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A quick popular history of the New Orleans campaign, generic to a fault Nothing distinguishes this book the style is brisk and chatty and the narrative quick and straightforward, but there is nothing remarkable here To its detriment, the book also completely neglects the social and political ramifications of the battle, instead confining its scope to a straight record of events something I find egregious in a history. America s real independence Remini s brief, but eminently readable, history of the Battle of New Orleans focuses less on Old Hickory Andrew Jackson than it does on the battle itself, its major players, and its significance in forging the American psyche Prior to the War of 1812, the newly independent America was still very much a European nation in its mannerisms and outlook Its citizenry still had many of the trappings of the old world powdered wigs, waistcoats, leggings, etc Despite the winning of independence, America did not have the respect of Europe nor was it clear they deserved it So with the War of 1812 and the resounding defeat of the British at New Orleans by a decidedly Western and post revolutionary army, the shift of America from a collection of former British colonists to a nation uniquely American began to take hold The fact that the battle was won by Jackson, a fiercely anti British character who helped usher in the first major populist political movement in the country in stark contrast to the Federalist and Virginia dynasties of the past helped immensely Remini insightfully notes that many of the seminal works describing the character of America including most notably de Tocqueville were written during the rise of and presidency of Jackson The best histories provide narrative drive to tell a solid story while also placing the events in a coherent context along that historical timeline Remini s Battle of New Orleans does both wonderfully. In 1814, we took a little tripAlong with Colonel JacksonDown the mighty Mississip It was supposed to be a slam dunk With many veterans of Wellington s army, a Steve Jobs like leader in General Pakenham, a mighty fleet of the world s greatest navy, and the best trained army of the Old Worldthe British should have destroyed the small American unit defending NawlinsWe took a little baconAnd we took a little beansAnd we caught the bloody BritishIn a town in New Orleans But the Pommies didn t reckon with Andrew Old Hickory Jackson A Southern scarecrow who looked as though he was in perpetual starvation mode, the future President made it his mission to not just deny the Brits, but to wipe them from existence He blamed them for the death of his mother and older brothers in the American Revolution and vowed to become the punishing hand of the Redcoats His hatred for the Mother Country would last through the rest of his lifeWe looked down the riverAnd we see d the British comeAnd there musta beenA hundred of em beating on the drum The splendid troops wearing red did not fear much from the ragtag Yanks Once they easily took New Orleans, the entire Louisiana Purchase territory was ahead, a huge prize for the empire of Nelson and Welly By linking up with Canada, Great Britain would have penned the upstart Americans into their Eastern enclavesand eventually would have taken back the colonies they had lost to the Yankees some thirty years earlierThey stepped so highAnd they made their bugles ringWe stood beside our cotton balesAnd didn t say a thing New Orleans It was the most dynamic city in the States To the arrogant members of the royal infantry, it meant loot and rapine What could stop them Certainly not the flimsy barricades thrown up by thewait, do those Americans even have an army The mighty Mississippi meant conquest and only Andrew Jackson stood in the wayOle Hickory saidWe could take them by surpriseIf we didn t fire our musketsTill we look em in the eyes They say that over confidence can be used as a weapon by an opposing force Such was it to be in this fight The British did not understand the bayou system and landed in the wrong spots They had to row thousands of men to land, under heat and humidity and rain The soldiers could barely walk, as they sank to their knees in mud When the battle actually started, the Brits listened to the advice of an American deserter who told them about the weak spot in Jackson s lineWe held our fireTill we seen their faces swell.Then we opened up our squirrel gunsAnd really gave them hell But the deserter was not aware that Jackson had moved arriving reinforcements to the weak spot, which now became the strong point Redcoats marched en masse into withering fire from cannons and guns It was a basic wipeout The British leaders were killed For a while, no one knew if any generals were left to leadWell, they ran through the briarsAnd they ran through the brambles.And they ran through the bushesWhere a rabbit wouldn t go They came from Tennessee and Kentucky Poorly armed At least, the Brits thought so But while the rifles did not look like much, each man could shoot dead a running rodent from a spot away They did not waste bullets Each shot fired was either a kill or a wound Most of the Americans had never seen New Orleans They came because Jackson had asked them That was good enoughThey ran so fast that theHounds couldn t catch em.On down the MississippiTo the Gulf of Mexico Back East, Washington had been burned The President had to run away Yankees started discussing how it would feel to be British again When the news arrived about the momentous victory, it was considered a miracle Then came word of the Treaty of Ghent, which had actually been completed before the Battle of New Orleans The United States of America would never look back Having already read about the War of 1812, I thought, well, it was a funky war What could be said But this book was enlightening, as it laid out the consequences of Jackson s victory Before this momentous event, the United States of America was still an East Coast driven entity Madison, Monroe, and Quincy Adams were the leading lights, men whose attire and attitude still reflected the 18th Century But Andrew Jackson changed that The men who fought the Battle of New Orleans represented the new Westwhich, at that time, was Kentucky and Tennessee Rough hewn Spat tobacco Dressed in buckskins They were assisted by the French American pirates, who decided to defend their city Earrings and swords.Robert Remini s writing