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I was given this book for free thru the author for my honest review If you like paranormal vampire books that are very unique you are going to love this book I was hooked from page 1 to the last page There is romance, twist and turns gorge with action Check this book out Thank you again for letting me read and review your awesome book The one good thing I will say about this book is that it s a fast read From its beginnings at the turn of the 19th century, it skims quickly over the events of its characters lives, ending up in the present day, with the main conflict between Vasile, the evil vamp, and Cain, the good vamp Yes, you read that right The hero anti hero is a guy named Cain I hesitate to use the word anti hero because that implies a depth and complexity that Cain simply does not have Also, I m so sure that a World War I era mother would name her kid Cain More likely, it s because the author is into vampire RPGs Tedious.I suppose, before I get to everything that s wrong with this book it s a rather extensive list, I m afraid , I should mention that this is the author s first novel And believe you me, it shows Unless you re Harper Lee, odds are, your first book is not going to be good, or in any way fit for public consumption Sorry It s just the way it is I don t expect a whole lot of originality from the vampire genre because, really, what is left to add Indeed, the corpses of other vampire books and lore including Vampire the Masquerade are resurrected here, but they merely lurch around, forming no cohesive universe And, what s worse, this book doesn t build on the tradition It just trades on clich s The vampires presented here are not particularly powerful Their powers are inconsistent They don t seem to have any magical abilities, yet Cain gives Mia and her dog matching magic amulets These amulets keep him informed of their well being at all times, which comes in handy when the dog gets hit by a car But it doesn t seem to help any of the myriad times Mia herself is in danger Go figure I guess there s no point in asking where he got the magic amulets in the first place Never mind I still have a lot of work ahead of me here As noted by other reviewers, this book needs an editor I understand that indie books are not going to be perfect typos manage to get past editors in even the big dog publishing houses , but this was just embarrassing It s not just the grammar, either At one point, one character calls another character, Miss Haversham Wolfenden not only doesn t know her Dickens, she couldn t even be bothered to fact check Suffice it to say this is not the only inaccuracy.It is also not the only inanity This book is utterly puerile when it s not outright offensive The prose is like something I would expect in a teenage fan fic forum Wolfenden tells you what s going on She tells you what people are feeling and how they look And she tells you, and she tells you, and she tells you some For example, in the opening pages, she tells you at least three times that Lady Elizabeth Sutton is slender and elegant Check Slender and elegant When Cain and Mia the love interest , finally hook up, she tells you at least four times in the space of as many paragraphs that they are now officially a couple OKAY I get it You don t need to repeat yourself to drive home a point.It s one of the most basic precepts of good writing Show Don t tell If you don t know what I mean, take a creative writing class In fact, take several Descriptions are almost nonexistent, unless the author is lingering over the physical attributes of the cast of characters Wolfenden seems to think it s very, very important that you know exactly how pretty people are Or aren t She will also be sure to point out if they are wearing designer clothes Because looks are very important, you know Pay special attention to how the women are dressed because you should know that if women dress provocatively, they are sure to be sluts, and sluts in horror stories meet bad ends The dialogue is awful The characters repeatedly call each other by names and endearments Cain calls Mia child in almost every line, which is not only one of my biggest pet peeves as a reader, it s a sign of extreme inexperience in the writing craft People DO NOT talk that way Another big issue I had with the dialogue is that most of the story is supposed to take place in present day US it s not clear exactly where but the characters all talk in British English I don t mean she slips in a few Britishisms every now and then I mean all of the characters speech patterns even the rednecks are completely British mum, mate, nutter, I ll ring you, on holiday, headmaster, go round the shops, trainers, jumpers, etc Apparently Wolfenden has never been to the US Or seen an American movie I was especially amused to see fried chicken referred to as crispy chicken Wolfenden demonstrates further ignorance of American culture by having Mia, an animal lover, an aspiring veterinarian, who works in a vet s office, claim she s never been near a horse Depending on what part of the country she s supposed to be from again, Wolfenden doesn t specify her location , it s really rare for someone to have never ridden a horse at least once Also, Mia, at age 19 or 20, gets accepted into an MBA program Maybe Mia s a genius and the author forgot to mention it Now let s talk about the characters Cain was made a vampire just after World War II After that, he rattled around Europe for a bit, then opened a string of antique shops in America He s the Blue Eyes behind whom the title would have us believe we are supposed to be seeing the world Behind Blue Eyes I always get nervous when I m reading a book with song lyrics as a title But we don t, you see