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I really enjoyed Nick the Lolt Tales of Yod by Anthony M Briggs Jr First I want to mention that the cover is Super and I wish I had my own personal copy for my shelves I read Nick the Lolt on my kindle This is a fantastic story with superb characters and an awesome plot I look forward to the second installment to this series Character are likable and the story ensures you keep turning the pages A well written story that brings these characters to life I would recommend this book to all This is a favorite of mine for 2012 The Land of Yod is worth the money to put on your book shelf Thanks Reesa From I had a hard time rating this I haven t written many reviews, but I mentally rate every book I read and movie that I see and rarely do I say five On top of that, much like the title character I am something of a perfectionist and my own harshest critic There are some scenes in Nick the Lolt that have remained unchanged word for word through countless edits and rewrites Scenes that when I read them I get caught up in the moment of the story and when it s over I think, Wow I don t think I could write that any better But I must confess, the entire book doesn t feel that way to me There is nothing in it that I don t like, but in a work this long it seems like every time I do a re read I eventually find something I ll think, eh, there s probably a better word for that Or, that sentence could be written better.The rating system describes 4 star as like it and 5 star as love it Although I do like this book a lot and enjoy going into its story world, I think love is a strong word I love my family I love my friends For something inanimate to enter that circle, it must be phenomenal.Aside from that problem, I would personally define 5 star as reaching a level as close to perfection as humanly possible, or so astounding that any imperfection is completely overwhelmed into silence Given the standard and my own, under neither could I say Nick the Lolt is one of those rare, 5 star works I would give it a 4.5 it comes close in both regards But the perfectionist in me says no, you cannot give this a five Your first completed book You will get better You will write better The 5 star is still before you.That said, I do believe this is a great book Many readers out there have similar peeves and appreciations as I do you all will have a seriously good time reading it Let me tell you three things about stories that I can t stand, three that make me nod my head in satisfaction, and three things about my writing style so you ll have an idea of what to expect in my stories.I can t stand when a villain is created so strong that at the end of the story I think, Well all he had to do was and the main character would ve been sent to the presence of God for judgment enormous flashbacks intrude in the middle of a story Thanks largely to Naruto, flashbacks in general have become eye roll inducing I prefer to see the history woven in through comments and behavior the story includes too many one dimensional characters Using them in main roles takes me out of the story.I appreciate when the main character gets in a difficult situation with stacked odds but not through unbelievable stupidity and I am genuinely impressed amazed surprised by how she gets out the world is clearly much bigger than what is being shown, full of interesting things and places that never get center stage in the present story secondary characters are also thinking characters, with their own issues and motivations and off screen actions.My own work impresses me most when I write scenes with just enough description to put the reader in the scene without slowing down I ve read a few books lately heavy on action and dialogue, going at a pace that allowed me to only watch but never be there with the characters I try to write in way that the reader feels like he or she is standing right there as it all happens write myself into a corner then figure a sweet way out The corner is the place where the characters are in a situation that looks impossible to get out without using some gimmick When I get there, instead of backing up to fix, I sit there for days until I figure a way out without breaking any rules write characters who answer questions with actions instead of words I like both subtle and overt actions I like when a character never explains himself or herself in some QA dialogue, but just does things and the reader has to figure out what the character is about Because of this, there are clues and hints that might be missed on a first read through, and there are answerable questions raised that no character is going to sit down and vocally explain.That s about it, a review of how I think as an author than the actual book If you have similar ideals for stories, there are plenty of treats waiting for you in Nick the Lolt Enjoy I don t normally write reviews so apologies if I don t word this in the most helpful manner, but I just had to write a review about this book, because it would be a travesty to not get the word out about it This book is about an extremely likeable painter in the fantasy land of Yod The land is so well developed and realistic that you ll feel transported to it, seeing, smelling, tasting all the amazing gifts it has to offer The author s prose and word choice feel almost perfect at times and leave you wanting to keep reading I NEVER thought I would fall in love with a book about a painting competition, but let me tell you, the main character Nick is so utterly heartwarming that you can t help but to root for him, get angry when he suffers and cheer when he succeeds If you like well written fantasy novels like Graceling by Kristin Cashore honestly, for me this was the closest comparison in terms of style , you ll love this book Certainly there will be to come from Mr Briggs and I can t wait until it does. I was a bit apprehensive in reading this book simply because I never read books like theseThe first few chapters I was a bit confused, trying to get myself into the fantasy world so to sayI couldn t understand what was happening until I realized it was actually a painting contest.Everyone was against Nick poor guy I felt sorry for him when he got blamed a lot for things beyond his control It seems people were so jealous of him because of He was so good Throwing the poor guy with eggs Shame I had a hard time understanding what the letters were about from Iggy I finally realized that these letters were To explain or narrate Nicks younger years.I liked the details of the book and how I could picture it through what was written It definitely had moments where you need to know what happens next My ONLY problem was the ending He had a curse and was a slime ball and then you left hanging Really Ok