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A kids book Interesting facts about LaFitte during the War of 1812 Reading this with my 6 year old, who picked it up at the national historical area visitor center herein our visitafter a great pirate dinner pastoverlooong story , he iwas intrigued by this man called Jean LaFitte who may or may not have been a pirate The book Is definitely a history book, but with some narrative to provide the perspective of a boynot klunky, but also not the typical DK style non fiction Very surprised to see my son reading it to himself.Finishedhe was riveted, and remembered places we visited that are mentioned in the text, the Cabildo and St Louis Cathedral and Andrew Jackson.Next he wants to read about Robert E Leehmmm 07 11 Read this too quickly and too late into the night, trying to finish in time to return to the library before we leave on vacation Note to self, re read so you can actually learn and remember something I was struck first by the pro slavery tone at the start of the book The author doesn t profess those sentiments, but painfully clearly conveys that those were the sentiments of the time Many of the best citizens got their slaves from Lafitte He is a multi faceted character He was dashing, charming, ruthless, honorable, maligned, conflicted It was frustrating to read how Claiborne feared Lafitte would fight for the British while also having the benefit of hindsight and knowing that Lafitte would never, ever, ever fight for the British Would that those two would have sat down, talked, and spared each other much grief The story of Lafitte meeting Mrs Claiborne under the alias of Mr Clement cracked me up, as did the one of Lafitte s wanted signs for Claiborne to counter Claiborne s for him Poor Mr Claiborne Ah, but the Battle of New Orleans makes my heart sing It is such a quintessentially Louisiana American story God brought Claiborne, Jackson, and Lafitte together exactly when and where such a disparate trio of men should come together He brought together pirates, corsairs, privateers, gentlemen, boys, old men, slaves, Creoles, marsh men, Kentuckians, and even a few trained soldiers, all united to save New Orleans and make her American in the only way she could truly become American Poo Yai, Mey but it makes me crave a beignet and the smell of Magnolia. I am enjoying the content of this book I do not know anything about Pierre and Jean Lafitte.I do have concern about how slaves are referred to besides using the terms slaves, black servants, and Negroes Other term used are creatures and half insane runaway slaves I know the book was written in the 50s, however, I hope that if this book was reprinted, those terms were corrected.Now that I am finished with the book, I can honestly say I learned a lot about the Battle of New Orleans I never knew much about the battle, the struggle of power between three men who were all on the same side The Lafittes were very interesting, to say the least I am curious to know what an adult version of history would say about these brothers Another great Landmark book Recommended reading while visiting the French QuarterI read this book while visiting the French Quarter Walking the streets and seeing the buildings mentioned brought the book to reality. This is such a super book to read Very easy to read, very easy to understand, very well research, and paints a very detailed picture of both Jean Lafitte and the Battle of New Orleans If you wish to know about the War of 1812, this is a great place to start This book is definitely a gem.Thank you for the loan Franklin Public Library. This was a very readable, fun way to be introduced to an obscure figure in American history I bought this book at Andrew Jackson s Hermitage in Tennessee It was a retro looking thing, hidden away and with no price sticker, so I naturally had to buy it. really Cool Book {Free Book} å The Pirate Lafitte and the Battle of New Orleans ⚛ The Swamps Of Barataria Below New Orleans Bore Many Strange Legends And Tales Some Said That The Men Of The Swamps Were Pirates And Smugglers Others Argued That It Could Not Be True Because Their Leader Was None Other Than The Ever Reputable, True Gentleman Jean Lafitte He Lived A Secret Life Behind The Facade Of His Blacksmith S Shop In The Vieux Carre, And He Remained The Bitter Enemy Of Governor Claiborne Until The Famous Battle Of New Orleans, In Which The Pirate Turned Hero Joined Gen Andrew Jackson To Protect The City From The Invading British Combining Tales Of Pirates, Mystery, Battle, True Events, And Real People, This Story Is A Thrilling Chapter From American History Good book