get behind those blue eyes Aside from blood, antiques, Mia and an apparent desire to kill Vasile, he has no personality I can t even tell you his likes or dislikes Oh, I suppose he loved his mum So there s that But he s sooooo dreamy, and he ll defend his woman to the death And really, that s the most important thing, isn t it The bad guy Vasile is rarely seen but his presence is made felt throughout the course of the book, mostly in the forms of horrible murders, rapes and mutilations He brings a dash of Dracula to the cast, being Eastern European, but since he has no motive and serves no purpose except to be a mindless killing and torture machine, he s just boring and repetitive No charisma No imagination Oh, but he s pretty too, so I suppose that s supposed to make me care.Random characters shuffle in and out, like Helena and Chris, other vamps , a trio of redneck brothers, and Mia s family, friends and acquaintances Some of them meet horrible demises They show up, serve the plot, and then they re gone again There is virtually no meaningful interaction between any of them Mia, by the way, is short for Salmia, which wins, hands down, the Renesmee Cullen Horrible Name Award And, like Renesmee s name, it s a portmanteau of two grandmothers names, Salena and Maria I m a stickler on names I like them to mean something I realize that parents give their children bizarre names all the time, but that doesn t mean you should do it in fiction If the author is going to go to the trouble of explaining why a character has an unusual name, shouldn t it actually AFFECT the character Maybe just a little Otherwise, name her Jane Smith and move on If she s a great character, she ll stand out But we never see Mia thinking of her grandmothers, or show what influence their memory has on her life Plus, Salmia sounds like salmonella As for Mia herself I actually groaned when teenaged Mia came on the scene Do I need to tell you that Cain falls in love with her Because a vampire story would not be complete without the dreamboat guy vamp meeting a nubile young thing and falling instantly and passionately in love with her And of course, it s her goodness and purity he s attracted to And you know what that further means protectiveness, possessiveness, angst, melodrama, and borderline stalker behavior are about to ensue Also, Mia, like all proper vampire heroines I use the term loosely here , is a perpetual victim, necessitating multiple rescues, starting with a sexually abusive stepfather I might ve been able to get all this past my gag reflex, except, at one point, Cain shows up to warn her of impending danger He very specifically tells her, Don t go home So what does she do Bitch goes home We re done, Mia Good bye You are dead to me I absolutely cannot deal with characters who do stupid things because it serves the plot If you need a character to get from Point A to Point B, find a credible way of doing it I know that people make bad choices But make me understand why they chose so poorly Otherwise, you end up making me hate the character and the whole story is ruined.I could continue enumerating the flaws in this book, but since most of it s completely forgettable anyway, let me just skip to the parts that actively pissed me off First, all the good female characters in this book are virgins and faithful wives Period Because sexual freedom bad women From the very opening pages, we are presented with a dichotomy of The Virgin Cain s mother, Elizabeth and The Whore her friend, Ann Guess which one gets eaten first But Ann, apparently, has it coming Ann is a highborn lady fourteenth in line to the throne no less She is a woman of means But she is not a good girl Do you know how I know she s not a good girl Because she wears see through shirts and short skirts Never mind that this is World War II London, and women simply did not wear see through garments at that time Because she has liaisons with American GIs Because she has a friend who once worked as a prostitute GASP Oh and never mind that it s highly unlikely that a former prostitute in that era could get married to a rich man and pal around with the gentry anyway So, one night, Ann is out carousing, as Bad Girls do Vasile sees her He literally mistakes her for a prostitute And thus, she gets nommed.If she were a Good Girl, you see, she would never have been alone in that dark street She would never have been dressed in such a way that a man or vamp might mistake her for a prostitute Because how DARE she go out alone, how DARE she flaunt her body in such a way that a man might lose control See how it s all her fault Yeah My blood pressure was skyrocketing by this point Later in the book, Mia makes friends with Bad Girls One of them, Taz, who, for the Horrible Name Award, gets Honorable Mention almost gets her sold into slavery a ridiculous subplot that I don t even want to go into Naturally, Taz ends up dead Naturally, Taz wears revealing clothing, and is a party girl Another girl gets Mia to drink and to SMOKE MARIJUANA Oh, the horror After taking a hit off her first joint, Mia then runs to the bathroom and vomits So it would seem that Wolfenden knows as much about drugs and drug culture as she does about America Marijuana actually kills nausea That s why it s given to chemo patients Even if you don t have direct experience with drugs, can t you oh, I dunno LOOK THIS SHIT UP Gah I m almost certain the Interwebz will have a reasonable number of articles on drugs and their effects Well, if you were paying attention in your D.A.R.E classes, you know marijuana is a gateway drug So Mia quickly degenerates into a cocaine addiction She actually smokes joints laced with cocaine, which is just stupid These joints, according to Wolfenden, are bananos Is that a European