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Pdf ♜ Voyager ♪ Inspired By The Upanishads Sacred Writings, Hinduism Philosophy And Spirituality, The Poetry Of Zen, Taoism And Both Eastern And Western Mysticism Voyager Is An Inspirational And Transformational Work That Conveys The Inexpressible Truth Of Existence We Are Pure Awareness At Centre, Human In Appearance There Is A World Behind The World It Shines For All There Is A Light That Shines Beyond All Things On Earth, Beyond The Highest, The Very Highest Heavens This Is The Light That Shines In Your Heart Chandogya UpanishadWe Are Voyagers, Set On A Course To Find Our Unique Purpose And The Miracle Inside Us In The Very Heart Of Humanity Is The Key To True Peace And Happiness Each Of The Twenty Five Chapters Presents A Voyage Toward Our Inner, True Self, Bringing A Deeper And Wider Perspective Along The Way Exploring The Shores Of Human Beingness Ever Deeply, We Realise Soul Is The Lighthouse The Light That Guides Us Safely Home By Simply Experiencing Ourselves Without Distraction Of Mind, We See Through Personal Drama To Our Inner True Nature We Are All Connected In The Still Ocean Of Pure Awareness This book falls into the teachings of Eckhart Tolle, suggesting the now as a self awareness and giving interesting information on how to get to a state of awareness It reads almost as a poetry book, there are several beautiful quotes from famous motivators writers poets etc, and the pictures illustrating the pages are just breathtaking I read the ebook version, and believe the print version would mostly look like a coffee table book For those who like self help books, this is a beautiful read. Pure Poetry in both prose and images A syn esthetic adventure for both Heart and Soul A magnificent voyage through mind to the illuminating Soul A learning experience, where silence bears music and the night sky becomes the background for the birth of starsThe pictures, true delight The colors are superb, the drawings mostly symbolic without ever being weird or complex as in mind complex but rather clear and crystalline as gems, always so easy to understand because they are so close to our heart.Congratulations to the Writer, the Illustrator and the Editor What a great team Thank you, Robin, for giving me this chance to read and meditate this wonderful work of Art.Maria Carmo,Lisbon, 25 Th June 2013. I recommend this inspiring book to anyone who is on a journey of self awareness and connectedness It reminded me of things I had forgotten, introduced me to some new ways to look at things and rounded out some incomplete concepts for me with beautifully imagined metaphors Filled with great quotes from great minds and I m not sure if it was intended by the author, but I found some great imagery tools for use in meditation.