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Running Scarred by Jackie Williams is a modern day turn on Beauty and the Beast It even takes place in the forests of France in an imposing chateau located close to a quaint village Ellen, the flawlessly beautiful heroine both inside and out wants to turn the old chateau into a resort of sorts for severely wounded scarred war veterans, chief among them her brother David She has inherited a gazillion dollars to do this with She sets about the task with a headstrong and undeterred will But her nefarious and vain former boyfriend schemes to make her fortune his Enter Patrick the beast a dreadfully disfigured war hero who owns the cottage behind the chateau and simply wants to live there alone and in peace He s not looking for love until he rescues a lost Ellen one dark night in the woods She sees only the purity of his heart beneath the scars From this foundation the story spins into an entertaining and romantic battle of wills and ambitions with twists and turns that keep pages turning late into the night Ellen is guided by her heart than anything else, making this a sweepingly romantic novel, something Ms Williams makes no apology for in her narrative It is a story told with bold conviction and who can ask for in a book Highly recommended. This is the first book I ve read by this author, and I was pleasantly surprised by the storyline The problems of the disabled, particularly those caused by the ravages of war, are rarely addressed in a romantic novel, but they are here and well done, too Patrick is a bitter, lonely man whose self imposed exile becomes than he can bear when he encounters Ellen, an heiress from Essex, one dark night when she gets lost in the woods and ends up being led back to civilization by Patrick Patrick s war injuries have left his face badly scarred and he wears a prostectic leg While she cannot see him, she is attracted to his powerful aura, his woodsy scent, and his take charge attitude Even though Ellen hasn t fully seen Patrick, she can t get him out of her mind Ellen is searching for a place where she can create a haven for the disabled, particularly those injured in war Inspired by her brother s loss of limbs and facial disfigurement, she uses her money to buy a 19th century chateau that has fallen into disrepair Unbeknown to her, Patrick owns a cottage on the estate, which puts him in close proximity to Ellen, a woman s whose beauty has captivated him Patrick has forsaken the idea that anyone will ever love him again, so his attraction to Ellen is devastating to him, while she can t understand why he keeps pushing her away, when all she wants is to be held in his arms.I enjoyed the structure of the story, the characters, and the setting, a small town in the France Five stars for Running Scarred. I really liked this book It was a change in direction from my usual genre and was a brilliantly written tale that had everything from the emotions experienced when falling in love, the characters anger and rage when the various twists and turns in the story presented themselves The sinister undertone of the villian This mix kept the pages turning and for anyone not sure about reading a romantic story, this is a great first one to experience. When Ellen heard the devastating news that her brother had received life changing injuries during his tour in Afghanistan, she knew that she would do anything and everything she could to help him and his comrades.She dreams of buying a property which she could renovate into a luxury hotel for injured veterans Luckily her new found inheritance can go a long way in making her dreams come true.After months of searching she finds a ruined ch teau in France which will be perfect for her hotel.A chance encounter with a mysterious man in the ch teau s grounds, gives Ellen the push to finally end her longterm relationship with a man who is only interested in her money It also means she is free to get to know this mysterious man who makes her heart flutter just by speaking Patrick has hidden away from the world He cannot stand to be looked on with pity or disgust, for the wounds he received during his tour of duty have left their scars But Ellen has captivated his heart Dare he take the risk of rejection when Ellen sees his shattered face I LOVED this book It was wonderful to have the protagonist portrayed with a disability, and I really wish there were romance books like this one Running Scarred Scarred Series Book 1 is up there with my all time favourite romance reads It was superb Jackie Williams has treated her characters disability with great skill and compassion Patrick is not defined by his disability, although when strangers and family alike look at him, that is how he is treated they see the disability, not the man I felt heartbroken when he hid away from the world because he could not face the reactions of people when they looked into his face Ellen is a real breath of fresh air, who does not see the scars, but sees the man behind them if only there were people like Ellen.The love story is sweet and realistic This is the kind of romance book I would be than happy for my teen to read The plot is fast paced, and I read the book in one sitting.Make no mistake Running Scarred Scarred Series Book 1 is a sit down and finish book It is definitely one I will be coming back to again.I Highly Recommend. I found this book title in the back of another book I was reading I am glad that I did Very good book I liked the beginning when the young woman is stomping through the leaves angry and the hero can hear her talking to herself I am