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Why did you kill her the policemen in the rear seat asked She asked me too, I said Is that the only reason you got the policemen in the rear seat asked They shoot horses, don t they I asked.5 stars to this This is a bleak novel which shows humanity at the bottom of desperation and despair McCoy spent time at an event like the one depicted in the book He conveys the raw emotion of the Depression era Hollywood and those would be actors and directors struggling to survive They Shoot Horses, Don t Theydoesn t offer a glimmer of hope There is no new experience in life Something may happen to you that you think has never happened before, that you think is brand new, but you are mistaken In short, the novel conveys the pointless striving of Ecclesiastes without the author recognizing the fear of the Lord as a solution.Add this one to your 2019 list. HOURS ELAPSED 879COUPLES REMAINING 20Short and very brutal, this is a matter of fact account of the bleakest despair The marathon dance contests of the 20s and 30s were like something dreamed up by Caligula but they really happened and the powers that be never saw fit to close them down, even as the young couples sagged to the floor from physical and mental exhaustion after only being allowed 10 minutes rest every two hours for three solid weeks It was all don t worry folks, they ll be back in a few moments after our medical staff have given them the once over The very memorable movie from 1969 made me think I didn t need to read this but I m very glad I did I read the whole thing today My cat Hatter came over when I finished and asked me what it was about When I d explained he shook his head and said Humans what are they good for, really Then he reconsidered Okay, he said, you learned how to make cat food So there s that Then he shrugged and walked away. I came to this in a roundabout way, this story was in a book of crime novels of the 30s and 40s that I got from the library in order to read The Big Clock I had just read a story by Jonathan Lethem about how virtual reality technology could be used for demeaning purposes in the future, such as having people perform in virtual reality suits and compete against each other for a prize Lethem mentions 1930s dance contests in his preface to How We Got In Town and Out Again.This story is so bleak and so absurd Not in a funny, ha ha way, but just off and grotesque I saw the movie with Jane Fonda and Michael Sarrazin on tv when I was a kid and didn t realize these dance contests were historical events from the 1930s I thought it was some dystopian future world, sort of like Westworld which I loved This book depicts the helplessness and futility everyone must have felt during the depression You work very, very hard and you still can t get ahead There are no or few jobs which everyone is competing for, like the money prize in the dance marathon which no one wins in the end I can t say I recommend this because it left me feeling sick, but it is very powerful. This classic noir story is one that a lot of people have vaguely heard of because of the film, but I found the book is much better It captures the era and the thoughts and emotions of the charactersthan the film does, although the film is still really great, too Both are very sad true classics and the story shouts out the dark question, why does misery love company Robert and Gloria enter a marathon dance contest with 1000 as the top prize Too bad Gloria thinks about deaththan winningHorace McCoy is bleak enough to be one of Jim Thompson s drinking buddies This tale is really slim but also kind of exhausting McCoy s depiction of a dance contest that lasts over a month is hellish and he paints a depressing picture of life during the Great Depression See what I did there It s a pretty powerful story You know how it ends in the first few pages but getting there is still an ordeal I felt for Gloria at times but others times I was waiting for her to get to it She wasn t a likeable character but I did feel sorry for her when she wasn t being a bitch.That s pretty much all I have to say If Jim Thompson wrote a book about a marathon dance contest with a suicidal contestant, it would look a lot like this. If the Great Depression wasn t soul suckingly terrible enough, there were cruel men willing to take it down another few notches by creating Dance Marathons to give gutter poor people a shot at winning just enough money to keep them alive for a fewmonths by dancing for days weeks on end Selling tickets to watch their misery Oh, the humanity.McCoy uses this minor but dark chapter from the 30s as his vehicle for telling the evendepressing story of Gloria, a lady sick of the world and wanting to die The author leaves it to the reader to decide whether the protagonist is right to offer her the solace she seeks I m afraid my particular filters failed in the reception of this work it could be the dated style, or my personal preference of not having themes delivered to me on silver platters But at 115 or so pages, and for a light read, you can do much worse.GR friend Anthony Vacca recommended this book to me before he quit this site forever I really wish he was still around so that he could educate me on what I missed from this novel That bastard.UPDATE 1 6 14 Anthony is back When he gets around to it, I want to hear from him on this book Review, good sir, review This book is essentially about existentialism and nihilism However, the plot of this small novel features littlethan a dance marathon competition and the petty arguments that happen behind the scenes I suppose this is meant to form a platform on which Gloria can whine about life but it s just insanely boring I obviously made a mistake choosing to get some of the shorter novels on the 1001 list out of the way, so far they ve all been really disappointing. {EBOOK} ç They Shoot Horses, Don't They? ⚣ The Marathon Dance Craze Flourished During The S, But The Underside Was A Competition And Violence Unknown To Most Ballrooms A Dark Side That Horace McCoy S Classic American Novel Powerfully Captures Were It Not In Its Physical Details So Carefully Documented, It Would Be Lurid Beyond Itself Nation They Shoot Horses, Don t They is a novel that speaks to our times we are inundated with reality shows, where fame and fortune, tragedy and despair are brought to us on a whim and often in the public eye The public s livelihoods and fates are broadcast for the world to see, and this sells The basis for this story is concerning the promotion of a dance marathon during the Great Depression The winner is promised cash and free food And, unlike the many reality shows we see today, there is a realness and desperation to this contest that is quite grotesque, disturbing and bizarre They Shoot Horses, Don t They is very existential it has a deeper layer of meaning beyond its basis and simple plot Desperate times call for desperate measures, even if it is in the form of a dance marathon There s a seemingly trivial moment in this book when the narrator catches a glimpse of the sun outside and becomes enad with the idea of being able to see it during the contest I thought this a fitting moment in expressing one of the major themes I think this reinforces the claustrophobic mood depicted in the dance these contestants are in a prison that is this contest, confined to either enduring the race and trying to win the prize or retreating back to a harsh reality with their hopes dashed The contest, in many ways, is the illusion and falsity of the American Dream Illusion being that, it is a spectacle, a modern day gladiator fight barbaric, humiliating, sensationalist Yet, it sells the promoters see at it as a cash grab, something to create public interest and sensationalism I thought this short work was beautifully assembled, alternating narrator perspective of the dance marathon with quick snapshots back to the courtroom and the sentencing Although the prose is quite simple, the narrator gives insight into the events of the dance marathon and the character of Gloria, a nihilist if there ever was one, who sees through the fa ade and falsity of this marathon We know exactly how things end, and are told this within the first moments of the book This is secondary the understanding of how and why certain acts were carried out are the primary basis for the narrative.