanta she always wanted to be The prose is catching, beautiful, poetic In fact, poems becomes a huge part of the story line and so does the poet behind it Jack O Savage, who eventually becomes the hero and the healer in than his own life Liz falls in love, as in passionately in love, with Pete Hendrix, a lawyer in a firm who buys computer software from her company One thing lead to another, so much so, that many kindles of the readers could have self combusted along with Pete s I was annoyed with the erotica creeping into the narrative It did not fit in with the beginning of the book At page 66 I was ready to put this book aside There was, according to my personal taste, way too much show in the detailed cyber sex, endless chatroom dialogues, and predictable consequences To me it almost destroyed the tale I felt conned into reading something I did not want to read The book blurb did not indicate that it was a glorification of erotica and mainstream romance Don t get me wrong, I have nothing against it, I am just not the right reviewer for that kind of book at all It is simply not something I want to spend valuable time pursuing I mean, how many millions of romances are there with the same worn out theme, same perfect, gorgeous characters, same plot lovers meet wham Lovers can t control themselves Bam Lovers lose it thank you ma m, and then an astronomical miracle they find each other again and live happily ever after I read this kind of book when I was eighteen Then permanently got over it If this book was a printed copy, and not on my computer, I would have thrown it against the wall and start a fire with it afterwards Some readers thrive on hot sex, beautiful, blond Tennessee women with long, tanned, and toned legs, steaming up boardrooms and car windows in illicit affairs with hot, attractive, insecure guys who married for the wrong reasons, the wrong girl, and was a sex deprived egotistical super hero.That was how I felt on page 66.So I skipped to page hundred or something and hoped for the best Low and behold Liz had a light bulb momentStupid live, stupid me for believing in romance with the hunk, the dream, the wim team god, the lawyer with a feel for literature Everything changed when Liz arrived in London From then on, nothing followed an expected, predictable story line any The one surprise after the other splashed itself all over the story A deeper dimension enfolded the events The ending concluded almost a totally different story It was only then that the real meaning of the book hit me.In reflection I realized what the role of all the elements in the book were, even those that almost had me destroy my computer If it wasn t for the fast flowing high voltage tale, the book would have imploded on itself There would have been no drama or energy behind the poetry, philosophies, dreams and aspirations of the characters Inverted, the book would have been just another hot erotic romance with no multifaceted depth This story worked Five stars for originality The prose was really brilliant Three stars for tedious detail that could have been avoided So, four stars it will be And well deserved as well. The Rock n Roll PoetA clever mix of two stories which dovetail together well The Rock n Roll Poet or rather the poet with the rock n roll lifestyle Jack O Savage, who seems to me to be the hybrid child of Charles Bukowski and Ian Anderson, the flute playing lead singer from Jethro Tull, who temporarily gave up the rock n roll lifestyle to become a salmon farmer, and the chat room romance which begins innocently enough and cultivates into full blown erotica.I m no spoiler, so you ll have to buy the book to find out what happens next. #Download Pdf Á September Ends æ Overweight And Dull That S How I FeltMy Grandfather And Brother Died I Hid Inside A Black Cave Deep In My Soul, Numbed For A Decade On Meds, Booze, And Bad Love, Married To My Glorious CareerMy Name Is Liz Snow, From Atlanta, Georgia, And This Is My StoryOne Hot Summer I Fell Hopelessly In Love With Successful Attorney, Peter William Hendrix III, From Chattanooga, Tennessee We Bonded Because Of Shelley And Keats Pete Introduced Me To The Works Of Modern English Poet, Jack O Savage, It Was Like The Poet Was Drawing Us Together Through His Blogs And Poems, Like He Had A Message For My Life And My Love With Pete Hendrix I Lived It In My Heart And SoulIt All Went Tragically Wrong Once I Learned Pete S SecretAs September Ends I Jet To London, England With An Unstable Mind And A Broken Heart Pete Hendrix Betrayed Me Big Time There Was No Time For Revenge My Life Was A Kaleidoscope Of Stabbing Shards Of PainLondon Ignored Me Maybe I Didn T Exist I Was Lost And Lonely In A Flat In Kensington I Hear That Jack O Savage Will Make A Rare Public Appearance I Wrangle An Invitation To The Art Gallery Where He Is Reading I Was Curious Somehow, He Was The Cause Of My Trouble The Rock Star With Words Was Even Damaged Than IJack OSavage, The Poet Became My Friend Then, An Unexpected Kiss At A County Fair On A Perfect English Summer S Day Changed Everything Forever Jack The Man Became My Lover MagicMy Elusive Dream Of A Lifelong Love Began If Pete Was What I D Always Wanted, Jack Was What I Always Needed The Mystery Unraveled As The Kaleidoscope Of My Broken Life Evolved And I Found Myself Living A Rainbow Of Perfect BlissSometimes When You Believe It S The End, It S Only The Beginning September Ends Is Contemporary Fiction, Blending Romance, Erotic And Supernatural Elements, Bound Together By Poetry It Reveals The Intricate Web Of Passion And Desire Which Entangles Liz Snow, Pete Hendrix And Jack O Savage The Story Is Told Through Liz Snow S Diary, Jack O Savage S Poetry, And From Letters Sent Across The Atlantic Traveling Throughout The Lushness Of A Summertime In Tennessee And Georgia, September Ends Journeys Into The Elegance Of London S West End And Is Finally Settled In The Countryside Of Cornwall, England, A Decade LaterSeptember Ends Is A Story Of Sin, Redemption And Salvation Through Love Because Love Happens When We Least Expect It Sometimes you have to get it all wrong before you can get it right.I m not typically a fan of erotic fiction and to say September Ends falls into that category is not untrue, however, this book is far than that It s a coming of age story about a woman who learns about the truths of love and love lost Masterfully written, Ms Jones takes the reader on a journey of discovery through Liz s own words, allowing you to fully connect to her character and all the emotions associated with the complexities of the heart Highly recommend to anyone looking for a deeply moving love story. A stunningly poetic and beautiful story Exceptionally well written.I m not usually patient