thing Because my stoner friends were stumped Marijuana would negate the cocaine s effects, thereby wasting both drugs But I m getting off the subject here So, Mia gets into drugs She even shacks up with an abusive creep named Justin Fortunately, Cain is there to put her back on the straight and narrow Why must vampires be all about the straight and narrow these days Remind me to send some hate mail to Stephanie Meyer Somehow, despite a cocaine habit, Mia seems to not suffer any withdrawals which, whatever The girl who gets Mia into cocaine doesn t actually get killed, but it s clear that her life is ruined I m sure her death by violence or drug overdose is just a matter of time After all, she doesn t have a Cain in her life.Mia, meanwhile, is a sweet little virgin throughout most of the story I assume she gets deflowered at some point by Abusive Creep Justin, but the author neglects to mention that part It s possible I missed it It would be easy to do, given Wolfenden s penchant for summarizing action rather than writing actual scenes.So my take aways from this book so far are drugs are bad, mm kay, a woman s worth lies in her virtue re intact hymen , and Bad Girls Get What s Coming to Them In other words, reefer madness and slut shaming How enlightened Corollary to the Madonna Whore dichotomy, we have good men like Cain and Mia s first boyfriend, Pete, whose relationship to her is so nonsexual as to be almost antiseptic They are both nurturing and protective, but there s no chemistry between them and Mia whatsoever I guess that would mar her purity Contrast them with all the Bad Men in the story Vasile, the sex trade guys, Mia s stepfather, Abusive Creep Justin Every single one of them is a sexual menace, who take particular delight in inflicting harm on women Given the popularity of the vampire romance genre with young girls, I think it s incredibly irresponsible of this author to perpetuate this paradigm that good girls don t go all the way, and that men are divided between protectors and rapists It ties everything to sex, and sex to violence Not a healthy message for anyone, but especially not the target audience Between this, and some of the violence in the book, I was extremely put off I m not squeamish, but when Cain tortured the sex slave guys, I found myself skipping over it It s not the violence itself, or even the idea of vigilante justice that bothers me But I found the scene cheap and exploitative We, the readers, are supposed to cheer Cain on, and it s okay for Cain to get his torture kicks in because sex offenders are, by definition, not human, and he can do whatever he likes to them I don t hold with that idea I find it to be a particularly lazy form of morality, and an even lazier form of storytelling Sex offenders are the new Nazis it used to be that Nazis were shorthand for Eeeeevil You see a Nazi on film You know he s Eeeeevil and therefore can be killed maimed mutilated tortured whatever with impunity Because it s easier than creating actual villains with actual motives Because it s easier to rationalize for the hero, instead of actually making the hero justify or otherwise be answerable for his actions Overall, this book left a bad taste in my mouth I don t find anything redeemable in it especially not the end, which, I fear, the author has purposefully left open for a sequel.Dear God, no. If there is at all such a genre as a vampire novel , this book is definitely not a typical one, and those who like to read vampire stories will certainly enjoy the uniqueness of this novel The only apparent clich is the origin of one of the characters from Transylvania Other than that most of the building blocks of the story are fresh and original In her book, D.M Wolfenden is concentrated on storytelling than on the development of the plot around well built characters But this is not such a big downside considering that this is a first novel by an obviously very talented author There is a little bit of everything in here a family saga, mystery thriller, romance And yes, the story is very interesting, it flows and keeps readers attention from the first to the last page For me, the biggest asset of this novel is that the author manages to present a vampire story as a very engaging morality tale where borders between good and evil are blurred, where everybody is a victim and a culprit at the same time The main character vampire Cain is tormented by his blood lust, agonizing over terrible acts he has done Readers will see him as a positive character in spite of the fact that he is a vampire He is trying to guide and protect from evil a young girl Mia, who is the heroine of the story His love for her is genuine and very human At the same time there is an evil vampire named Vasile, and Cain is out for revenge against Vasile There are also some evil human characters who deserve to be punished for their wrongdoings In Behind Blue Eyes , the author created a believable world of vampires coexisting with the world of mortal humans For those who, for whatever reason, enjoy violent bloody scenes, body mutilations and all other cruel travesties of the imaginary realm of vampires, this is a place to dwell On a certain level, this story could be even viewed as an allegorical representation of the world we live in This is probably, in my opinion, the strongest and most valuable side of the D.M Wolfenden s novel.At the end, I cannot but think that this novel has a great potential and could be a great base for an exciting screenplay It was a pleasant read, and in spite of some inconsistencies in the plot development, a real page turner that I highly recommend even if one is not a vampire story lover. Once again, I found myself enjoying this wonderful story I wasn t quite sure what to expect