ok I know this is because it builds up to the next book but it really leaves u needing Thank you Anthony for this book, I m glad I got out of my zone of comfort reading and I ll definitely be open to reading in the future Nick the Lolt is a very unique fantasy book unlike anything I have read For starters, it is very art focused and actually makes painting exciting It follows the main character Nick as he enters an art contest to gain fame for his area However, nobody there appreciates him and actively tries to stop him from succeeding at every step But that is not all the book covers and it takes a very different turn in the end which I didn t expect which will no doubt set it up for the next book I found the world to be very interesting and different There is a lot of magical and mysterious things going on and some very unique takes on plants and animals, as well as spirits The prose in the book is extremely descriptive and immersive and it shows that the author spent a lot of time and effort to try to pull the reader into the world I am really looking forward to reading the next book and seeing where the story goes This one was very enjoyable for me.See my reviews at There are times in this young adult novel where the prose soars and the reader is swept away into Nick s world Then there are places where the reader slogs through a marsh Nick The Lolt is clearly the first book in a series because the story is unresolved, so unresolved that it would require a very astute YA reader to figure out which plots have concluded and which have not One of the problems that I had with this book is that there although it is referred to, no clear evidence is ever really given for the claim that Nick brought bad luck to others I was very pleased, however with the way that Nick s character was written Here is a boy who is not one dimensional There are times when the reader s heart can really bleed for Nick and, other times when the reader wants nothing to do with him because his behavior is less than stellar Nick is a fully developed, rich, multi faceted character who can by turns be kind and venial, just like any of us.Nick s world is an interesting one, in which creatures have a degree of self awareness not usually rendered in the YA fiction I have read I was especially intrigued by Nick s turtle and hope he ll have a larger role in future episodes in this series, because I have the sneaking suspicion that he s much than he seems.Overall, I d like to see this book tightened up a little and have the reason for Nick s status in the community fleshed out a little , beyond the motive given, it I would recommend this book to my YA patrons who d like to read their first fantasy book. Kind of enjoyed the refreshing originality of this book, the tight narrative and editing, the descriptive language But then, there were also a few negatives occasional sections which seemed superfluous and did nothing to move the story along, the central theme of painting which I m sorry does nothing for me , and the land of Yod sorry, but it sounds like something from a cheap sci fi B movie.First off, the idea of a letter as an intro was excellent But then the first chapter or so became confusing, with too many names and dialogue which only added to my bewilderment The story picked up however from there and I found myself appreciating the author s style, far than I did the storyline unfortunately However, I would say that this book has plenty going for it and the writer is clearly talented The series will hopefully be successful for him, it just was not my thing. I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review I had no idea what this was about going into it I don t think I read the synopsis until I finished it Therefore, I was a little apprehensive But I shouldn t have been The storytelling is excellent it s descriptive and interesting The characters are easy to relate to, and it s easy to understand their motivations and their behaviors Not once did I doubt what the characters did There is quite a bit of back story that is left unsaid, so I m hoping to see of it in the coming books Hopefully we can learn the histories of Nick, Cha, Tin, Gayle, and the others I absolutely recommend this book to anyone who likes fantasy or fiction Or, really just anyone who likes to read. I received this book via Read to Review in trade for an honest opinion Thank you, Mr Briggs, for the opportunity to read this book I will start with what I didn t like I did not particularly like the letters from Iggy For me, it was an irritating interruption to the story, and while I know this was Iggy relaying facts about Nick the Lolt, I did not like it At times, I almost skipped them altogether.Now, for the good stuff I really liked Nick Nick is a guy who lives in a community that hates him, thinks he is rotten luck, peers constantly pick on him and the community would much rather he just disappear He has a remarkable talent in the artspainting and drawing to be exact This is a tale about Nick trying to achieve his life long dream of being the grand champion in the most famous painting competition in all the lands With the help of his adoptive family and one or two friends the only ones he has , Nick sets out to enter the competition and win with all in his power Will talent and will power be enough Will his friends be able to help I had a little trouble getting into the story at first However, as the book progressed and I started to really connect with Nick and his friends, I really devoured the book Lots of fantastical creatures, plants and people The imagery was terrificI could picture the story and could not wait to see what happened next If you want to escape to another world, this is the book for you Thank you again, Mr Briggs, for allowing me to read and review `DOWNLOAD E-PUB ☜ Nick the Lolt (Tales from Yod, #1) ☊ Everyone Remembers The Mass Evacuations, Deciding Through Tears What To Bring And What To Leave In Their Homes The One Armed Marsh King Is Coming Everyone Remembers Falling To Their Knees At The Sight Of The Desolation They Found Awaiting Their Return After He Had PassedBut Few Remember What You Are About To Read How At Sixteen He Was Just An Outcast Who Had Never Left His Village How In Those Days He Wanted Nothing Than To Become A Master Painter And To Win Back The Heart Of His Childhood Friend, Who Didn T Fit In Any Better Than He DidAnd None Remember The Single, Sly Act, Or The Hope Behind It, That Ultimately Made Him What He Became Until This Volume Was Compiled, The Connections Were Never Drawn And The Identity Of The One Responsible Was Nearly Lost To History Prepare Yourself, For You Are About To Witness The Trials, Triumphs And Trickery Of The Boy Who Will Grow Up To Become The Most Dreaded Man To Ever Walk The Lands Of Yod