with books that contain emails or messages, but the parts of this book that do are written properly, so it s like reading script and didn t put me off at all.The main character Liz was not to my liking I believe the author meant it to be this way, as all the other characters were very likeable It could have been a clash of personality between myself and Liz, and other readers may not feel the same I thought she craved sympathy, yet I could not empathise with the woman at all Although I sound negative about Liz, there was something intriguing about her and the irritation I felt towards her meant I couldn t turn my back on her and she kept me reading Not once did I drift off or get bored.I m not sure of the genre, but this story would make a very plausible biographical work if it wasn t for the candles I wondered at the beginning if it was biographical it is so real.The storyline is brilliant and the splashes of poetry are a clever touch.Very enjoyable and flawless. Even though I gave this book a 5 star rating in my personal capacity, it has received the following Guild Review rating Guild Reviewer Natasha JohnstoneSeptember EndsHunter S JonesSelf Published1492817333 Price Print 7.10 eBook 0.00http www Hunter S JonesRATED 3.2 GUILD STARSIt is very rare that a book has such a profound effect on me I was blown away by the clever use of multi genre writing techniques The author managed a seamless transition from diary entries to chat room posts and poetry The poetry in itself is unlike anything I have read before.O CRUTCH OF CHOICEMy little loves I cast awayTo live pill free s my firm intentTo feel life s fullness my hot bentAnd so sick clutch, away away I flush you from my life this dayThe choice was never mine to takeTo make my life this shallow fakeThey neutered me without my sayI d rather die than live this wayA slavish pharma ceutic cloneA clone a clone all answers knownConstrained forever cast in clayCome versing life in all your hues Prose tramelled content I re fuse.by Jack O Savage There is no way I can possibly do this book justice with meagre words The flow in this book is remarkable considering the multiple aspects of writing incorporated This is by far one of the most intelligently written books I have ever read The book itself is clever As a reader I was completely drawn in and unable to put the book down As an Author myself, I could have kicked myself for not EVER thinking of doing what you did in this Bravo As for the story WOW I knew what was coming at every turn, but when it did happen as I predicted, the way it was written it had me surprised regardless and it was as if I had forgotten I knew what was going to happen I know, I sound crazy It s Insane One does not have to love poetry to understand the meanings in the poems The portrayal of characters was done with an authenticity rarely found these days This book is beautifully written and overall this story was easy to relate to and very enjoyable I don t think there is anything that I don t love about this book READ MORE HERE If you are prepared for a tale of a life story, this is the book for you September Ends is a novel told in a Epistolary format it s unlike anything your have ever read Emails and chatrooms, a Wiki page, diary entries, poetry are all here, yet in an easy to read format The way Liz Snow and Pete Hendirx meet and fall in love is very believable in our world The Poet is introduced as a periphery character, yet soon takes stage front and center Hunter S Jones and the anonymous poet reveal the story of September Ends to us, peeling back layer after layer to reveal a true five star ending that will stay with you long after you read this novel My favorite part of the novel was where Jack O Savage told his part of the story, followed quickly by Liz Snow coming in and setting the record straight The mixture of a contemporary romance novel told through letters with glimpses of the erotic, the paranormal, the humorous, and tragic elements may not be enjoyed by everyone, but I loved it. This is one of the most intriguing books I ve read in quite some time The beautiful cover art is what first drew me in And the first chapter hooked me I found the emails a bit tedious at first, but appreciate how they set up the epistolary format for the novel I identified with Liz, Pete and Jack because all the characters are very well developed SEPTEMBER ENDS has a unique plot line and the ending was a complete surprise.This work weaves poetry into the prose as well as a sprinkling of paranormal, and It is certainly well written.If you are looking for something unique and a story as contemporary as today, I recommend you read this book. This is a wonderful collaboration of two very talented authors who compliment one another other very well This book will appeal to many romance readers who appreciate a good love and life story, which is on a different level to many other romance novels out there and unique, at least from the books I ve read, in terms of its presentation of the prose The formatting is excellent, given the email style writing which displayed perfectly on my Kindle Some of the passages are very erotic, but some of the prose so beautifully written I found myself often rereading it There should certainly be writing from this pair and I eagerly look forward to it September Ends had the promise of being an amazing book, moving and thought provoking but it s quite the opposite The first few chapters, I was hooked and the writing was beautiful but then after the first 15% into it, the writing was choppy, the dialogue felt forced and the characters felt one dimensional.A few issues I had with the book was the insta love and sexual conversations over email, I didn t buy it Is it possible to fall in love over emails It s improbable but definitely possible, but still, I didn t buy it The black and white photos in the book were a complete distraction And I m not one for looking at pinched nipples, women in lingerie or boob shots in general and I m not a prude by any means but it was just silly because it felt like a picture book You ll make me a lazy reader if you show me versus telling me.Liz is on a journey to find healing after she suffers the loss of her brother The way she copes is by writing and and over time she meets Peter through an email, which then moves into a chat room of sorts, it s a bit weird because I m not sure that chat rooms exist any but who knows, I could totally be wrong or maybe I am a prude and I just don t know it.The reviews out there are glowing, so clearly readers have received it well While the book has an interesting concept, I couldn t connect to the story or the characters for the various reasons I ve listed and there s really not much I can say.