since I haven t read vampire stories in a while This story started out with Cain as a human But very soon, he was turned Unfortunately, Cain didn t know how to handle this change and actually ended up killing people violently which he later regrets.Really, this book had it all It had the tortured hero yeah, I m a sucker for those It had suspense, action, and even a beautiful love story The story kept me guessing until the end The author covered a lot of years, so a lot happened, and we witness the characters grow evolve I actually prefer this At first, the young girl, Mia, was only ten years old and I believe by the end of the story, she was in her twenties.Warning the book had some graphic violent scenes But I skimmed over this since I personally couldn t read those But this didn t take away from the story at all for me I was intrigued and I wanted to know what was going to happen next Great story to lose yourself into ( Download Book ) ♽ Behind Blue Eyes ♦ Cain Was Born In England In At The End Of WWII Cain Returned To England, Longing For The Comforts Of Home, But Found His Mother Was Different She Had Been Changed By A Vampire Who Preys On Women There Came A Point Where His Mother Felt There Was No Choice Cain Had To Be Turned As Well After Watching His Mother Die He Changed His Way Of Thinking, His Way Of Feeding He Tried To Reclaim Some Of His Humanity But It Was Not Easy As He Was Fueled By Rage Against The One That Had Changed Her He Wanted His Revenge And Nothing Would Stop Him After He Was Attacked He Came Across A Young Girl, Ten Year Old Mia, Whose Innocence Was Slowly Being Taken Away From Her They Needed Each Other, And Both Their Lives Depended On It The World Was A Very Bad Place For Mia She Was About To Find Out Just How Much Worse It Could Get I refrained from reading the blurb or any reviews of this one before starting Behind Blue Eyes and I m glad I did as I feel the evolution and twists at the beginning of the story worked well Beginning almost like a Somerset Maugham work with Elizabeth a virtual agoraphobic living in genteel isolation, the story very quickly expands in every sense At first I thought this might become a bizarre, darkly abusive romance, then when Elizabeth turns her son Caine not exactly something that results in him having the sunniest or most compassionate of dispositions this could have been a tale with Elizabeth as the resourceful protagonist and Caine as the villain, the nemesis character The act of self emollition on Elizabeth s part was extremely powerful as was the way it provided a catalyst for the seemingly lost son to redeem himself If not for this then Caine could well have become a Vasile himself Structurally the first act of the novel works well, with Elizabeth being turned the inciting incident whilst Caine s vow of vengeance on Vasile the first plot point turning point.The novel has its own take on the seeming immortality, powers and the limitations of vampires which the author reduces to much a credible and believable scale It reminded me than a little of Anne Rice I m thinking specifically here of Interview with a Vampire and the The Vampire Lestat in the way characters deal with the choices between good and evil, compassion and indifference and explore the concept of the vampire as psychopath and serial killer The quest chase revenge elements of the novel on the whole work as it did the way it jumps decades these are vampires after all Caine undergoes a maturational process as he first learns compassion from his mother and then to control his desire for vengeance by wiser and far older vampires than himself Finally it is his relationship and feelings for Mia which catalyse an ongoing personal development and indeed eventually provides a sense of closure to the tale I have to be honest and say that when Caine embarks on his vampire existence and quest for revenge it seemed as if this novel, whilst well written and engaging, might become a little generic and predictable and I thought for a short time it did What D.M Wolfenden does though with the Mia story line is introduce an additional complex human or rather a human vampire drama In fact this works so well that the vampire element is not even a necessary ingredient in some places This is especially true about halfway through the novel when Caine becomes involved with Joe, Arben, Billy and their sick criminal world Here our vampire protagonist is a clear moral force, a protector This section is very visceral, graphic and dark but works well in having Caine analyse himself as he realises he s taking far too much pleasure in punishing the unjust This section I thought could easily stand alone as an excellent, gritty thriller novel novella.I only really have a couple of criticisms The first concerns the last part of the novel, the build up is there but I thought the climax itself was over a little too quickly and lacked the nail biting drama I was expecting Don t get me wrong, it s very good but I was hoping for The second is to do with the dialogue I found in parts that characters spoke without contractions and this made it seem a little stilted In these parts I felt I was reading written words rather than hearing a character speak Characterisation in this novel is excellent but for me they often lacked a distinctive voice.But I don t want to end on a negative note This is a great read for all fans of horror and vampire fiction in particular. Behind Blue Eyes by D.M.WolfendenI have been reading a lot of literary fiction lately, books that take time to read and to digest, so when I opened up Behind Blue Eyes I found it a totally different and engaging read so much so that I stayed up all night to finish it There are not many books that draw you along in this way and for this reason