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A really good biography causes the subject to leap from the page and into the reader s experience A really great biography also causes the context within which the subject lived to make the same leap This is a really great biography that deals with the life of one of the most dangerous regarding the existence of our representative democracy politicians to ever hold office read it This book came across as of a supplement than a standalone biography Hair presents Long as an incredibly cynical man with an unquenchable lust for power His Long is one that lives to dominate and humiliate others someone who is unable to be anything other than the constant and only center of attention The kind of person who would throw rocks at elephants in a passing circus as a kid as punishment for stealing his spotlight and causing people to ignore him More than once Hair mentions that to be ignored, unable to humiliate and dominate others, would be a fate worse than death for this unscrupulous dictator.Hair also highlights his lack of scruples To him, Long cared only about what he had to do to get power He said what he had to say and did what he had to do He consorted with come of the very companies, people, and interests he denounced on the campaign trail for money and resources He turned the Louisiana election season to a cesspool of slander and libel He attracted thieves and crooks as his lieutenants Leche, Shushan, Weiss , ruthlessly abused his patronage, implemented his infamous deduct system for government workers, took kickbacks from contractors for the roads and bridges he was building, and centralized power in the office of governor at the expense of local governments This is obviously an unfavorable account of the Kingfish It is also a brief one that is best read along with T Harry Williams famous biography, Huey Long, and with Hair s other book, Bourbonism and Agrarian Protest Williams biography goes into much detail about the life of Huey Long the person what he did, how he did it, when it happened, who was involved though never much information about their lives before and after the event described , and of the minutia in general Moreover, William s book is favorable to Long, though it does highlight some of his numerous and pervading flaws, and is not good at placing his life into the context of the times in which he lives Hair s book, on the other hand, is far better at placing Long s life into context and marginally better at describing some of the people involved Governor Parker, Mayor Behrman, Carl Weiss It is also valuable as an unfavorable portrayal of the Kingfish not as someone who truly wanted to help the poor of Louisiana, like Williams argues, but as someone who wanted to dominate and humiliate others above all things These are the reasons why I believe these books ought to be read together Hair s book feels like a recap on Huey s life with about the times and a crucial difference in perspective of the kind of man he was One instance of this I found particularly illuminating was the description of the motives of Huey s assassin Carl Austin Weiss by the two biographers Williams focused on how Huey managed to run his father in law out of office as a judge and fire his wife from her position as a schoolteacher Hair focused the idea that Huey was threatening to slander his wife s family and thus his kid with rumors of African ancestry This, according to Hair, was Weiss chief motivation Only one thing might have driven him to murder and what amounted to suicide a threat to the honor and well being of his wife and infant son He decided to silence Huey Long before those he most loved were stained by a racial slur In the Louisiana of 1935, few calamities could be worse than being stigmatized as colored 323 I do not recall Williams mentioning anything about Huey making such threats, although it seems perfectly in character with the Kingfish described by both books It is also a far convincing motivation to me than revenge for firing his wife and father in law.Hair s other book should also be read with these two biographies to get a better understanding of the kind of government and people that Long was replacing and the situation of the poor people from whom Long found unwavering support Williams often made references to the old elite who ran Louisiana before Long and how ineffective they were at meeting the needs of the people, but while reading his book I never really understood what exactly he meant by that How were they bad What did they do or not do Who were they Bourbonism and Agrarian Protest will tell you.Though I wish it had footnotes, it is still good history and therefore gets three stars It is also well written, so it gets another star Ultimately, this book was not what I was expecting, but I was than satisfied with it anyway If you are interested in the life of Huey Long, give it a read. A very readable and enjoyable biography of Der Long The subtitle is appropriate as Hair delves into not only Long s life and mis deeds but also the social and political climate in which he lived This book serves as a great introduction to the man and has me wanting to learn A real eye opener that should be read by every Louisianan. Very interesting history I did not know about. This is a great biography written about the man who inspired Robert Penn Warren to write All the Kings Men Huey Long was a dynamic politician, who dominated Louisiana politics for almost a decade This biography provides a great balance in offering the reader both the good and the bad of the man who became known as the Kingfish. ^BOOK ⇰ The Kingfish and His Realm: The Life and Times of Huey P. Long ☙ Well Proportioned And Tartly Written, Hair S Book Is Notable For Its Conceptualization And Exhaustive Research, For Its Analysis Of Long S Extraordinary Control Of Louisiana And His Role In National Politics, And For Its Interpretation Of The Long Phenomenon Journal Of American History