is perfect That is, his sentences hit the mark the same way his backwoods men shot their guns Find the target, shoot, reload Those are my kind of sentences He is a Jacksonian Since I m not, I have decided to find his bio of Mr Jackson, so I can learn about this strange avatar of Manifest Destiny And while I m at it, what is it with Americans and their ability to pull rabbits out of their hats when it comes to finding great leaders I mean, they had Washingon Adams Jefferson Franklin while France had Robespierre Danton Marat de Sade They had Andrew Jackson, while France had Bonaparte They had Lincoln, while England had Lord Raglan They had Patton Bradley Eisenhower MacArthur while France hadDe Gaulle They even had Churchill half American Seriously Is it the water My apologies for the long review I obviously like this book It s not very long, but I learned what I needed to know and now I have a thirst to know about that period and of Andrew Jackson, who would become the 7th President of the United States Homeboy was a game changer and so was this battle.January 8th is now my new favourite day of 1815 Take that, Wellington my previous favourite 1815 leader.Book Season Summer beignets and chicory, mes enfants The sort of history of battle you don t see much any rousing and entertaining, full of brave deeds and long odds overcome Huzzah indeed Not much attention is paid to the causes of the war or its broader social context, and while that might have been of interest, frankly it is not much missed here The focus is mostly on Andrew Jackson Remini is a biographer of Jackson and it works as a means to tell the story of the battle in a truncated and readable fashion In the concluding chapter he does make a brief case for the importance of the battle as the decisive moment in a war that transformed the USA from a feisty little upstart colony that was viewed with disdain by the Europeans into a true nation with a distinct national identity worthy of respect. This book was much than I was expecting I ve never been a great fan of American historical nonfiction, but seeing the hope and enthusiastic sprits of the American people in this book have me hope for the future of our country as it struggles right now I hope we can unite in spirit soon and re establish the American spirit of justice and freedom. Old Hickory is one of my favorite Americans of all time This short story gives a great rendition of the final battle of the war of 1812, in which he lead It tells the story of how several cultures and backgrounds came together to repulse an organized and invading army The lopsided results are evidence of a people that are hell bent on overcoming adversity and protecting freedom It s what separates us from the rest of the world.This is a great addition to any library and helps tell the denouement of the war and the end of the beginning of the United States. The Battle of New Orleans Andrew Jackson and America s First Military Victory by Robert v Remini was a tougher read It was rich with historical information that at times could make it very boring Although most of the book tended to be quite boring I did learn some new thing about that major battles Andrew Jackson fought in Most of these battles I had only learned about through history class which did not take such an in depth look at them, so seeing all parts of these important battles and what led to them was very interesting.Even though most of The Battle of New Orleans tended to be boring and packed with historical information, it was interesting to see the in depth look the author takes on Mainly the Battle of New Orleans and other battles One such battle was when Andrew Jackson went into Florida to take on fleeing hostile Native Americans Another thing I liked was that it had a nice balance between the actual Battle of New Orleans and what led up to it It wasn t all the boring politics of the battle and the people involved Overall this book did have some good and interesting parts which made it not something terrible to read.The Battle of New Orleans was an incredibly boring book The action in it did make up for some of the extensive history that it continually threw out at you, but overall a very slow read that was packed with information It gave extensive backgrounds on most of the people involved with the Battle of New Orleans which made it very boring to read This also made it hard to focus because at time I didn t care about a certain figure s background This book is meant to be informational of The Battle of New Orleans and the ending of The War of 1812 and it did accomplish that task It just did that in one of the most boring wars possible The Battle of New Orleans Andrew Jackson and America s First Military Victory overall was a very historical book It showed a lot of maybe not so well know information about the Battle of New Orleans With that said, if you are not into information heavy books I would not recommend this book to you It will most likely take you a very long time to read and you won t get much enjoyment out of it. An error ridden and infantile account where stupid British gentlemen fighting a clean and gentlemanly war are defeated by Jackson and his dirty and practical frontiersmen Jackson is the hero of the story the author even chides us for no longer looking at him in a heroic light So Jackson s questionable decisions are not mentioned or if mentioned only briefly I would laugh but I have seen historians in New Orleans peddling the same sort of bullshit. Another great history in a nutshell book which explains how Old Hickory ended up on the 20 bill What s better than Kentuckians in Top Hats, pirates and citizen soldiers banding together with a beat up regular American Army to finally put the British in their place a feat which even Napoleon could not accomplish Excellent. ^E-PUB ⇞ The Battle of New Orleans: Andrew Jackson and America's First Military Victory ✒ The Battle Of New Orleans Was The Climactic Battle Of America S Forgotten War Of Andrew Jackson Led His Ragtag Corps Of Soldiers Against , Disciplined Invading British Regulars In A Battle That Delivered The British A Humiliating Military Defeat The Victory Solidified America S Independence And Marked The Beginning Of Jackson S Rise To National Prominence Hailed As Terrifically Readable By The Chicago Sun Times, The Battle Of New Orleans Is Popular American History At Its Best, Bringing To Life A Landmark Battle That Helped Define The Character Of The United States