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4 starsI loved history, any kind of history, and even better if it was hidden, secret, or undergroundYou know you enjoyed a book when you made an entire pinterest board inspired by it And I don t even use pinterest very often, so there.Marking Time is a book my friend Wendy told me to read AGES ago and I always meant to Then my friend Cyndi told me to read it Then I met April herself who is lovely Then Penny Reid also recommended it And yet I waited SO I FINALLY READ IT Thanks for the recs ladies And it was wonderful Marking Time is about a teenage girl named Saira who discovers she has the ability to travel through time when she time travels to London in the time of Jack the Ripper Thus begins a race to find her mother and save her before it s too late Along the way Saira meets the enchanting Archer, a student, who explains the Immortal families to her and Saira discovers some shocking truths about who she really isThen my rescuer turned to look at me and I felt his eyes reach right down into my guts and tangle them up in knots With that look I knew I d jumped straight from the kettle into the fireMy undergraduate degree is in general history and something that bugs me a lot of the time in books with historical aspects is when facts are not correct even though I don t really use that degree any So I was blown away by the amount of research White must have done for this book because there was not one single moment where I thought to myself this would have never happened NOT ONCE I mean, it is a fantasy book so of course not everything is realistic But on the historical details she nailed it.I really enjoyed this book, it was so refreshing to read something unique and original It s not quite a YA book despite being a young adult, and it s not quite a romance novel despite there being a sweet romantic storyline that made me smile What you get is an action packed adventure story that you won t ever forget I also love the potential this series has and cannot wait to pick up the other books and read them.I think taking forever to read this book worked out in my favor a bit as the fifth book releases soon so I can read them all at once It s another reason YOU should pick up this book AND this book is FREE on So what are you waiting forPerhaps your friendship with your mother is just shifting to something adult That felt like a huge responsibility If I forgave my mother for hiding the truth from me, then I had to totally own my part in our relationship I couldn t play the little girl any I couldn t hide behind her authority and rules and then get mad when they didn t fit I d have to make my own choices and take charge of my own well being It s one thing to say I m old enough to make my own rules and it s a totally different thing to make the right ones And live by them (((BOOK))) ↽ Marking Time ↟ Seventeen Year Old Tagger Saira Elian Can Handle Anything A Mother Who Mysteriously Disappears, A Stranger Who Stalks Her Around London, And Even The Noble English Grandmother Who Kicked Saira And Her Mother Out Of The Family But When An Old Graffiti Tag In A Tube Station Transports Saira To The Th Century And She Comes Face To Face With Jack The Ripper, She Realizes She Needs Help After All Saira Meets Archer, A Charming Student Who Helps Her Blend In As Much As A Tall, Modern American Teen Can In Victorian England He Reveals The Existence Of The Immortals Time, Nature, Fate, War And Death, And Explains To Saira That It Is Possible To Move Between Centuries If You Are A Descendant Of Time Saira Finds Unexpected Friendships At A Boarding School For Immortal Descendants And A Complicated Love With A Young Man From The Past But Time Is Running Out For Her Mother, And Saira Must Embrace Her New Identity As She Hides From Archer A Devastating Secret About His Future That May Cost Him His Life 5 Infinitely Creative, Surprisingly Touching Stars 11 18 2016 UPDATEIt is my sincerest wish those who love Romance, YA and astoundingly strong writing to please take a chance and read this book Marking Time recently won the 2016 Library Journal Indie Award for YA with these comments from the JournalWith a solid premise and a fully fleshed out lead, this fast paced fantasy thriller will keep readers on the edge of their seats The exciting twists and turns and slow burn romance will appeal to many. Oh, and it s Free Original Review 2014It always amazes me how inventive people can bewhether it is something from long ago which we still use today or a new product that is just catching on We as people come up with ideas and somehow figure out how to make them real Writers do this all of the time They create whole worlds, down to the last details Some are reflections of our everyday lives and sometimes they create alternate universes which marry real life history to their stories Marking Time The Immortal Descendents 1 by April White is a perfect example of this type of bookThis is where you should read the blurb, as the author tells her story much better than I could D This is not my usual type of book however it kept my complete attention from the first intro to the heart wrenching end I never was bored and was always enthralled It had drama Jack the Ripper , time travel, vamps, weres, shape shifters and There was a very sweet first love which caused a lump in my throat at times All of these factors worked together This was such a delightful surprise It touched me in so many ways I felt for all of the characters I was curious even when I thought I figured out some of the plot points I cared about the girl those she met and those who loved her.What really worked was the extreme attention to detail It was not forced or over the top it was just part of the story causing you to feel as if you were in old London.The other part which worked was the humanity all of the issues we deal with everyday were presented in such a way as to bring clarity and vision to see what is important how we as people are all the same deep down we wish to belong and have those around us support and care about us We need to see through the barriers we put up and open ourselves to the wonders of the world Our characters learned this I hope this is the beginning of a multi part series because I, for one, am ready for my next adventure A gifted copy was provided by author publisher for an honest review.For Reviews, Free E books and Giveaways 3 22 15 Kindle version still free Great story, great writing, great characters I really