I have to give it a 5 As a youngster I read a lot of horror stories as many kids do and many of those were 19th century Gothic novels and traditional tales of werewolves and vampires From the start this had the feel of a traditional folk tale It was all in the telling, and this reads very much as telling The language is easy and almost conversational so, like a folk tale, it focuses on the deed rather than the doer, the action rather than the setting and in this case it works.Anne Rice gave us vampires with a conscience and vampires who delight in the kill, Stephanie Meyers gave us good vampires , D.M.Wolfenden gives us a mixture of the two with her utterly evil and psychopathic Vasile, the tortured Cain who tries his best not to be bad but sometimes lets anger get the better of him and finally Mia who, when turned, does not want to kill That is OK I see no reason why vampires should not be good, bad or indifferent Wolfenden s vampires are unafraid of daylight, churches, garlic and the various props we need to feel protected This takes us back to the very old idea of the Mullo , people with two souls, who are able to integrate as humans if they choose but behave as vampires It takes us away from Bram Stoker s Victorian need to give us a security blanket in Dracula Daylight will afford no protection for the victims in this novel.Vasile is psychopathic and inherently evil, he takes delight in death and torture but for him the act and the moment do not satisfy his craving for blood and flesh Did I say the violence is explicit Yes, it is, Vasile loves to torture his victims but it is the matter of fact telling that emphasizes his coldness In contrast Cain has learned to control himself, to feed without killing Just in case you think that makes him a saint, when his anger is roused along with his protective instinct, he is just as capable of long drawn out torture and brutal killing We become aware of this very early on when Cain destroys Mia s abusive stepfather a killing that is sadistic, long drawn out and disturbing because it draws on a common desire to punish abusers in extreme ways Vasile remains in the background throughout Cain and Helena join forces to get revenge because he has ruined their lives Their attempts are not successful and he goes on to stalk Mia and turn her mother, whom Cain accidentally kills In the end, he gets his just desserts.Mia, the heroine, is a child when she first meets Cain and she saves his life Cain becomes a kind of shadowy protector throughout her childhood, adolescence and early maturity His motives initially are gratitude and protectiveness For this reason he does not see the love interest coming when she reaches adulthood Mia is confused by her feelings of attraction towards Cain and disgust at his violent behaviour, but in the end they live happily ever after.Those who might enjoy this novel Anyone who is into dark horror, unmitigated violence, vampires minus the security blanket and a rollicking read that uses direct, simple language and is not afraid to tell us a story in the good old fashioned Gothic way. I thoroughly enjoyed this book I thought this book was going to be about vampires, but a big part of the story is really about a little girl prepared to overcome fear and help an injured vampire, Cain This inspires protective instincts toward the child that Cain didn t think he could feel any maybe even echoing the life he had before he became a vampire, back when he had a wife and daughter I expected the thriller horror parts of the book, but it s also a bit of a romance, with unexpected twists and turns tearing characters apart just as they seem to be getting comfortable with one another And the thriller aspect kept me guessing until almost the last line of text on the last page This is a fascinating story that spans the best part of one hundred years, since vampires don t have the limited life span of humans I identified with Cain enough for it to give me a hint of what it must feel like to be alive for such a long time, without the ability to participate in a normal life He spends much of his time watching others life their lives.Something quite different to what I expected and thoroughly enjoyable. The many varied and often bloody events of this novel are set around one vampire s search for revenge against the vampire who has ruined him and his family The protagonist Cain goes in search of Vasile, the blood sucking, cruel demon who has been responsible for the death of Cain s mother and Cain s own inhabiting of the world of the undead Cain eventually befriends a young girl, Mia, and protects her throughout her teenage years when Mia turns into a mature young woman the relationship between the two becomes rather complicated There are a great many violent scenes in the book, as one would expect from the subject matter, with a good deal of body mutilation, but this is always counterbalanced by the struggle within Cain s consciousness between blood lust and his urge to temper his instincts and, ultimately, the love he feels for Mia The story goes along at a cracking pace, full of a clever mixture of brutal scenes and tender episodes Who will win out in the end in the feud between Cain and the arch vampire, Vasile, and what will happen between Cain and Mia Will she join the ranks of the undead, or not Check out this great book to find out. Something special in the vampire genre Behind Blue Eyes by D M Wolfenden is a vampire novel in the Gothic tradition, starring Cain, a vampire to remember despite the glut of paranormal vampire romantic thrillers Elizabeth, Cain s mother, is born in 1895 By the age of forty nine, Lady Elizabeth Sutton has lost her husband in WW1 and her daughter in law and the unborn grandchild in WWII.Hurrah for originality.