going to purchase the next in the series, because I think it sounds great. I am IN LOVE with this book Running Scarred is a romance full of heart and passion The author s words were so elegant, the story so gripping, the characters so vibrant and real, and the love story so well written that this has made its way to my favorites shelf I ll be reading the rest of this series and I m sure I will enjoy the rest of the books as they are about other side characters I dare you not to read and fall in love with the scarred and brooding Patrick He was the perfect hero, alpha male Swoon.Patrick is a war hero, his body scarred and disfigured from the bomb that blew up in close range He s haunted by his past and his inability to see anything other than the rejected and lonely man he has become He thinks no one could ever love him or be attracted to him again Consumed at times by rage and bitterness, he s not ready for the sweet beauty that enters his life.Ellen knows a lot about scarred bodies and disfigured soldiers After all, her brother David has been to hell and back She s feisty and sweet, far too trusting, and loses her heart easily All she wants is to find a place where her brother and fellow soldiers can relax and be accepted She doesn t count on finding Patrick and his ravaged heart but her own response of passion proves there s than meets the eye.Set in France the two embark on a love affair where jealous and greedy exes and past relationships threaten to tear their world apart Can they find love and their happily ever after Well, you ll have to read to find out I hope you do This is ONE AWESOME read and nearly flawless I know you ll love it 5 outstanding stars for not only the writing but a story that proves our armed forces and military are deserving of love and acceptance, especially when paid with so high a price for our freedoms Highly Recommended Characters 5 5Plot 4.5 5Word Building 5 5Story Flow 4.5 5Picky Bitches OVERALL SCORE 5 5 Another great book by Jackie that kept me reading on He s not looking for love until he rescues a lost Ellen one dark night in the woods Reading a romantic story this is a great recommended book I loved the novel Running Scarred Jackie Williams is to be heralded for paying homage to the sacrifices that soldiers make and the suffering that they endure It would do well for us all to remember that it isn t just the physical injuries that are so devastating but also the ongoing emotional and psychological scars that can linger a lifetime In addition to the grittiness and heart wrenching emotion, there is a wealth of romance and sexual tension The physical pull between the main characters, Patrick and Ellen, is tangible Anytime they are in close proximity, sparks fly It was obvious that the the author had spent some time in France Her descriptions were spot on She had a wonderful grasp of the culture and language, lending an air of authenticity and a genuine atmosphere that made me feel as though I was right there with our hero and heroine.This book kept me engaged and downright riveted from the first page to the last I highly recommend it for anyone who wants their heart to be touched and their spirit to be moved. {Download} ⚞ Running Scarred ⚨ For Three Years Ex Soldier, Patrick Reeves Has Avoided His Once Comfortable World Unable To Accept His Terrible Injuries, He Moves To A Secluded Cottage In France And Hides From Everyone, Most Of All HimselfBut When A Bright, Beautiful Woman, Who Stirs His Blood And Steals His Heart, Discovers The Ruined Chateau And Estate On Which Home Stands, It S Than His Unerring Control Can Bear For Her To Flinch From His Wounds Would Be Terrible, But For To Pity Him Would Be The Final Insult His Only Option Is To Ensure That She Never Sees Him At AllEllen Doesn T Give A Damn What Patrick Looks Like One Glimpse Of His Shaded Figure, One Hint Of His Masculine Scent And She Is His Forever She Ends Her Engagement And Follows Her Heart, Buying The Chateau To Fulfil A Dream That Has Been Her Only Wish Since Her Brother Was Blown Up In Afghanistan If She Can Capture The Elusive Patrick While Attaining Her Goals, Her World Will Be CompleteBut Patrick Is Hiding From Than Himself Ellen Is Devastated When He Abandons Her For A Flame Haired Beauty And When Her Ex Fiance Reappears, Determined That He Is Surrendering Neither Ellen Or Her Fortune, She Discovers That She Is In Danger Of Not Only Losing Her Lover But Her LifeCan Patrick Escape In Time To Save The Woman Who Loves And Accepts Him Exactly As He Is Or Will She Be Lost To Him Forever While He Has Been Running Scarred For Far Too Long Rating 3.5 starsThis romance has a British author and British main characters, though the setting for the book is France Patrick is a veteran injured in Afghanistan, losing one leg and having scarring on one side of his body He buys a small cottage in France where he can live away from prying eyes Ellen has a brother also injured in the war, actually worse than Patrick, and due to his experiences is devoting time and money to finding a property where people like her brother can vacation in comfortable surroundings Her search leads her to France and the property adjacent to Patrick s cottage There is very much insta love, not my favorite thing to have happen The book lost stars for that Despite that, the plot is different and interesting The author takes on a hard topic for her heroes The book is a little brief for what is going on, but it is good nonetheless This is the first of a series, and next up is expanded information on David, Ellen s brother I will definitely be reading of this author series.