enjoyed this one Wanted to keep reading, but also didn t want to come to the end I love the MC She s tough but caring, she has believable doubts and fears There s a bit of romance, but it develops organically for the MC LOVE LOVE LOVE And this is coming from someone who typically doesn t like the immortals premise, or typically vampire plots The immortal descendants here are not immortal themselves And although there are some vampires here done very well, IMO it s not a typical UF vampire hunting type story.I listened to the audiobook, and the narrator did a very good job I m bummed the next two aren t yet available via Audible.And, it s still FREE for Kindle.2 26 15 free for Kindle, 1.99 for Audible when own Kindle. Winner of the 2016 Library Journal Indie E Book Award YA MARKING TIME is FREE for e readers US UK BN Kobo iTunes available on Audible and Audible Romance I give this book 5 but If I could I d give it10 stars MS White, I salute you for creating such perfection It is probably a little early to say this but this is my favourite book of 2014 so far I ve just finished this book and I m blown away by how good this YA book is I got this book because it was free and had lots of good ratings on so I thought, what the hell, I might as well give it a go and I m so glade I did This is the kind of book that sinks its claws into you very slowly at the beginning and then quickly gets under your skin and never lets go I stayed up all night trying to finish it.In my experience, YA book aren t usually that great but every now and then you ll stumble across a real gem and this book was one of them In order to do this book justice I ll need to take a breather and just let everything sink in Review to be continued UPDATE I forgot how amazing these characters were And now I m super excited for Tempting Fate I absolutely LOVED this book I was a bit skeptical at first because I m not a huge fan of time travel, but BOY am I glad I read it This book was actually recommended to me by a friend, and it was free on my Kindle, so why not The characters were kick butt, the story was captivating, and the history was right on point and accurate.All in all, this is a must read book If you re waiting for the next book of a series to come out, definitely check this one out I seriously CANNOT wait for the next.April White, props to you You just got me addicted to time travel After reading this book, I feel like I need to go back and change all the other reviews I ve given This 5 star makes my other 5 stars feel like they should really only be 4 I enjoyed this book so much It pulled me in and wouldn t let go I know, I know so many people say these things about books, you don t know whether to believe them or not any Let me just say this I was reading this yesterday in the laundry room and got so into the book, I literally forgot where I was until it got quiet and I realized that my dryer had gone off Then last night I was reading some and when I looked over at my phone, I was shocked to see that it was 1 45 in the morning and I had to force myself to put the book away until today.I really felt a strong attachment to the main character Saira I too have felt like a loner most of my life, like I didn t fit in, like I couldn t trust others I have had lots of friends, but none that I let get real close to me At first I didn t like her in the first two chapters , but then I realized it was the part of me that I didn t like and not her I feel like the other characters were well written as well and want to find out about all of them I even liked the way they had the Jack the Ripper story going through the story and connected it all in the end My favorite character is the modern day Bishop that she met Bishop Cleary and the only thing I didn t like about the story is that we never found out if he was ok, what happened to him I liked the way he explained the church to her Very interesting way to look at it And I will warn you the last 25% of the book if not is pure adrenaline I caught myself holding my breath as things went on around her and was shocked by other things I definitely recommend it Great job, Ms White I look forward to reading of your books I have posted the same review on. I was hooked from the first chapter of Marking Time Despite a seventeen year old heroine, this book isn t just for YA readers Saira Elian is smart and capable, with enough sarcasm in her voice to keep her real She s been self sufficient so long she s never learned to ask for help until her whole world turns upside down with her mother s disappearance, and she discovers she s from a long line of time travelers I loved her journey from over confidence, through the total breakdown of everything she thought she knew And the thing she s finally able to accept is that she doesn t have to take that journey alone Her introduction to Archer in Victorian London is fantastic, and the evolution of their friendship has just the right amount of two steps forward, one step back to keep me totally invested in them I love Saira s friends at the school for Immortal Descendants, and I want nothing than to go free running through London with Ringo April White has written a fresh take on the idea that Time, Nature, Fate, War and Death are immortals, and their Descendants have hereditary traits that make them special among ordinary humans And the greater story of politics and prejudices among the various Families is a believable framework for Saira s journey to find her mother and discover herself in the process.Marking Time has just the right amount of fantasy, magic, adventure, romance and thrills that it s on my must recommend book to young adult and adult readers alike. All I can say is..WOW I was extremely impressed with this debut novel by April White Although this book hides behind a guise of a time traveller book, it s soooo much than that It has evil warmongers and seers and vampires and time travellers and a plot that will twist you and pull you in a bunch of different directions, tying you in knots None of the subtle clues in this book get ignored in the end, and the author pulls them together masterfully to bring everything together in what is a subtly complex plot that will leave you excited and happy and cringing a little at the end Although I took off a star for some nitpicky bits of repetition in the writing that grated on me a little, I wasn t at all disappointed with this read Personally, I d say this is an AWESOME book for lovers of The Infernal Devices by Cassandra Clare.