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Actual Rating 3.75 StarsI would like to preface this review by saying that if I hadn t had to read this book so quickly and had time to process it and not over analyze everything for AP Literature, I probably would have enjoyed it That being said, I still enjoyed the story It took me a while to start feeling invested in any of the characters, but once we got to know Heathcliff a little bit better my heart just completely went out to him I also love the play on nature vs nurture that this book brings My main complaints are that a the names are so confusing I think the pinnacle of this was Linton Heathcliff Like Seriously b the beginning and the end are both very slow The first and last 50 pages are rather boring compared to the rest of the novel And c Hindley makes me mad I felt like he was a bit of a stereotype mixed with aggression for the sake of being Heathcliff s antagonist I will say this, though This book made me cry Not very many books have this well written of a heartbreaking scene dealing with a couple My goodness, my heart broke for Heathcliff in that moment So, to conclude, this is a good book I would definitely recommend it just be prepared to be confused and heartbroken and slightly weirded out by the ending. I can t say I really understood it I wish I did An incredibly unfortunate set of occurrences. One of my favs Oh God, somebody pass the butter for this corn I was totally grossed out by the opening chapter, and thought all the characters were silly and weird Brr Meh I ll have to say about this as I teach it for the first time, but for nowmeh. |Download Book ♾ Wuthering Heights ⚖ Connections Early Autumn If The Stars Should Fall Sorrow Is The Only Faithful One I See Around Me Tombstones Grey Mr Bell S Wuthering Heights Reader, I Married Him Heston Grange The Unquiet Grave The Bridal Pair The Question Biographical Sketch