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`Read Kindle ⚟ The Founding of New Acadia: The Beginnings of Acadian Life in Louisiana, 1765-1803 ⚣ In This Penetrating Study, Carl Brasseaux Looks Beyond Long Standing Mythology To Provide A Critical Account Of Early Acadian Culture In Louisiana And The Reasons For Its Survival He Convincingly Dispels Many Received Notions About The Routes Acadians Traveled From Nova Scotia To Louisiana, Their Original Settlement Sites, And The Patterns Of Their Subsequent Migrations Within The State, And Closely Examines The Relations Of Louisiana S Acadians With Their Black, Spanish, Indian, And Creole Neighbors In Adapting To Subtropical Louisiana, With Its Turmoil Of Alternating French And Spanish Regimes, The Acadians Exhibited Industry, Pragmatism, Individualism, And The Ability To Close Ranks In The Face Of A General Threat As Brasseaux Reveals, Acadians Cohesiveness And Insularity Preserved The Core Elements Of Their Culture And Helped Them Adjust To New Physical And Social Demands Ah, the British Empire strikes again.I m not familiar with the scope and depth of literature available on the Acadians and their history, but I suspect that this was a book that needed to be written The writing is adequate, and the book is very interesting, though not entirely unbiased.Really, this is a masterpiece of intransigence, on all sides Once again, we find ourselves marveling at the absurdity of governmental logic, but at the same time, I kept finding myself thinking about the old adages No man is an island and Don t bite the hand that feeds you The flip side of maintaining a death grip on one s independence is that one may not have allies when one needs them.I cannot argue that the Acadians weren t treated deplorably by not just one, but a whole series of governments, but Brasseux s admiration for their independence, cohesiveness, and dedication to ethnic identity wears thin after awhile He even manages to paint the adoption of slavery as a matter of self preservation and minimize that it was, um, a way to get rich When their troubles began, Acadia as a culture was, at most, 130 years old It was not an ancient society Why they adapted so quickly to the Nova Scotia frontier and then were almost totally unable to adapt to any other environment until they finally landed in Louisiana doesn t quite make sense, and does not seem to be totally explained even by the considerable economic hardship and prejudice they faced when relocated.What seems to set them apart the most from so many other reluctant and badly impoverished emigrants leaving Ireland circa 1845 can hardly have been considered voluntary, even if it was not government mandated is their demand for public support, refusal to accept less than ideal offers and make the best of them, and then seeming surprise at being resented and ill treated by governments and local populations that must already have had considerable numbers of native born indigents to support Admirable Or pigheaded and entitled Everyone has things in their ethnic history of which they are not proud Historians should not identify so closely with distant ancestors that they cannot regard them in the full light of day. A scholarly but very readable study of Acadia and Acadians in Louisiana Though the focus is their arrival, he include quite a bit of information about the founding of Acadia, Le Grand D rangement including the circumstances of deportment and exile in the US colonies and in France, and the beginnings of Acadian Louisiana The first part is history The second party deals with aspects of culture lifestyle, relations with the Church, relations with Creoles and Natives, and slavery It would get a little dry with no personal connection I glazed over a bit in the section on the development of the western plains settlements since we didn t have people there but there s lots of great information and background for our Acadian family history.